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A Powerful, Empty Tool
by Astromike
Citation:   Astromike. "A Powerful, Empty Tool: An Experience with 2C-E (exp84544)". Jun 24, 2010.

14 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)


Note: By empty I mean, in the Buddhist sense, empty of inherent being, open to subjective meaning projections.

My first experience of 2C-E went as smoothly as possible, I think as I write this report a day afterwards. I picked what I believe to be the optimal (for me at least) first-time dose, managed to 'get my feet wet' with the chemical without getting too blown away, and also was able to dabble in many different settings and environments. I wanted to take a 'sampler' of the 2C-E effects in various environments so I could better know what would be preferable for the next time, on a higher dose. Fortunately, it seems like no matter the environment I chose, I found something beneficial from the 2C-E altered state of consciousness.

In addition to being my first time trying 2C-E, this trip was also my first experience with a 'research chemical'. This report is a combination of two sources: a 'trip log' that is sadly very incomplete (entries noted with '*'); and interludes of me filling in what I remembered to happen then.

T=11:40 AM. Dose weighted at ~13-15mg, the mg scale I used isn't the best but it's definitely better than nothing! Right after taking my dose of 2C-E in a gel cap, drank with water with some Emergen-C (good synergy), I decided to go outside. I have the day off from class, and the weather is beautiful, I go to a rock nearby campus and meditate for a bit (~T +0:15-0:25) and then walk around. I get back to my room about 55 minutes later and write the following:

*12:35 AM - I feel lighter, things are beginning to glow, the outdoors are beautiful. Beginning to feel it. I am currently fueled by hugs and tea.* [I had made some tea before taking 2C-E and ran into some friends on my walk, and hugged them]

At this point I was in my room, on my bed laying down and listening to music. On this day, my roommate has many classes in a row, so the room was basically mine. I was listening to 13th Floor Elevators' first two albums and began to feel something similar to the 'coming up' feeling on acid, which is kind of a stoned feeling with minor visuals. A bit later I am closing my eyes listening to the music, getting obvious but somewhat mild close-eyed visuals. Then I start to feel sort of restless, I could easily sit still if I wanted to, but I feel like stretching. I do this and then write:

*1:15 PM - Definitely feeling psychedelic. Close eyed visuals. Stretching is a lot of fun and doing stretches with my eyes closed influences my perception of the visual patterns.*

After doing some more stretching to the music, I go back to my bed and sit down for a bit. After 13th Floor Elevators, I start to listen to other stuff: '60s garage psych and a bit of the new MGMT album, Congratulations. I am feeling quite energetic and still a bit restless at this point, and since I'm really digging the music and patterns, I decide to dance around my room. The dancing, done mostly with my eyes closed, really flows with the visuals and music, which is a lot of fun! After dancing for a while, I feel like I am dancing on a large canvas in a black abyss, my limbs are, like paintbrushes, painting the scene, going with the visuals and also influencing their characteristics. Later I write:

*1:45 PM - Hell yeah!!*

I'm really enjoying myself now. I forget when exactly, but after the dancing I definitely have open-eyed visuals but they are subtle. I decide to take a break from the music and dancing for a bit, and meditate, a bit to relaxing music, but mostly to silence. I now have much more control over the close-eyed visuals, which are quite pronounced now. After a while, the visuals change from being kind of kaleidoscopic/matrix-esque to being a colorful double helix spinning and my angle of perception climbing. It ascends for a bit, and at the top I see the helix finally end and there is a one-eyed serpent creature on top of the helix chain. I didn't realize this at the time, but this might relate yogic kundalini 'coiled serpent' energy becoming activated, but this is pure speculation. I wish I would have made the connection at the time of the trip, it probably would have seemed a lot more profound rather than just random and strange. After making eye contact with the serpent I open my eyes and go from sitting and meditating to lying down and listening to music. I decide shortly after to make some green tea, cause I really could go for it.

