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Peace & Safety - Rectal Administration
Citation:   sackbut. "Peace & Safety - Rectal Administration: An Experience with Codeine (exp84098)". Aug 2, 2011.

180 mg rectal Codeine (liquid)
I have tried codeine as a recreational drug several times in the past at quite high doses. I like the warm, peaceful feeling which I reserve for an occasional 'treat'. However, I don't like the caffeine buzz from large quantities of AC&C or similar compounds, using the usual cold-water extraction (see Codeine FAQ). And I'm somewhat concerned about getting an accidental ASA or acetaminophen OD if the extraction is less than ideal. Here's how I got around both problems.

Rationale: Codeine phosphate is rapidly and efficiently absorbed rectally. ASA & acetaminophen are not very well absorbed by this route. Reports vary wildly on absorption of caffeine from rectal or enema administration, from 'none' to 'major buzz'; possibly it is absorbed high in the colon but not lower down.

Preparation & equipment: See the FAQ & other recipe/experiences for the basic extraction method. I find it handy to keep a spray-bottle of water in the fridge for rinsing down the original container & filter. Additional equipment: a drugstore rectal syringe (bulb type), 2 oz. size is usually enough, or, better, a plunger syringe of 50-100 ml. capacity (no needle required!). An excellent & cheap substitute is sold in automotive & marine supply stores for priming 2-stroke motors. About 8' of 1/4 in. tubing may be handy, as you will want to keep the syringe vertical to maximize the amount of liquid and minimize the amount of air injected - air can cause discomfort and 'accidents'. In any case, a folded towel under the rump is a good precaution while enjoying the experience.

Dose: approx. 180 mg. codeine phosphate extracted from 24 AC&C tabs (ASA, caffeine & codeine) with 8 mg codeine/tab - the standard OTC formula. Dose estimated as 180 mg. rather than 24x8=192 to allow for some loss in the extraction. Note: be sure to get the tabs with ASA (AspirinŽ), not T1's or the generic equivalent as acetaminophen is much slower to filter & is potentially more subtly toxic.

Set: It's Saturday, I woke up early, and, hey, it's the weekend, so I want to relax & feel good, maybe ultimately catch up on my Zzz's. So, feeling good, a little excited or nervous at trying something I haven't done for a long while. At home by myself, in bed with a good book.


t+0:00 Injected the clear extract rectally, about 60 ml. No discomfort. I lie down in bed (best position to minimize nausea, besides being relaxing).
t+0:05 Already I can detect a slight stone, I think.
t+0:10 Definitely a mild stone.
t+0:20 Now I'm starting to feel a strong stone: the warm-all-over, peaceful feeling. Great!
t+0:30 Eyelids feel (& look heavy). The relaxation is still increasing. No nausea; no caffeine buzz; just a lovely warm & cozy feeling.
t+1:00 Seems to be about the peak, but not decreasing much yet.
t+1:30 Ugh! very acid belch! How did that get all the way up there??? Nothing a little antacid won't cope with, though.
t+2:00 Still very mellow, the buzz is fading, but quite slowly. If that belch was the worst side-effect, this is working great.
t+2:10 Bran muffin for breakfast - should help with the inevitable constipation!
t+2:30 Still riding the buzz, hardly any decrease. Feeling a bit sleepy; maybe time for a Saturday morning nap. 'Honey, disconnect the phone'.
t+3:30 No CEV's, no pipe dreams, no nap -- maybe I absorbed more caffeine than I thought. Very easy to meditate. Definitely coming down, but slowly.

Summary: a very relaxing experience, with a quick 'up', slow 'down', just about ideal.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84098
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 63
Published: Aug 2, 2011Views: 29,240
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