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Focused but Frustrated
by Anon
Citation:   Anon. "Focused but Frustrated: An Experience with Modafinil (exp84424)". Erowid.org. Apr 19, 2010. erowid.org/exp/84424

200 mg oral Modafinil (pill / tablet)
I tried Modafinil because I thought it would combat my tiredness and increasing lack of concentration issues that have been worsening over the years. I purchased Spier brand-name online, which was of some concern to me because I had read a few negative reviews of that particular brand-name, several of which claimed it did nothing but cause headaches in higher than recommended dosages. What I received definitely had an effect, but it was extremely subtle, though powerful.

As an aside, I am not a recreational drug user and this was my first time trying anything mind-altering. I take Zyrtec for allergies daily and that's it.

My first time taking Modafinil I broke the pill into 50mg doses and staggered them over a ~6 hour period with no discernable effects. I had previously had a good nights sleep and took them first thing in the morning.

The second time I took Modafinil it was under the same conditions but I didn't stagger the 200mg dose. It took ~3 hours to feel anything but I noticed over lunchtime that I had become extremely irritable. I felt like I usually do when I'm under a lot of stress, but I had spent a leisurely day with my boyfriend and nothing was wrong. I had to keep from snapping at him every time he opened his mouth because to me it seemed like he was speaking intolerably slowly and saying stupid things. This was very, very unlike me but I knew that Modafinil could worsen anxiety in anxious people so I figured it must be a side-effect. I am prone to anxiety but this was an extreme emotional reaction that I don't normally experience unless there is a reason for it. I also had a terrible urge to clench my teeth that I had to consciously resist the entire time I felt the effects of the drug.

I was pretty disappointed at this point only having felt the negative side-effects at this point and none of the increased wakefulness or concentration I had read about, in fact I felt like I wanted a nap. But after another hour of this (hour 4) I began to feel the increased focus I wanted. It's hard to describe but I just felt so much clearer mentally, like I could do calculations more easily. I also felt like I could hear sounds more clearly, especially my own voice. I can't really say if it made me more motivated to tackle problems or tasks like some users describe, but I did persevere at playing a puzzle game longer than I normally would have... all the while, clenching my teeth and swearing at the thing. I was still extremely moody and, as I was not granted miraculous puzzle solving powers, I quit in a frustrated rage after an hour or two. This drug did not make me smarter, it just made me feel like I was. With the added irritableness and high stress level, I'm not sure it's so great as a smart-drug, at least in my case.

The increased focus seemed to last ~3 maybe 4 hours, after which I felt very drained as if I had stayed awake way too long, even though it was still early. I wasn't sleepy per se, more light-headed coupled with a lot of tension in my facial muscles, plus the feeling a looming migraine. I felt similar to how I usually feel after using guarana to stay awake longer than 24 hours, and I almost always do get migraines doing that. No migraine from Modafinil, just a light headache.

A day after taking the drug I still felt like it was in my system, just not affecting me very much. I still felt drained from the day before, but occasionally I'd feel a little more focus than I normally do, but the effect was so small I wonder if I imagined it.

Overall, I would try this again but only if really needed. The side-effects made more of an impact than the beneficial effects the drug is prescribed to have.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84424
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 19, 2010Views: 22,420
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