It Became My Life
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Piscearicorn. "It Became My Life: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp84067)". May 5, 2020.

  repeated oral Amphetamines
8 Years of Adderall

I used meth for 2 years before I ever took Adderall. I decided that meth was ruining my life and Adderall would be a good rollover drug to keep me happy, legal, and capable of leading a normal life. Yes, I have ADHD but I had never been put on meds for it until I purposely went to get Adderall.

It was December 2002, and I read up on ADHD and Adderall, and what symptoms went well with Adderall vs. other Rx's so that I would know what to tell my pediatrician to make him think I needed Adderall instead of anything else. Despite my research, he prescribed me Focalin, which is a fancy version of Ritalin... It sucked, and I looked up, online, what bad side effects Focalin/Ritalin had that Adderall didn't have, and called him after 2 weeks and explained to him how much this medication didn't work for me. Now he prescribed me Adderall XR 10 mgs and I LOVED it. After about a month, I told him it wasn't working as well as it used to (a lie) and he put me on 20 mgs. Another month later, I lied, and told him the same thing and he upped me to 25 mgs....

Soon after, he told me I was too old to continue to get my prescriptions from him (because I was in college, 23 years old and I had never been to another doctor). He referred me to a Family Practice doctor, and I made an appt. with him. While I was in the appt. with this doctor, I realized he was extremely easy-going... WAY more so than my pediatrician was, so I told him the 25 mg's weren't working, and he put me on 30 mg XR's. After about 2 months, I told him that the 30 mg XRs weren't working long enough throughout the day so he changed me from the XR's to the tablets - two tablets a day. I was now taking two- 30 mg tablets of Adderall everyday. This didn't last long... Of course, as every other mg that I was prescribed, the two- 30's a day turned into three, four, or five-30 mgs a day, and I was running out too early...

One of my best girlfriends was going to a psychiatrist at the time and told me all about him and how easy it was to get Rx meds from him, so I decided to try and get a prescription of Adderall from him, as well, so I went to him and to make a long story short, I ended up getting prescribed two- 20 mg tablets from this doctor (two months worth at a time, meaning when I filled the Rx I would get 120 pills at once), ON TOP of the two-30 mg tablets a month from my Family Practice doctor.

It is now 2010... I am almost 28 years old and I still play the system by going to the same two different doctors to get two different prescriptions of Adderall... illegally cheating the system and seeing multiple doctors to get enough Adderall to feed an addiction.

Exp Year: 2002-2010ExpID: 84067
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: May 5, 2020Views: 3,248
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