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The Rimpling of Reality
LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine & Cannabis
by Azgaza
Citation:   Azgaza. "The Rimpling of Reality: An Experience with LSD, Nitrous Oxide, Ketamine & Cannabis (exp84139)". Dec 9, 2010.

150 ug oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)


This report contains the first time I combined LSD and ketamine, it was written a few months after the experience, when I was trying to catch up on my trip reports: I keep a personal database, to make sure I never forget my experiences. I decided to translate this report from dutch to english because of the combination I used this specific trip.

I was at the time an 18 year old female. I'm experienced with all substances used here, it was my 20th LSD trip, 3rd time combining nitrous oxide with LSD and my first time combining ketamine with LSD, although I had done it sober once or twice before. Concerning the cannabis; I've been smoking that daily for years; I don't even think it made a difference to the trip, that is probably worth mentioning.

The date was: 28th of March 2009, the location a psy trance rave in a squatted village just outside of Amsterdam and my company where my boyfriend, Ri, who wasn't tripping this time and good friend At who also took LSD and a similair dose.

Set and Setting:

The event was three days before my birthday and I wasn't planning on having a party of my own; instead I would celebrate it on the psy trance party with a few friends who would come along. In the end only two people came a long and only one of them would trip with me. The people joining me were my boyfriend Ri; who decided not to trip because he wanted his first LSD trip to be indoors and not on a party (that happened a month later and he's my standard tripping buddy now-a-days) and good friend At who also took a similair dose of LSD. Even though we were a small group on a large party I was sure it would be fun enough.

The trip:

Seeing we had already arrived quite late at the Village we decided to start the trip right away. There was a chill out called 'the gnome house' in dutch and we decided to take the LSD there. It turned out rather full but we saw some people I knew from a dutch drug related forum so we joined them. It was already eleven pm so I got out my LSD. I had this specific blotter tested at a lab where they test your drugs for substance, purity and strength anonymously (they are in every major dutch city) and I had these hits tested at around 100 ug of LSD. I took 1.5 of them. My friend also took his dose and we got offered a balloon of nitrous right at that time by the dutch forum people; which we gladly accepted. Of course the come-up hadn’t started yet, 3 minutes after taking the LSD, but nitrous is fun while sober too, just not nearly as impressive; mostly a physical buzz for me.

After sitting there and chatting for a while some space opened up in the back of the chill out area so we moved ourselves to that location. Now a bit later in to the come up, around +0.20 maybe we decided to do some nitrous again. This time it seemed to speed up the come-up; colours went from normal to extremely warm and bright and the first swirling patterns formed in the wall right in front of me. The visuals kept building up from that point and during that time At took out his huge green laser pen and some random people at the party were looking at it. It also drew the attention of some weird person who started commenting to At about his 'gadgets' and 'materialism' and kept asking him very assumptious questions about his personality, which was rather unpleasant. Ri told At not to be bothered by it and At looked a little sad. I didn’t care for joining this conversation as I don’t like talking to people who assume things about other people without having a clue about their personality; it did stop At from playing with his laser, which was a shame because it caused some nice green visuals.

With At still looking a mix of surprised and sad it was time for a good distraction though so we did what we usually do when tripping in that specific location: go for a walk around the village. Ri, even though he wasn't tripping, decided to walk with us for company. The visuals got interesting during this walk, the first part is stone, and then there’s a long part that is grass, with water on both sides. If I looked up the stars moved around forming different patterns each time, as if star signs were drawn on them and stars kept appearing and disappearing and it felt like I could see the depth and farness much better then normally. The ground was covered in mostly bright green with bright purple patterns very typical for LSD (they look the same every trip) that moved rythmicly and the plants moved rythmicly in similair patterns. From time to time they started changing shape to more abstract patterns until they completely lost their plant like appearance and looked like huge 3D patterns and then they’d change back to plants with patterns floating in front of them instead of the patterns being the plants, this would switch every now and then. A bit further down that path I got the same visual for the 4th time in 4 different trips. Its like walking into nothing, the path appeared to be not there with not only water on both sides but right in front of me as well.

