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It's Not THC
by The White Rabbit
Citation:   The White Rabbit. "It's Not THC: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp84039)". Feb 25, 2010.

  repeated smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)



This is a live documentary of my experiences while under the influence of JWH-018. This documentary is intended to record my personal experiences with JWH-018 and it's effects on humans. This is simply me processing my thoughts.

My Very First Time With JWH-018:

I was first introduced to JWH-018 at a party. It was packed on top of some THC in a standard spoon pipe. The 'high' was way more intense than anything I had ever felt. Smoking in conjunction with THC was fantastic. They were perfect complements. I got the best night's sleep ever at the end. It put me to sleep like a log. In the morning I felt a little groggy but then followed by an energized start to a new day. I was not prepared for this and I was out for almost the whole next day. The feeling was a great compliment to the end of the long night at a party when I was in need of some good sleep anyways. However, it should be noted that I was only under the influence of a 5 hour energy taken at the start of the evening, THC, JWH-018, and 4 beers over a 8 to 10 hour period. It was a short 40 minute drive home and then to bed.

The Next Day:

I have dubbed JWH-018 the 'White Hash', while my friends insist on calling it 'License Plate' because of it's peculiar name. Since this is still a research chemical, I used several precautions in the 4 day experiment conducted below. I became well read on any available information before attempting any further use of this intoxicant. However it was only until day 3 that I decided to try to document this experience. If for nothing else, I needed to understand what was happening to me when I was going under the influence. The first 2 days of this experiment I was just getting my head around it and analyze the feelings I was experiencing and understand it's similarities to THC. It wasn't until day 3 that I was able to distinguish the major differences. On day 4 I did a compare and contrast between THC and JWH-018.

The JWH-018 Experiment

Date: 2 / 2010
Method: Smoked from a glass vaporizer
Dose: roughly 50mg

Day 1: Since I didn't have the sense to document this experience the first time, I will tell you what I can recall. After the first few hits, it was really intense, almost too intense. A super high if you will. It takes me back to the high I had when I was a 15 year old kid. Very similar but very different. I had a small panic attack when I couldn't find the pipe on my desk. I was using a glass piece and didn't want it to get left out and confused for what I was doing. I found the pipe and the paranoia / nervousness went away. Thinking that it was a good idea to destroy the pipe, I was going to burn and melt it down. My logical thinking process was defiantly affected here. I didn't open proper ventilation to the workspace, and was choked out from off-gassing fumes from the pipe. Lesson learned: Do not incinerate without proper ventilation.

I however was not disassociated enough to not figure out what to do. I proceeded to think as logically as I was able. #1 go get some fresh air. #2 leave the piece outside while I open up and vent workspace. #3 Turn on fan and return to the demolition of the pipe. I found it hard to focus on just one thing to do. I always have too many things going on. After this little incident, my heart rate fell back to normal and paranoia went away. The 'high' proceeded pretty well from here on. This night I slept like a log. There was no getting me up from that deep sleep. I felt a little groggy in the morning as well, however well energized about 20 minutes after waking up.

Day 2: The second time, was better than the first. I was able to control my thoughts for a while. Not so spaced or out of my head, yet still very high. I don't recall as much about this trip except it was the next day following the first. What I can recall it that it was more closely related to the third try yet still getting used to it. It took me the third time to identify some to the important attributes of the experience. This trip was very enjoyable thou. I had given myself the respected time, space and state of mind to enjoy it.

Day 3: Ok, so for the third time, I was much more mentally prepared for this journey. Just after I took my first hit, I got the idea to document the experience. I turned on my computer and it took several minutes to boot up. This report starts just after my first few hits and about 5 minutes in. After a few good hits, I instantly start feeling the euphoria feeling. Feels like THC so far… but then it hits me… I am now about 7 minutes in and am feeling that it is getting too hard to type. If I think I can, I think I can. Ha ha… it worked. Ok so where was I? Ok so it is very much like smoking THC but way more intense. No real visuals yet, some waviness and floaty feelings thou. I do have a couple of reports of this stuff putting me right to sleep at the end thou. Probably the best sleep ever but really groggy the next morning. I would not recommend for productivity. I am experiencing a rapid heart rate at the moment. A little paranoia, but that's normal with really good THC.

I really have to control my thoughts here. My heart rate I starting to slow down now. It is 15 minutes in so far. It seems to get stronger and stronger up until this point. 15 to 20 minutes in the 'high' seems to plato. Earlier experiences tell me that it wares off after 1 to 1.5 hours. We'll see if I can stay awake this time. Dry mouth as I have read, is common here. Sometimes redness of the eyes is experienced here as well. I just put eye drops in. This is defiantly more psychedelic than THC. Every thing is very intense. Music sounds great, food tastes GREAT, colors are very vivid and enhanced. It is defiantly different but in it's own unique way. I can fell it hit the same receptors as THC but in a very different way. My sides are starting to compress now around my lungs and stomach area. It is 20 minutes in. I just ate a small amount of food about 20 minutes before I tried this for my 3rd time. The compression is not terrible or unbearable, just a slight discomfort. There is a slight confusion sometimes. However if I can think hard enough, I can work threw it.

