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Absolutely the Best There Is. Period.
by 'I'
Citation:   'I'. "Absolutely the Best There Is. Period.: An Experience with Ethchlorvynol (exp84632)". Erowid.org. Jun 19, 2020. erowid.org/exp/84632

750 - 2250 mg oral Pharms - Ethchlorvynol (capsule)


Simply the best. But first let me give you a background, and I apologize if it sounds like the Res Gestae Divi Augustus, but I have been around. A lot of strands in old Duder's head.

In the last twenty years I have just about done it all: I have IV'd Dilaudid, Morphine, a vial of Buprenorphine, and Fentanyl, and injested nearly every opiate available to the non-chemist. I have injested many benzos, including Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Restoril, and Klonopin. I have toyed with Cocaine (powder and freebase) and Methamphetamine (not a speed guy). I have taken many varieties of mushrooms to include the magnificent powerful varieties found in the NW. I have injested my share of Ecstasy, and even done a good bit of the amazing LSD that was going around in the 90's --the last of it-- as well as the crappy acid to compare it to. I have injested a myriad of lesser substances to include Soma. Last, but certainly not least, at least a hundred or more strains of Cannabis. Finally, as any good pious user would, I have pilgramiged to the Holy drug sites of Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Tijuana.

Now all of that pales in comparison to Placidyl. In search of opiates years ago in '98-'99, I called my friend and he mentioned purchasing a full bottle of 60 'greenie meanies'. I had no idea what they were, but he said they were rare and top notch. I bought them (eventually two more times before they got cut off) for only $160 --a steal. It would be prudent to mention that there was only one pharmacy in a large city that even carried it (but they also compound, which is rare too), and I have since to hear of or see this drug. I even wish I still had the bottle, as its rarity creates novelty.

Supposedly it is, or was, commonly prescribed for insomnia, but let me tell you, it does much more than that. So taking my friend's advice, we each injested one, as he claimed it was very easy to overdose. As a liquid gel capsule, it comes on very fast, only minutes, and starts with an almost drunk feeling: the numbness, the loss of inhibition, but then rapidly produces profound euphoria akin to a good opiate. The full effects of all the benzos are also present and accounted for: the euphoria of Xanax, the calming of Ativan, and the knockout of Restoril. Amazing for just one pill. Simply amazing.

Stepping it up, we tried using a syringe to extract the liquid and shoot it directly down the throat (not IV --not sure it is safe to inject, and besides, it isn't neccessary). Not a good idea. Bad, bad taste (that grew on me... fast) that burns and smells of alcohol and chlorine and... pepper. Doesn't come on any faster, because it is after all a liquid gel capsule, but we had to try.

After time it wasn't as strong, as tolerance develops fast.

Then on the second bottle, which was a two or three months later, I was by myself and had the most powerful effects after simutaneously injesting three (750mg X 2) with no tolerance. I downed them, toked a bowl (the only drug I remember ever mixing with Placidyl, except maybe one or two beers, no more), and immediately went out back to work on my car. As I was bent over the engine, I felt the familiar effects, but much stronger. I felt the drunken feeling and the euphoria, but this time the drunken feeling was full blown --spinning, reeling, and finally, my legs buckled. I was bent over the engine with both knees together, unable to stand. Thirty minutes after injestion I collapsed.

I was okay, but unable to stand up. Physically impossible. I could think, albeit slowly, but I couldn't move well. My mind was moving low and slow. I felt sleek and euphoric, but had no coordination at all. I couldn't even crawl without falling left or right.
I felt sleek and euphoric, but had no coordination at all. I couldn't even crawl without falling left or right.
I wasn't in distress exactly, as it was a nice day and I was having a great time lying in the grass, and then some friends came by. One looks at me and says, 'are you alright?' I gurgled something and laughed and laughed. Then he says, 'Holy shit, you're fucked up!' And he didn't mean 'fucked up' as stoned, drunk, or high, plain and simple FUCKED UP. He said later he had never seen anyone as wrecked as I was, and I can't remember ever being that wrecked without being blacked out at the same time. Then they proceeded to carry my laughing ass back into the house. I reckon this was about 30 minutes into it, and looking back, I am grateful they showed up or I would have spent half the day out there.

As the effects backed off slightly, the friend that helped score these came over with a broken hand. He took two. A couple hours later, after much laughing and bullshitting, he falls over and out of the chair. He arrested his fall with his broken hand, and still laughing, got up. I was laughing at him too, it took awhile to realize that was his broken hand. He said he didn't feel it, and we kept on keeping on. The next day, in review, we were amazed at the pain killing properties and in awe of the magnificent power of this wonderful substance. Then I had to drive him to the hospital to get a new cast because he broke that one on the fall, and to get Tylox for the pain, as one can't stay on Placidyl for pain for too long without tolerance mitigating the effects.

The final time we took it, we had done some acid earlier in the day and had no intention of taking Placidyl, but the acid turned out to be weak and dirty. So we went back to the house and took a couple of Placidyl, unsure if it would break the spell of crappy trip. It did, and it is the only drug I have ever taken that trumps even a weak trip allowing sleep.

It is easy to see that this substance can be very addictive. I could also tell from my cravings, which have lasted to this day, that this stuff has the potential to be very addictive. But only having a 60ct. on three occassions, my cravings were likely due to my love affair with Placidyl's effects, as opposed to true addiction.

To summarize, Placidyl comes on fast, only minutes, and reaches the peak by 30 min. The plateau is a good four hours if not more, and the come down is impossible to describe as every single event ended with deep, deep sleep. Too much ruins the experience as one usually ends up in a drug induced coma. And even doing it once daily two or three days in a row ends up developing a tolerance, which in turn ruins the experience, as either more is required (too rare for that) or one has weak effects. To be used sparingly, for sure.

Placid indeed. Very placid.

Exp Year: 1999ExpID: 84632
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jun 19, 2020Views: 890
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