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The Lessons Learned by a Master
Salvia divinorum
by The Beyonder
Citation:   The Beyonder. "The Lessons Learned by a Master: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp84088)". Mar 31, 2013.

2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


I will start with a brief summary of my spiritual experience:

Starting in the late 90s, I began trying meditation as a form of stress relief. In the early 00s, I turned to totemism where Christianity had failed me. Mid-decade, I went more toward occultism, never losing my animistic beliefs. I spent much time practicing and experimenting with energy work and occasional ritual magic. In late 2006, I finally cracked a barrier that should not have been there, and burst far beyond my proper boundaries; the result was unpleasant, to say the least -- and very much like a bad Salvia trip, from the reports I have been reading. I have spent the past several years releasing the darkness that I had gathered, regaining my spiritual foundation, and learning how to process what I had seen.

I have seen spirits, I have had visions, and by spending time sorting and verifying information, I have gained much wisdom and truth from these things. I have also gained much comfort, and the guidance that had been kept from me by that previously impenetrable barrier.

I believe the words I now share with you. They are as verifiable as I can get. It's okay if you don't believe them. When you're under, you can ask the herb itself. You can ask the creatures and spirits you see or meet through its influence. If what you receive from them while under the influence of Salvia divinorum does not corroborate with other information, then rethink your approach to the experience, and try again.

If you have interacted with dragon spirits, then you may have some idea what to expect when you meet Salvia divinorum. Sudden, swift, very certain, very clear; its essence is linked to the concept of flow. There for a purpose, but willing to be a friend if you approach as a friend would. A terrible enemy to have, and yet the worst experience is always because of your own mistakes. I call it the dragon leaf.

Now to the experience.

I approached my meeting with Salvia from a spiritual direction, taking my time, making contact with the spirit of the plant and asking for the best way to ingest this substance. I did not ask how to get the best experience from it, leaving that up to God and the spirits involved.

I was told, buy this package (basic dried leaf with extract, moderate 5x concentrate); use two doses, sequentially, if smoking. A water pipe was best for dried leaf, but since I didn't have one, rolling papers would do.I chose a high quality rice paper. Have four hours available to prepare, experience, and resolve. A natural environment would be best for me. I kept the package of leaf on my person for most of the next two days, letting my energy and its mingle, so that we would be well acquainted when it was time.

When Salvia told me the package was ready, I was also ready; this meant that the experience would be no harsher than necessary to get my attention and teach what there was to learn. Due to location and time constraints, some compromise was made. I spent a few moments in meditation, observing my surroundings (the middle of a city), and then went for breakfast. After a pleasant conversation with another person at the cafe, I prayed that what I did this day would 'go well', and went on my way. I was guided around town, finally heading toward the place where I would make smoke. It was later than desired, but that was okay. The location, when I got there, was not a park, but that was okay; it was out of the way, and relatively peaceful, as was the walk to get there.

I rolled the smoke as directed. This was my first time doing so, and so I didn't make the ends tight enough, due to the small amount of leaf required, but it was good enough. After realizing I might spill some out the end while carrying this thin cigarette, I folded it in half. This, too, was okay. In fact, considering the time, perhaps it was more desirable, since I needed to catch a bus later.

I went to a quiet place outside, lit the smoke in the bent center with my torch, and puffed on the empty ends. Not much initially but cool smoke; then the leaf began burning, and hot smoke irritated my throat and lungs as it carried the substance into me. I can still taste it now, after a meal and many hours; but perhaps this is the extract coming back through my system as my lungs clear themselves out.

After some reading, it was recognized that the best method for me would be to chew fresh leaves. I'll try that when I can.

About two minutes in, I was told there should have been some effect. All I felt was a clearing of 'bad' energies from my perceptual centers. I was told that I should feel giddy, perhaps be seeing things. I smiled; being Awakened so harshly and fully as I had been means that sometimes a drug really can't take you further right away. I continued to smoke, breathing deeply of it and lighting the cigarette when the cherry died, and I walked further down toward a quieter spot where trees grew.

Eventually, all the leaf had been consumed, and I was told to just drop the empty rice paper. I nodded, offering thanks to it, and let it go under a tree.

I was feeling nothing liked 'buzzed'. A good part of that was likely due to my approach; I went in with a spiritually focused mindset, and that was what I was getting.

I was told to go inside and look around. I did so, and realized that indeed my mind was feeling different: a little clearer, my vision sharper, things more defined in some ineffable manner. Essentially, Salvia had worked to open up the last of the damaged areas of my mind, and '100%' was announced in triumph by those who had been working with me to achieve this.

Then God manifested. Remember what I wrote earlier, that I believe these words to be true, and verifiable? You won't be told who I am, but you can in fact verify this yourself by asking. I don't guarantee results, of course, as the maxim of 'trust but verify' goes hand in hand with psychic abilities, but you can ask. It wasn't an 'angels descending in glory' thing, more of a 'yes, I'm here' thing. We spoke briefly, I listened as well as I could.

