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Life Remedy: Ways of Ingestion
Coca & Absinthe
by Daftrocity
Citation:   Daftrocity. "Life Remedy: Ways of Ingestion: An Experience with Coca & Absinthe (exp84726)". Nov 28, 2017.

  buccal Coca (leaves)
    oral Coca (tea)
    oral Coca (tincture)
    oral Absinthe  


Experiencing many psychoactives over the years, I had long been interested in trying out coca, the natural form of cocaine. Just recently I finally did alittle research and discovered that coca is completely or at least semi legal and able to be bought over the internet! It is even possible to find natural coca that has not been 'decocainized' or had most of the alkaloids removed, just have to do a little digging.

And so I started out my experiment by ordering a 40 dollar 100g pack of coca tea online from a US distributor, as to avoid the three weeks shipping from south america. It arrived in the mail in a green airtight plastic bag, about 5 days after ordering.

Coca Tea:
I had heard coca tea described as 'stimulating' but I didnt really know what to expect. Best to play it safe side always, so I started out by warming a pyrex glass of water to a good hot temp on my stirring hot plate (I'm too lazy to stir myself) and set two packets (1g each) to stir for 5 minutes. Drank down the 300mL cup. Didnt taste too bad, but mixed some lipton tea in for flavoring anyways. Tasted pretty good now but no effect from the tea. A little disappointed, I made another cup of tea, this time with 5 bags of coca. Drank that down. It was a much darker color, tasted about the same, and after about 15 minutes, I felt mildly wired, much like drinking a lot of coffee. This may be fun for some people but I was looking for more and was still very disappointed. What if it didnt work? Then I just bought a 40 dollar bag of java.

Chewing Coca:
Shortly after my tea drinking session, I went to the grocery store to buy some baking soda in hopes of getting something from coca orally by chewing. Once I got back to my house, I grabbed two packets, tore off the tops of the tea bags, and filled each with some baking soda, folding them shut before tucking them into my mouth. It takes about 10 minutes before the bags get saturated and activate. The taste is not very good at first, mainly because of the salty tasting alkaline, but I grew used to it. I preferred to not suck down all the juices fast to reduce the herby, salty taste.

I started feeling both sides of my mouth get pretty numb as the bags saturated, and had a mild energizing feeling like the tea, except more. My legs and chest felt pretty comfortable too and I was very alert. The bags were out of juice after about 40 minutes and I spit out the leaves.
The bags were out of juice after about 40 minutes and I spit out the leaves.
Next time, I did 4 bags at once, because its hard to fit more than that at one time. It was very mildly euphoric and gave a content feeling, again with a good feeling in legs and chest, and very alert with numbing of mouth and throat. After these were done I sucked on two more bags with more effects and my face became flushed. In a way chewing coca is very mildly similar to cocaine.

Coca Liquor:
Coca liquor is the best way of using coca as far as psychoactive effects. I was very impressed and satisfied after taking my first few shots. Now when I made this liquor, I went all out as far as cost wise. I purchased a 40 dollar 750mL of Absente absinthe from the liquor store. At home, I poured the Absente into a 1L Erlenmeyer Flask and dumped between 70-80g of coca into the liqour. I set it on magnetic stir overnight sealed, and by the time morning came around, the once-green liquor was now a dark nasty brown. Filtered mixture through peice of cloth and funnel, and probably had around 650mL of Absente Coca Liquor.

I started by drinking three shots (30mL each). The taste was pretty bad and gives the stomache a hot feeling, maybe also because its 120 proof alcohol. The effects of the liquor all depend on weight and diet. To get the best effect, I take it a few hours after food. It hit me about 15 minutes in and peaked about 30 minutes, lasting for about 1.5hrs total. These effects were very similar to the feeling of cocaine. I felt euphoric, confident, strong, great leg and chest feeling, and a little numb. However, I noticed with repeated use throughout the night, it can also cause me to become irritable and aggressive.

By and large coca liquor is for sure my favorite and has the greatest effects. Chewing coca is the most affordable and easy to use of the ways of ingestion. Chewing coca also has many uses beyond getting buzzed I've realized as well. I use it many times in the morning when I need to wake up instantly for classes, 100% better than caffeine drinks, and without having to use the bathroom. It can be used for prolonging sex. It can be used as an appetite suppressant. It can be used during workouts and exercising. It is also instant cold relief as it completely opens nasal passages and soothes the throat. It helped me quit cigarettes as well. Its really sad the bad name the Coca plant has acquired through its derivative cocaine.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84726
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 1,664
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