The colourful but dark path was interesting, but not interesting enough to keep us there so we went back to the party. I’m not intirely sure what happened here, but it was probably not too interesting. At some point anymore, probably +1.30 in time I went into the church with Ri to dance for a bit. I probably forgot to mention the main dancing area is a squatted church; very richly decorated with projections, black light art, a bar and a great sound system that is even more impressive due to the church’s accoustics. Walking in there was a very surreal experience, as always on these type of parties. Everything shifted around eachother and turned very square, people’s faces floated in to other people’s faces and in to the space in between it, sound seemed to echo a lot and everything kept moving around in these square forms. The music, from what I can remember of it, seemed good so we danced for a while. Depending on what I thought and felt the visuals added to that, and because I was very engaged in the dancing, the visuals would be very random. After a while we realised we hadn’t seen At for a while, and that we had been dancing for quite long; and I always enjoy trying to find people on parties so we decided to go look for him.

Finding him proved easy; he was on the path we had walked earlier and told us he was very happy we found him because appearantly he had this odd mindloop where both sides would be endless and he couldn’t get off; well we were more aware of the endings of the path so we took him off and brought him to the fire outside of the church. The lights looked melting and there were turning and fractal like patterns on the ground. I decided now that the trip was fully active (+2.00) it would be a good idea to do some nitrous again. We chose an object to sit on with few of the church. The first thing I noticed when inhaling was the fact the sound seemed to be turned inside out; just completely inside out, then it shifted again, but I’m not sure what direction / dimention it was pulled in, but it sounded fascinating. I was at the same time staring at Ri’s face and all of the normal LSD patterns took the shape of his face and like a kaleidoscope it took over my intire vision.

Unfortunately the sound of whippits draws hippies like musqito’s, so in no time we were surrounded by people who wanted some. Lucky for them our forum-friend had plenty to share and was appearantly selling them there, so we redirected them. Around this point in time we had run out of our own nitrous; so we decided to ask the forum friend for some whippits as well. She gave me two for free, which gave me enough to do one last round with my company. While asking for the patterns the air there felt thick from the nitrous and the forum friend had a huge sedated smile on her face; funny to look at.

We decided we should do the last nitrous on an interesting location and chose a weird climbable object on the path we had walked earlier. We climbed on it and even though it looked small we easily fit on it with the three of us. At was worried he’d fall off while doing the nitrous but we assured him it was large enough. A nice detail, mostly for me, is that the village cat came to visit us there, one year prior to this on my 12th lsd trip I had seen the same cat often in that path again, so that was a little bit of nostalgia. This time I mostly noticed ‘the cat had a nice pattern on her fur’. While filling the balloons, which was after all the reason we climbed the object, the plants around me were swirling and growing upwards in a sort of repetative pattern and completely unexpectedly huge fractal flowers grew out of it. Beautiful, but not even a fraction of what I’d see with the nitrous.

After inhaling the balloon I felt like in a wind tunnel, or just flying forward really, really fast. The wind pulled everything into straight lines with one very tiny point in the center of my vision still looking normal, which made it appear I was flying there. When the nitrous feeling started to fade the plants reappeared and started growing fractal flowers on the rythm of the music coming from the party again. I remember feeling a bit sad for Ri because he wasn’t tripping and his nitrous wasn’t interesting. I decided this thing we were sitting on was fun enough to smoke a joint there so we did that and after that climbed off. Appearantly at that time At’s keys fell on the ground and we had to go look for them under the weird object. It was dark and wet and completely covered in visuals so I couldn’t make out the keys at all. The better I tried to look the less ‘reality’ I would see left; it was bright green, glowing, shifting, moving, curling and patterning and I definatly couldn’t see any keys. Even ‘sober’ Ri couldn’t see them.

