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Panic at the Party
JWH-018 (sold as 'Bonsai Fertilizer'?)
by Lex
Citation:   Lex. "Panic at the Party: An Experience with JWH-018 (sold as 'Bonsai Fertilizer'?) (exp84520)". Mar 31, 2010.

  smoked JWH-018


My first experience with 'bonsai fertilizer' aka. Spice. Was very powerful and overwhelming. Considering I had done spice before on occasion, I was still a lightweight.

I was with my friends driving when I had taken my first hit. It was good and I felt giddy and hyper (as usual). I wanted to have a good night so agreed to have another hit. This was another 2-3mg hit on top of what I had already had.

While my friend was driving I had the worst panic attack ever. I began hyperventilating, I became terrified, because this spice is much more of a visual than a sensational for myself, I began witnessing the car begining to shrink. I paniced. My friends (some of which were high as well) tried to calm me down. I sat terrified in the car, pulling on the handle to jump out. I got claustraphobic. I felt that people were out to get me. And I hallucinated that bugs were crawling inside the car.

Little to my knowlege that we were actualy headed to a birthday party, there were strobe lights, tons of people, and I was absolutely terrified. So terrified in fact, that I ran from the party at full speed, sprinting down the side of the road. Lol. At this point the sidewalk of the road stopped, and so I stopped too. I sat on the grass. Convinced that the stars were falling from the sky and were going to squish the partiers. Confuzed, I didnt know who I was, or where I was, what I was doing. Completely disoriented. My friend came and grabbed me. And took me to the car. Where I sat for the next 20 min blazed out of my mind.

My friend drove me to a park. Where I proceeded to run around in complete bliss for the next hour.

Needless to say. It was a terrifying. Blissfull trip.

About 3 hours had passed since

[Reported Dose: 3-5mg total]

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84520
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Mar 31, 2010Views: 17,672
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JWH-018 (483) : First Times (2), Various (28)

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