I won't share what was spoken of at that time. It is enough to say that this was in part a confirmation of things I had already been told, but of which I was still uncertain. It doesn't really concern others.

The image moved on (gods don't exactly 'leave', they just stop manifesting to you), and I finished my shopping and caught the bus like I was told. Any visions I was going to have, any meetings with elves or other entities, were limited for various reasons.

I went and had a very nice, full dinner; it was about two hours after first lighting the smoke when I had alcohol in my dessert.

The entire time, any effects of intoxication were limited to a very slight light-headedness. A feeling of health pervaded me, just above my usual sense of well-being. As I had asked, so I had received: everything went very well, the best it possibly could. During the bus ride home, I was restful and close to sleep. However, once I got home, I felt reasonably awake, and this sense of wakefulness has not diminished. It is now about twelve hours since I lit the smoke, and I'm finally ready for rest.

I should disclose, Salvia divinorum called me 'father', saying that my spirit was the one who watched over it at the end of the last ice age, and made the change that gave it healthier properties. Scientists say that the terpinoid molecule Salvinum B has 'no effect', that it is 'inactive'; but I was told that the B molecule, unaltered, is responsible for many of Salvia's healing effects, particularly of the mind. A to open the mind, B to make it well. That B easily converts to A is kind of a trick, so that your mind is healthy enough to receive a further boost of psychoactive material. I would like to see further exploration of Salvia applied to those who are already damaged.

Oh, and muscle strength can be increased somewhat due to chemical interaction, which is why the heart beats so strongly while under (this is usually a good thing).

So we move on to spiritual and psychological understandings.

First, 'machine elves'. They aren't 'machine', of course; that sense really does come from the artificial nature of LSD. But if you dose too far, you will see childlike undulating balls of being, swirling hyperdimensional existences with sections twisting like serpents, images of living Gordian knots. These beings *are* elves, sprites, gnomes, faeries -- as the universe sees them, in all their hyperdimensional glory.

Second, physical sensations. Warmth is a healing of fear and can bring ease of pain; coolness is a healing of anger, and an opening of pathways once closed. Pressure (particularly painful pressure) can mean a release of hurtful energies, so that they no longer rest within you; or a spirit reaching out to make 'physical' contact. 'Salvia gravity' is Salvia's spirit doing its best to push you into a safe position, sitting or lying still for the duration of the trip; resisting just turns it into a game, and that resistance can lock your mind into a loop or create mistaken impressions. Floating, as in freefall or zero-G? Just that, the sensation of floating, meant to relax and comfort you as it does within the womb. Salvia is only harsh when necessary, or when you go in angry or unwisely.

Revelations about the nature of the universe? Are just that. Mass is a spacial dimension; time is the motion of energy, and vice-versa; every part of a whole thing has equal standing within the whole, yet as a gestalt, each whole is greater than the sum of its parts; the universe is a mote seeing itself, and at the same time billions or even trillions of light years across; graphing the hysteresis behaviors of materials and forces will in fact provide a universal law of energy and dimensionality; light really does travel both ways along a path; it really is hard to tell at what level a particle and a universe are alike and yet different (and thus 'how far down the rabbit hole goes'). As it is said, we are all Buddha, and yet we are also individuals, with our own experiences, our own likes and dislikes, our own needs, our own desires for the future and for the present.

And yes, psychic abilities and magic are real, but they aren't always necessary to get things done. So out-of-body experiences are real. Telepathic and empathic communication does happen. You really can see auras and energy patterns. You really can alter the world. It is all controllable, as fine-grained or two-toned as you want. And everything you do has consequences; accept this, and know that as an imperfect being mistakes will happen, and that forgiveness helps heal error. The greater you push, the harder you will be pushed, but not always in the direction you want to go -- especially if you aren't pushing in the direction you *need* to go.

Yes, all this stuff can be overwhelming for someone who approaches drugs as entertainment. Salvia takes seriously the job of being a teacher. Accept that you are being taught, and the universe holds powerful enlightenment for you. Sometimes you must be made ready to learn, and that means taking your time with lighter doses over an extended period instead of forcing your way into a presumed high and ending up confused and hurt. When you are ready, you will receive the message which is waiting for you.

And sometimes, the greatest, the most powerful message? The one that heals even the worst of harm? That there is hope. That you are loved. That it is never too late to be healed in the way you need most.

But if you can't hear the message you're given, and insist on forcing your way to enlightenment, then be ready to experience all kinds of waking nightmares as the crap gets cleared out of your system.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84088
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Mar 31, 2013Views: 8,333
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Meditation (128), Salvia divinorum (44) : Alone (16), Personal Preparation (45), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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