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The Forest Beckoned
Salvia divinorum (leaf & extract)
by greenPat
Citation:   greenPat. "The Forest Beckoned: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (leaf & extract) (exp84779)". Apr 16, 2020.

1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


My experience with drugs has been relatively minimal. I smoke weed pretty regularly, and I've tried LSA and salvia before this, but neither had any desired effects.

My previous experience with salvia was in my friend's dorm room, lights off, with chill music and a friend trip sitting. Unfortunately, immediately after smoking, a few people entered the room and began talking and laughing loudly. I didn't trip, rather I felt a similar delirium to when I have a high fever, accompanied by irritation at the intruders. But, onto the successful trip.

I set up our dorm room with all lights off but one very dim light and the door locked. While my friend went to take a quick shower, I read Psalm 23 and began to feel very peaceful. As we queued up some Floyd and loaded a bowl, I was completely chill and content and thought there was no better mindset to have going into a psychedelic experience.

To start with, I put a small amount of leaf at the bottom of the bowl, then added a large pinch of 20x concentrate and a small pinch of 10x. My friend held the bong for me and torched the bowl. I felt a small pull, then after finishing the bowl I could tell I was going to trip. The period between this first bowl and the second was the most enjoyable part of the experience. I didn't immediately notice the change, but the room transformed into a dark jungle. My friend was wearing a greenish shirt, and that combined with the dim light made that area of the room feel like the one part of the universe that had not yet been drenched in shadowy salvinorin. I had a sense that the darkness behind me was rich with soil and nutrients, and that within that darkness was a creature, possibly a puma, who was watching and waiting for me. There was definitely a female presence waiting to usher me into salvia land.

Then the room began to breathe, and I felt that all existence was in that room and was much like an accordion, able to compress or expand, but content to remain floppy. The ridges of the accordion were humid and earthy like the forest I was in, and was continuing to breathe in a comforting way. At this point, I was still very lucid and able to move around, but I was definitely hallucinating.

We loaded the second bowl, which was all 20x. After taking two large hits of this, I was tripping hard. Everything to the left of me was nothing but a red sheet rippling and blowing in the wind. There was white light coming from all around me, but I could still see my friend holding the bong. I had no idea what he was or what we were doing, and I thought there was something I had to do but was unable to finish. Then, immediately after trying to figure out what was going on, everything below me turned into a green, brown, and black spiral, and I let it take me down into the abyss.

My eyes closed and I fell back into my chair. I saw flowers, an entire wave of flowers, and one flower rose to meet me. It turned into a flower/windmill, and I became part of it, and I knew nothing but flowers. From there, the wave of flowers turned into a wave of rabbits, and I detached from the windmill, and watched it sink into a body of water, with its roots flapping as it descended.

I remember trying to remember who and what I was, then deciding this information was unimportant. I was about to completely lose myself in the salvia, but I was reminded of what was going on by a feeling that I was not guaranteed the ability to breathe. I attribute this to the clothes I was wearing, which were heavy and made me feel claustrophobic. I still was tripping very hard, but I got anxious and confused. After this, I don't know how to explain in words what I saw and experienced in my mind. It was utterly alien and unearthly. I did not communicate with anything or visit any other worlds as I've read people have, but my reality was still entirely shattered besides my awareness that I had to breathe.

After what must have been about ten minutes, I heard my friend's voice, and I opened my eyes. I couldn't tell if the trip was over, so I closed them again and went back for a few more minutes, then quickly returned to reality. I stood up, said goodnight to my friend, and walked back to my bed and enjoyed some closed-eye visuals as I drifted off to sleep.

I was really disappointed that my clothes kept me in contact with my body, because I feel like I was very close to going into a full-blown salvia trip. I plan on trying this again with that one flaw adjusted. Overall I really didn't understand what I experienced besides the fact that I knew absolutely nothing about the real world while I was tripping. It was like I had just been born and had no way to relate to anything I saw or felt.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84779
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 16, 2020Views: 360
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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