*2:05 - Made some tea. Ran into a friend, talked to him a bit, communication was a bit difficult at first but I managed to articulate almost (but not quite) at full capacity.*

I get back and do some more meditating, and then decide to lay on my bed. The ceiling has a lot of patterns and layers, as well as both English and Aztec-like characters, this is the most intense my open-eyed visuals get, and at this time the rest of the room is shifting around. I write:

*2:30 - Open eyed visuals*

and later:

*2:55 - Ceiling... kind of a vortex. Lots of cryptic shit there.*

After a while, the visuals seem to tone down a bit, but I still experience *breathing* and distortion in the open-eyed realm, with strong close-eyed visuals.

I then want to go on an adventure. I remember my walk outside before beginning to feel the 2C-E and begin to crave a re-visit to mother nature. I pack some supplies: water, The Heart of the Buddha's Teachings by Thich Nhat Hanh, my iPod and headphones, my trip log, and a few other things. I don't want to go on the adventure alone, and my girlfriend, D, is coming over to visit me soon, so I decide to wait for her before adventuring. I listen to more music while I wait, and continue dancing around my room. I then, jokingly, think that 2C-E is like an 'introverted rave drug'.

*3:10 - I'm an Egyptian God now. Can't feel like this too much*

I feel at the peak of my artistic and spiritual realization now. Earlier in the trip, before having pronounced open-eyed visuals I drew a '2C-E self portrait' which was very vague, drawn fast, but still extremely creative and interesting, mostly trying to show the energies and patterns flowing around me, as well as integrating some of my thoughts at the time with my abstract portrait.

I think of my psyche in terms almost of an amplifier, with the spiritual, intellectual, and artistic knobs turned way up and the emotional knob slightly turned down, but I still feel quite euphoric and empowered.

After this point, I don't really update the trip log, but I'll continue from memory. D comes over around 3:30-4, and we then go outside for a nice walk. It's a bit windy but still a really nice day. Conversation is still fairly easy, and I manage to share some of my insights/experiences. I feel quite connected to nature, but not quite as much as on mushrooms or LSD. At around 6, I realize I am hungry. D then has to go to class and eat dinner, so I say goodbye and we arrange to meet later, post-trip. I get some cookies and oranges and eat them, they are very rejuvenating to eat. I started to come down at around 5:30, and at around 7:00 I only have very slight close-eyed visuals. I feel very clear-headed, but tired. I smoke some marijuana later, but not much (a few bong rips, some with kief), after 7:00 and it seems to sort of bring some minor psychedelic deja-vu, but not too much.

The afterglow lasted pretty much until around 10 or 11, and then I feel totally sober, but with my body tired and my mind slightly racing. Getting to sleep is harder than usual, but I eventually manage. The next day I have a slight afterglow, but nothing too pronounced, and I feel no different the next day than I did before tripping, perhaps with a feeling of 'taking a glimpse behind a curtain of consciousness' and enhanced mental clarity.

In retrospect, I am really glad I decided to make my first dose 13-15mg, less than that probably wouldn't have provoked some of the keystones of my trip (the one-eyed serpent, dancing with patterns and music, vortex ceiling, etc.), but more could have possibly been a bit overwhelming or uncomfortable. I like to keep to a relatively low dose for my first experience with a substance. I plan on doing a similar dose next time, or perhaps with 1-3 mg more. I highly enjoyed listening to music, meditating, stretching, nature walks, dancing, art, and writing down thoughts as things to do on 2C-E. Conversing is easier than with some other psychedelics, and quite enjoyable. The visuals are fantastic, but I need to take more doses before I can better define and understand them. I didn't find it to be as emotionally detached as some other reports I've read, but definitely a little bit relative to other psychedelics. I think 2C-E could be used as a powerful tool for spiritual or artistic growth, as well as philosophical thought. I look forward to my future adventures with this substance and perhaps, down the road, some other research chemicals.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84544
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 24, 2010Views: 6,255
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2C-E (137) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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