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Strange Sense of Energy
by with_or_without_you
Citation:   with_or_without_you. "Strange Sense of Energy: An Experience with Damiana (exp84576)". Mar 24, 2016.

2 joints/cigs smoked Damiana (dried)


There are almost no damiana reports and most dismiss it so I’d thought I’d report on this herb. Admittedly it’s hardly even a ‘legal high’ but it is better than tobacco.

My original reason for buying the damiana was as an admixture with cannabis. I was preparing for Woodford Folk Festival and wasn’t sure I could get my pipe in, and had to learn to roll joints as a result. My friend told me I’d need to put a little tobacco in because joints waste so much weed. However I’m more afraid of visiting a tobacconist underage than visiting the local high herbs shop for this ‘aphrodisiac tea’ which I had smoked with weed previously in a friend’s pipe.

My first experiment with Damiana by itself was somewhat different from most reports. I was practicing my rolling and holding the smoke in for as long as possible (Salvia practice… pointless in the end). My parents were only asleep and I am quite the paranoid person so I smoked it in a little corner of my room. At first I found the smoke to be overwhelmingly harsh, but in retrospect it was simply the large amount of smoke that I was unprepared for, as it burns very well. Damiana was a slightly spicy taste as well, but the smoke is incredibly smooth.
Damiana was a slightly spicy taste as well, but the smoke is incredibly smooth.
I had only really drawn in about four times and I was feeling a strange rush. Not a lifting, euphoric rush by any means though. The room felt very hot and smelly, and I soon began to feel like I was moving very fast and I was getting a mild headache as a result. I began to feel very dirty, sitting in the corner of my room smoking. The room seemed very yellow and dingy. And after several sprays of deodorant the smell was even worse! Impulse spray isn’t very nice at all. I got into bed with the intention of staring at my awesome sort of trippy light but I could only focus on the grubby corner of the room and my sore head. I wrote in my special little drug diary and my writing was speedy and furious. Very messy. I had a mild trippy feeling when turning the pages; the motion seemed larger than usual and very reminiscent of a child’s tv show. Eventually I feel asleep.

Looking back the dirty feeling was because I’d had the windows all closed and the resulting smell and indignity that I associate with my 40-a-day alcoholic auntie.

Since then I have had further experiments with damiana (for lack of pot). I still get a definite sense of energy from it. However it has been much more pleasant since. A highlight was sitting smoking on a balcony listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ and staring at the moon. It felt brilliant I can tell you that, but then that song does anyway.

I smoked two cigarettes when my parents were out one night to test the creative aspects of it. I felt there was a mild effect on thought association, but not more than what would happen were I to have a serious Pink Floyd Session. Not comparable to being high or tripping at all. But I did run round the house slightly crazily, in a bizarre rush, I actually hoovered crumbs I’d just dropped off the (clean) floor, and leaped in excitement at the kitchen sink. Some of this may be placebo affects though.

At two of my friend’s gigs I had some and at my birthday party (no grass boo hoo). Both times there was a feeling like coming up on weed. But then it just went to nothing and I was left dying for some weed. Continuous smoking throughout the night led to lights taking on a slightly starry appearance but everything remained clear looking apart from that, with the outcome of things looking kind of ugly. There was a nice mild feeling noticeable.

As to Damiana’s aphrodisiac qualities… well I didn’t have it as a tea as you’re supposed to so it’s hard for me to judge. But last night it did seem to make a mild difference, but then I’m at that point of the month when girls are most turned-on. My friend and I both noted we were very touchy feely though. Also, on my birthday party, a male friend stayed over and my other girlfriend engaged in a little bit of sexual activity with him. Quote; ‘dude when you touched my cock it was like PWHEYOO’ and saying the damiana was supposed reason. However I wouldn’t really use it as an aphrodisiac.

One last thing, I’ve wondered if when I was at Woodford if the reason for my very energetic high was the damiana in my joints. However it’s more likely that I’ve just grown used to weed and don’t get any kind of speedy rush from it anymore. Or my weed has been different since. One can only guess.

In conclusion, nice tasty admixture with weed, but nothing special on its own. Better than tobacco though.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84576
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Mar 24, 2016Views: 8,060
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Damiana (107) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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