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Coca Creme De Cacao
Coca & Alcohol
Citation:   Coca Pyre. "Coca Creme De Cacao: An Experience with Coca & Alcohol (exp84182)". Erowid.org. Sep 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/84182

  oral Alcohol  
    oral Coca (extract)
I had thought of how I can do a coca leaf extraction similar to Piscoca (? Vin de coca ?), another tasty beverage which would lift me to the land of kings, an extraction method reserved for Incan royalty and the gods themselves. The alchohol content of Piscoca is higher although not nearly as potent with alkaloid/metabolites content as this beverage I made.

I went to the liquor store I grab some captain morgans parrot bay (coconut) thinking to myself... 90 proof ought to strip those alkaloids out nicely and this would taste pretty good with the grassy coca leaf flavor. I continue along the isles and happen to look in the liquor section where I see creme de cacao it almost jumped out at me.... Coca, cacao, hmmm I'll give it a shot...
Coca, cacao, hmmm I'll give it a shot...
So I buy the 2 bottles of liquor and head home. I decide to try the creme de cacao, just a cap full.... Mmm good it taste like chocolate more than I expected. So I cut open 100 tea bags (generic bag of coca tea bags, 1 gram of coca leaf each) pour the leaf material into a pyrex bowl ( the ones that have sealable lids ) then I pour in the creme de cacao (750ml, 34 proof) blend in good with a wisk, and allow that to sit for 3 hours sealed with the lid on the counter top, opening once every hour to agitate the mix, squishing the leaf material against the sides and bottom a bit to macerate the leaves.

After 3 hours I got impatient and decided to press the leaves (I originally planned to wait 2 days) since it seemed really dark and smelled so good. I use a brand new wash cloth to press the leaf material squeesing it over a large frozen beer mug but only after the liquor has stopped straining through the cloth collecting only the liquor that has been pressed from the leaves. Resubmerging the leaf material in the bowl I allowed it to absorb more of the liquor from the bowl like a sponge and then continue to press the leaf material into the frozen beer mug untill all of the liquor in the bowl has been pressed through the leaves into the beer mug (frozen mug to allow less alchohol to evaporate). Then from the mug I used a measuring cup to pour the liquor back into the bottle because I don't have a funnel. I put the bottle in the freezer and clean my mess up. Time to let the brew chill was maybe 10 minutes as I cleaned. Then I sit down and fill half of a juice glass with ice and then fill it up with what I call 'coca creme de cacao'. I drink it down, it goes down smooth, it tastes great! There is definately a stronger coca sensation than I experienced from 'Piscoca' and the alchohol buzz was alot less pronounced. I have tons of energy while drinking this, and it seems to last fairly long. I am looking forward to the batch which is sitting on the counter now it will be made from the captain morgans parrot bay (coconut) and this time it will sit for 2 or 3 days before I press it (pressing is important to squese the juice from the leaves). I think I will call it Captain Coca's Rum.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84182
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Sep 4, 2019Views: 827
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