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Tripping in the Wild
by Virginia
Citation:   Virginia. "Tripping in the Wild: An Experience with 2C-P (exp84690)". Jun 22, 2010.

8 mg oral 2C-P


I lay in a tent on a pile of bricks with mangled, dead pigs lying all around. I chuckle every now and then, or imagine that I am speaking. I'm interested in nonsensical conversation but can't express everything I need to say. My friend rocks back and fourth while opening her mouth over and over for illogical reasons saying “Hmm.” and “Hello?” from time to time. We were tigers in a tent piled on top of each other for warmth, wishing we were bugs on the outside. We were insane.

I took 8mg of 2 C-P at about 4 pm while my friends are I were hiking to a campsite supposedly 3 miles away. We figured that since there would be a slow onset that we'd have plenty of time to set up the tent and make some food. We made a wrong turn and ended up walking longer than expected and we started to feel a little disoriented, so we just set up the tent along side the trail. Almost immediately after we set up the tent, we all began to experience more serious effects.

Laying on my back and feeling rather uncomfortable, my vision began to vibrate and everything seemed to be hilarious. I laughed so hard that my abs hurt. As time passed, it began to get much darker, and colder, which seriously effected my trip. We all described it as becoming severely mentally insane. We attempted to talk about anything and everything in order to keep from being sucked into the depths of our imaginations. The silence was overwhelming, it weighed a ton, and it caused me to hallucinate the most horrific things that I was able to imagine.

I was holding a toy dinosaur which somehow connected me to reality and helped me remember that it was all in my head. My heart was beating fast, and my friend who sat rocking back and fourth opening her mouth over and over asked repeatedly if she was alright and if we were safe. Her reason for continuously opening her mouth was that “Reality was pushing down on her so hard, and she could feel it in her jaw.” She said that she started the trip to the campsite biting her lip from stress, and was unable to stop the whole night; she woke up with a giant blister on her lip from the gnawing. We had to keep reminding her that the tent was protecting us, and that everything was just in her mind.

As the sky became darker, the tent was only illuminated by the 6 glow bracelets that we bought earlier on. The bags surrounding us transformed into mangled dead pigs and when I glanced at my friends faces, they seemed to be melting and I couldn't distinguish their features very well. When I looked up, the trees were now claws bending down into the screen tent. The sounds of a road a few miles away were heard as vicious animals close by violently feasting. We analyzed the bugs on the inside and outside of the tent and how the bugs outside of the tent bounced along the screen attempting to get in, while bugs bounced along the interior attempting to get out.

The night grew colder and we had a hard time covering ourselves to keep warm because we felt heavy and unable to control our actions very well. The only thing that brought us relief was hearing our sober friend speak logically about the situation, so we asked her to continue reassuring us that things weren't real. Every now and then I tried not to speak, which caused my brain to imagine anything and everything and trick myself into believing anything as well. It was overwhelming, so I tried to continue speaking with as much logic as I had. While zoning out for about 5 minutes, I began to lose control of myself and began urinating a little bit. This caused me to decide to keep making sound so that I could control my actions.

I figured that it would be a good idea to leave the tent to urinate, but it took me a while to find the strength and will power to get up and stumble to the door. It was impossible to find and figure out how to operate the zipper, so I had my friend attempt to help me. I walked in my socks to a different part of the forest and while I walked, the ground seemed to be like piles of bones, and as I walked, they crumbled under my feet. The Earth was only illuminated by the moonlight, and I couldn't tell what I was walking through, but just figured that just needed to get far enough away from the tent.

I walked for 5 minutes and got a bit side tracked when I found myself analyzing everything about myself and my significance to the Earth. I contemplated my existence and how humans were merely intelligent animals, but animals non- the- less. I looked down at my body and saw a mangled shape that frightened me. I was like a tree, with roots extending out into the Earth. I pondered what it would be like to be a tree. The act of urinating felt like an amazing sensation. However, once I was through I felt gross and sick. I struggled to get my pants back on, and then decided to walk a bit deeper into the forest. There was a thick mist in the air that I pushed my way through, and it was so cold that I could barely breathe even though it was realistically only about 50 degrees.

The trees around me and above me were frightening, taking on the characteristics of demons and giant dinosaur- like creatures. The sounds of creatures feasting and writhing in the distance became more pronounced, and closer. I imagined them charging towards me and I felt them breathing down my neck. My back ached and my feet burned from ant bites and splinters. After standing up, I stayed in place for a while staring up at the sky being utterly silent. A wave of fear and anguish came over me wondering if I would ever be sane again.

My teeth quivered and chattered; the sound echoed in my ears like a chainsaw. I decided to find my way back to the tent, and turned around to see nothing but fog wafting through the air. I walked forward and my heart began to race as I realized that I was unable to find where I was. The ground was painful, and I felt achy all over, but all I wanted was to find my friends. I forgot who they were. I forgot what they were like and I forgot how they sounded. I remembered that my friend who I was excited to meet was in the tent as well and I was anxious to talk to him, yet I was unable to.

Morning came before I could get any rest, for when I shut my eyes, I was more awake than ever, hallucinating any and everything I could that prevented me from sleeping. I imagined my friends all lying in a pile with blood covering us, the ground was unpleasant, and the dirt and sand was hard to ignore, as well as the sound of bugs buzzing and crawling around. Standing hurt my head and my feet, sitting caused my back to ache, and laying any which way was just never comfortable. I felt like I weighed a ton, and that any way I positioned myself would harm my muscles.

When I was able to find my phone, I saw that the time was 7AM. I was still tripping really hard, when I got a text message from my friend Andrew, who was just outside the tent. He said that he would rather text than talk for some reason, and texting was not as hard as I thought it would be. He said that we needed to text, and all I said was, “I want this to end really badly.” He told me that he needed to leave because he had shit to do, which made me feel miserable. He never answered the following text that said that he would be able to go home later, so I exited the tent and walked up to him to talk. I was not enjoying talking to him, because he just said over and over that he needed to leave.

I began to cry, and was unable to talk about anything, All the conversations that I had while tripping throughout the night were unresolved, and decision-making was an impossible task. I walked over by the pile of ash that was once fire and stared at it as tears flowed down my face. I burned inside my body from hunger, but eating was the last thing I wanted to do. I told him that we just needed to get some rest, but he said that it was impossible and left. Later on he regretted leaving, and said that he was still tripping and freaking out when he did.

The drug seemed to have worn off at about 9AM, but the sleep deprivation was causing us to be totally out of it. We struggled to gather all our stuff, and ended up leaving a lot of it because we were just physically unable to take it with us. When we gathered all that was extremely necessary, we were on our way to the nearest intersection to drop our stuff, and have 2 people walk the 5 miles to get a park ranger to come get us and all our stuff. 4 hours later, and after passing out from heat exhaustion for a little while, a truck came and saved us.

I wouldn't choose to do this drug again, unless the circumstances are much more comfortable.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84690
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jun 22, 2010Views: 23,074
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2C-P (305) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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