Right then things turned even more annoying for At, but even more hilarious for us. Because it had been my birthday, he baked a pie. That on itself was a good idea. Putting the pie in tin foil in the pockets of his trousers however where a much worse idea. Appearantly the tin foil had ripped and his pockets were filled with pie. He then pulled out his laser pen and said in the saddest voice (reminding of a young child who’s ice cream fell off the cone) ‘there’s pie in my laser’. I had to run a few meters further just to laugh really hard. I realised how nasty this situation was for him, but just the fact there was pie on all his stuff made it a little too funny.

None of what happened in between here is overly relevant; not the most interesting visuals I had, not the most relevant conversations.. so I’ll skip to the ketamine part. I had the idea for a while to combine it, and this trip would be just the setting to try. I layed down a very small amount on a tiny mirror I have. I have no clue how much, but most likely around 30-50 mg. This was well before tolerance and all those things; so the effects hit me fast and hard. The first thing I noticed what that fysical laws of nature were gone. Nothing made sense. Distance was extremely relative and kept changing constantly. I also felt sedated and less aware of my body and the typical phyiscal ketamine effects (I like them a lot personally). The second thing I noticed, after the relativety of distance, was the taste of the drip. This was well before I started liking the taste of ketamine (yes, I like it now) so I said in a loud voice ‘ew, gross’, and some stranger said ‘well that isn’t a very friendly commend’, so I replied ‘ketamine drip’, and that persons face turned understanding and said ‘ooh, ok, then its ok.’.

After a while the chill out where I had taken the ketamine seemed less ideal, and a bit boring, so I decided I had to go dance. Ri joined me on the dance floor and I took some ketamine of my key (I later weighted this amount, my key holds 30-60 mg of ketamine), I think I took this amount 3 or 4 times within 10 minutes without paying much attention and what happened was completely amazing. First of all ‘standing’ and ‘dancing’ became increasingly difficult. Distances turned even more insane and people would completely change location and shift, the world was litteraly spinning around me, nothing made sense and remained on its place, above was no longer above and left certainly wasn’t left anymore.

If I’d come too close to Ri’s head it’d melt in to mine, and thanks the LSD still being visually very active his head would split in two and half of it would attach itself to my head. If I stepped back his head would shift back to the normal place. Reality would rimple like it was the survace of water, or everything was painted on a sheet. Distance and movement were completely un-understandable, but somehow I was still dancing. We went outside after about 30 minutes, I assume, and someone else wanted ketamine. Seeing as the intensity went down a little bit I decided to take some more and there was someone else who wanted some so I shared.

The moment that extra bit hit me everything started to wave and rimple again and my arms seemed to stretch into infinity if I’d put them to the sides. Then if I’d look down it would feel as if I folded double. When we were walking and I looked down I saw 6 pair of legs and had a hard time making out which were mine, I finally recognized my outfit and decided the ones somewhere in the middle must be mine. Walking did become really heavy and difficult now so I figured sitting down was probably a little safer. I did feel very good, mentally and physically, just a bit too sedated to walk.

Mentally I felt very far away from the world. I sat near the fire, where I sat down, for maybe an hour. Still occasionally melting into Ri, which was very pleasant, the world didn’t feel so far away and cold at the times that happened. The ketamine by the way never eliminated the normal colourful LSD visuals, that kept comming up, it just took all laws of nature out of them making them very strange, and very random, and distance, up, down, right, left, movement all very strange and unpredictable. After the ketamine wore off I decided that a 2-3 hour binge was enough, and I usually stop the ketamine because of the cold removed mental feeling; which I like, but after a while feeling alive sounds fun too. After the ketamine wore off the LSD comedown had started (it was 8 in the morning already) and the visuals weren’t as interesting anymore. Much of the same, but just less intense, so I’ll leave the report at this.


Now one year later, 12 trips further, of which 11 also had the LSD + nitrous combination and at least 8 also contained ketamine moments I can say this was a pioneer trip for me; it showed me new combinations and the beauty and intensity that comes with combining psychedelics with dissociatives. Nitrous has lost its fun and innosence since this day for me, but ketamine is still as fun as it always was. I’ll see if I can be bothered to translate more reports, as this was the first of many times of a combination I really grew to love.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 84139
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 9, 2010Views: 17,032
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LSD (2), Nitrous Oxide (40), Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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