Mellow, as Always
by Phlux
Citation:   Phlux. "Mellow, as Always: An Experience with Codeine (exp84349)". Jul 17, 2017.

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral Codeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:05 25 mg oral Pharms - Promethazine (liquid)
  T+ 0:05 40 mg oral Codeine (liquid)


Setting: Alone in my dorm room. Mostly quiet outside (spring break has just started, so no one is around).

Me and My Mindset: White, male, 18 years old, 5’8”, 120 pounds. Happy overall, as in not depressed. Feeling a little sick, I have bronchitis.

7:15 (T+0:00) Took 5 Tylenol 4s (1500mg Acetaminophen, 300mg Codeine)

7:20 (T+0:05) Took 20ml Promethazine w/ Codeine Syrup (25mg Promethazine, 40mg Codeine)

7:45 (T+0:30) Maybe starting to feel some of the codeine; an overall latency. A little itchy in places. Going back to work on my English assignment.

8:00 (T+0:45) Put on some Trance music via Pandora. The music makes my brain beat.

8:05 (T+0:50) Quickly grew tired of “Trance” and switched to some good old fashioned Bob Marley.

8:10 (T+0:55) Finding myself spacing out on little things. Not sure if it’s the drugs, or just me procrastinating on my assignment.

8:15 (T+1:00) Still trying to find good music to suit my mood. Trying “Phoenix Radio” on Pandora. Difficulty focusing. I took these pills to mellow me out so I could concentrate on my assignment. Doesn’t seem to be working yet. Misspelling a lot of words. Time’s moving very slowly.

8:20 (T+1:05) One of my favourite songs came one (1901 by Phoenix), so I turned off the lights and tried to immerse myself in the music. I can feel my heart beating throughout my body: in my chest, in my fingers, in my legs. Boyfriend texts me, ruining this feeling. I reply, feeling completely sober. Codeine usually hits me faster than this.

8:30 (T+1:15) Eyes are lagging as I look around. Heightened sense of touch. Wish boyfriend were here to massage and scratch my back, though he wouldn’t approve of drug usage.

8:45 (T+1:30) The opiate itch is kicking in. Scratching feels extremely good. A little tired. Time varies from going really slow, to going really fast. Strange feeling in my chest. Unsure as to whether it’s the pills or my bronchitis. Probably both.

8:55 (T+1:40) Surrounded by a feeling of warmth and security. The world seems to rise and fall with my breathing. Wish I could just turn off the lights and float away, but I’m afraid I’d fall asleep and miss my midnight assignment deadline. Well, 5 minutes couldn’t hurt.

9:05 (T+1:50) Lying there listening to the first song felt so amazing, I had to do it for another. My mind kept wandering through multiple short and random scenes. Some, past memories, others modified memories, and others completely fictional. I got lost in my head. Everything was great. Boyfriend texted me and the ringer scared the shit out of me. Sitting in the light now. The itch has really kicked in, but otherwise I feel heavy, slow, happy, and content.

9:20 (T+2:05) The itchiness is persistent. I had hoping pairing the pills with the cough syrup containing Promethazine (an antihistamine) would help combat the itch, but no such luck. Eyes are heavy. I assume I have a poor nystagmus at the moment. The Wikipedia page for nystagmus has an image of an eye moving. Seriously creeped me out. Eyes are having difficulty changing focus. Hand-eye coordination is affected as well.

9:35 (T+2:20) Remarkably mellow and relaxed. Eyesight is still blurry. Have to concentrate fairly hard in order to make out words on my computer screen. Even my hands can’t type optimally. Keep drifting off into a daydream. Or maybe it’s an actual dream. I am rather sleepy. Must. Focus. On. Homework.

10:00 (T+2:45) I keep spacing out. Completely, as in, “I have no idea where I’ve been the psat 30 minutes.” Obviously I haven’t gotten out of bed, but my mind just goes blank. I don’t remember falling asleep. I just remember typing one minute, then the next I come back and 30 minutes have passed.

10:20 (T+3:05) Minor auditory hallucinations (motorcycle revving).

10:30 (T+3:15) Time is moving slowly again. Thank god. I still have much of my assignment to finish, despite not being able to make out the keyboard well and not being able to properly direct my hands.

11:15 (T+4:00) I focused on my assignment and forgot to keep updating. Overall, I mostly just felt really tired. I had a hard time trying to keep myself awake. The itch actually turned out to be much less than when I take codeine alone, so the Promethazine did help. The high has mostly worn off, though I can still feel some of its effects. After I sat up, instead of lying down, I was able to better focus on my tasks at hand. Although, my mind was still wandering somewhat.

It was an okay experience. Nothing amazing, but codeine never is. Typical opiate high: mellow, warm, happy. I’m going to try to ride out the last bit of it in the dark listening to some music.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84349
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 17, 2017Views: 13,781
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Codeine (14) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), General (1)

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