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The Wonder Drug
by FreshStress
Citation:   FreshStress. "The Wonder Drug: An Experience with Methylphenidate (exp84558)". Jan 13, 2020.

5 - 15 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)


Stimulants are my best friend. My interest was always piqued when it came to stimulants like speed, adderall, ritalin, even coke, but for the most part I could never find any. The one person I knew who could get me adderall lived 30 minutes away before I was able to drive.

I've never really had a problem with school, or even too terribly much of a problem with focus, I just tend to space out a lot. It was because of this and my goal to attain stimulants that lead my to go to the doctor. At this point I had already looked up ADD meds online, I knew the symptoms and I knew how to fake it so I did. I was looking forward to the meds completely. I had taken focalin before and loved how it made me feel productive and ready to go. Well when I finally got the meds initially, I was given the lowest dose. 30 5mg tablets to last me two weeks on a 'trial' basis. According to my doctor if these made me feel more focused then it was enough for a positive diagnosis based on my 'symptoms'. So I popped them as needed. I found that 3 pills kept me nicely adjusted for about 3-4 hours.

Now the best part wasn't even the increased focus and study abilities. The best part was the weight loss and lack of migraines.
The best part was the weight loss and lack of migraines.
I simply wasn't hungry when I was on the pills. I didn't want to eat and I didn't care. This was great for me considering I was on a ridiculously strict diet for medical issues where I couldn't eat much at the time. And on top of that, 2-3 pills would cure me of a migraine!

All I can say is this is my wonder drug. It keeps me awake, alert, I'm not hungry, my head doesn't hurt. It is fantastic!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84558
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 13, 2020Views: 799
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114) : Medical Use (47), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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