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Rainbows, Knives, and Pip
Morning Glory
by neustrium
Citation:   neustrium. "Rainbows, Knives, and Pip: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp84107)". Erowid.org. Apr 11, 2016. erowid.org/exp/84107

150 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)


Morning Glory was my first-ever experience with any hallucinogen. Marijuana always makes me feel very anxious, and I have a family history of psychosis (on both sides, lucky me) so I've always been afraid to try mushrooms or LSD but very curious about tripping.

I bought Heavenly Blue seeds at a local hardware store. I don't believe that morning glory seeds are 'poisoned' to discourage abuse-- I think that's an urban legend-- but I did check the label to make sure that the seeds were not treated with any fungicides.

At home, I ground up 150 seeds in my coffee grinder and did a cold-water extraction: shook the powder into a mason jar, filled the jar to the brim with water, and put the concoction in the fridge. I cleaned my room, watched my favorite feel-good kid's movie, and went to bed.

I strained the morning-glory mixture the next day at about noon. This was very difficult to do, and if I ever try morning glory again, I'll leave more time for this step. I ended up doing a very shoddy filtration with a wire colander. There were still some white solids in the fluid when I drank it, at about two o'clock. The liquid was brown and did not taste altogether unpleasant; it reminded me of the 'soup' I'd make from puddle water and grass when I used to play house in the backyard.

Then I sat outside in the sun, listened to some classical music, and waited for something to happen.
I sat outside in the sun, listened to some classical music, and waited for something to happen.
I noticed how the sunlight made rainbows in my eyelashes and on the grass, but I'm not sure if that was an effect of the drug. After about two hours, D came outside to check on me, and I was getting bored so I went back inside with her. It was about four o'clock.

I began to notice the first definite effects at about this time. I would describe it as 'intoxication': slightly distorted vision, some loss of coordination, unusual thoughts. I could see faint purple rivers flowing along the walls. I sat on the kitchen floor to watch D make dinner, and she gave me an ice cream sandwich, and as I ate it I felt very happy and thought about school picnics. When I was done licking the wrapper I got up to help her de-bone the chicken breast. This made me wonder what people's insides look like, so while the chicken was in the oven D and I watched some autopsy videos on youtube. It didn't bother me at all; it was fascinating.

Although, afterwards, when I was washing the knives, I had a horrible thought about people getting stabbed in the face. I let myself have the thought, and let it pass, but it was profoundly disturbing.

At about five-thirty some friends came over and D and I hung out with them in the living room. I couldn't follow the details of the conversation, I was too preoccupied with everyone's social tics-- things I hadn't noticed before but which seemed very obvious to me now, like how D prefaces all of her comments with a timid little 'See, for me, I feel like...' and how J makes fun of rednecks a lot because he's self-conscious about being from the rural South. Then I wondered what my social tics are, and then I thought, 'I don't have any! The drugs have stripped them away, that's what drugs do, and everyone knows I'm tripping, and oh my god!' I excused myself to go lie down in my room. I was feeling nauseous anyway.

Oh, the nausea. I was not prepared for that. It set in about four hours after I consumed the seed-slurry and it was intense. I imagine that this is how the rumor about poisoned seeds got started. I only vomited once. I was disappointed then because I thought the experience was over, but when I went back to my room, the best effects set in.

I had the curtains drawn and I was curled up under my favorite comforter, listening to techno music. My comforter has a pattern of little orange rosettes on a white background and I found it very pleasing to look at, and after a while the roses started moving in time with the music. I especially liked the leaves. There were three leaves on each rose and they were quite cheerful. I named them Pip, Bo, and Mr. Norrington, and Pip and Bo were shy but Mr. Norrington was very talkative and he laughed a lot. I was very happy to be in my room with them instead of being back in the living room with everyone else.

I saw patterns when I closed my eyes. They were bright and slithery and full of very complicated spots of color; I was reminded of the markings on the back of the tent caterpillars I used to find in my driveway. I also saw a field of repeating concentric circles that vibrated and alternated colors.

After I passed large quantities of strong-smelling pee, I started to come down. It was about ten o'clock at night. The hangover on the following day involved an intense headache.

It was a great first-time experience. It felt like the kind of high fever that makes you see bright colors while you're sleeping it off.
It felt like the kind of high fever that makes you see bright colors while you're sleeping it off.
I didn't have the anxiety I get when I smoke weed, and I'm surprised that the experience was punctuated with so many pleasant childhood memories because in reality my childhood was pretty bad. I have a healthy respect for morning glory, though-- it is a real drug, and there were moments when it could have turned nasty.

Two years later, I can still see the pattern of concentric circles, under my eyelids, when I'm feeling lightheaded. And I can still see the rainbows in my eyelashes. It makes me happy.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 84107
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Apr 11, 2016Views: 2,323
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Morning Glory (38) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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