Ok, I so was just texting, and the compression in the stomach is gone now however it moved only slightly to the head. now 35 minutes in. Still searching for signal to send an important message, the compression in the head is gone. it is now 40 minutes in. Very euphoric. Feeling a little floaty, almost a little disassociated, or disconnected from my body. Almost as if I am watching myself do things while mentally coaching my body. In control yet more of an observer than the driver. This feeling is interesting for sure. It is a little hard to keep up with in the documentary thou. It is now 45 minutes in. I will go eat some food and drink some water. I will be right back. So I went to grab some grub… let me tell you, it was fantastic.

However, after the one hour point from inhalation, the major effects were definitetly wearing off. Eating helped a lot. I feel great now. It is 1.5 hours in and I am still slightly euphoric and well fed. My ability to focus and think logically is coming back to normal. I think within 20 to 30 more minutes I should be back to baseline… we'll get back to you about the sleep thing. It's now 1h: 50m… and the effects are very minimal at this point. Closing my eyes and relaxing feels good. Sleep sounds great at this point. I will continue in a little bit. It is now 6 hours from inhalation, I just woke up from a very good nap. After about the 2.5 hour mark, I laid down and almost instantly fell asleep. The sleep was great, pretty much undisturbed, good, solid sleep. Waking up was a little groggy, but once I was awake, I felt energized, and well rested. At this point I am completely baselined and back to normal. It has been interesting to say the least.

Day 4: Marijuana vs. JWH-018: I am about to smoke a bowl out of the vaporizer and document some of the fundamental differences between the two, THC, and JWH-018. Ok, so the bowl is properly loaded into the vaporizer. I will be taking my first hit of THC after 3 days of only JWH-018. THC has not been in my system in conjunction with JWH-018 since the party 4 days prior. First thing to be noted is the taste. I enjoy the taste of THC a lot more. JWH-018 is almost tasteless, if not chemically a little. Almost instantly after the 2ed hit, I can feel the 'high' work it's way into my head. It is resting in the front of the forehead for now. The second thing to be noted, is that the confusion experience with JWH-018 is not present. I can find myself typing with great ease. Keeping track of my thoughts is easier as well. The rapid heart rate is not present. Yet the paranoia is still there very slightly. The paranoia I find is true with most good THC.

I seem to encounter some short term and long term memory loss with Marijuana however. This comes as a great discomfort to me. Now about 10 minutes in, I am feeling great and euphoric. Not as 'out of it' as JWH-018 by this time. I am losing a little focus thou. I do recognize the 'floaty feeling' from JWH-018 however, it is not as strong and not disconnected. JWH-018 has a unique way of disconnecting the person from the experience. Very much making the person the observer. With THC, I feel 'floaty' but still very much in control. I most certainly feel spaced out when intoxicated with THC. Deep thought is very present. The difference that I notice here is mostly, 'Lost in deep thought' vs. 'Lost of all thought'. While I am 'Lost in deep thought', I can do as I am doing right now, sit and type efficiently and express my thoughts in a logical format. 'Lost of all thought' is more disconnected from thinking, rather to just feel. Now this doesn't mean that I'm not 'in tune' with my environment, in fact I very much am. The difference is, one is more filled with logical thoughts, the other is filled with simple bliss and tranquility.

This made it very hard to type while under JWH-018. I wrote mostly short sentences and had to edit them later. I use almost not 'shift' keystrokes at all, almost no capitals, except for the part about the food, I had to struggle for that one. I found this interesting that I couldn't process that keystroke in conjunction with typing my thoughts for the most part. As I sit here, I continue to vaporize the rest of this bowl of THC, continuing to put me in deeper thought. When vaporizing THC, the high will plato at a certain point. During the experience with JWH-018 on the other hand, I was so 'high' I didn't even want to think about having any more. I was almost sure that if I did, it would get me ever more 'high'.

JWH-018 is way more intense and slightly on the psychedelic side in the higher doses. When JWH-018 is used with THC in smaller doses can produce a very euphoric and intense high. This is why I dubbed it, 'White Hash'. It is now the morning after smoking the THC. The morning was very groggy, and waking up from the THC was more difficult. Not as energized as JWH-018.

To Be Noted: It should be noted, during the experience, aside from the slight confusion, my memory was not affected as much with JWH-018 vs. when I smoke Delta 9–THC (Marijuana). As well as after the 3rd usage of JWH-018, I still feel no addictive properties present. There are no urges to 'do it again', or 'get back there'. This is pleasant to know this with all things considered, this is a still research chemical. Productivity with work over the last 4 days has been minimal.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84039
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Feb 25, 2010Views: 19,992
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