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Starry Sky Upon My Eye
H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Passion Flower
by Triforce
Citation:   Triforce. "Starry Sky Upon My Eye: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Passion Flower (exp84819)". Jun 27, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:20 60 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
  T+ 1:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:00 1 cup oral Passion Flower (tea)
  T+ 2:00   oral Passion Flower (extract)
  T+ 4:00 1 cup oral Passion Flower (tea)


I'll start with the method: First I ordered several hundred HBWR seeds from a fairly reliable online source. The seeds were a variety without the traditional Hawaiian 'fuzz', but still had a considerable amount of husk-like bark attached to them. However, seeing as my intention was not to directly eat/chew the seeds, I paid little mind to this. The preparation was fairly simple. Using my previous experiences as a guideline, I decided to do a cold-water extraction. In the past, I had extracted around 30 seeds to the effect of a very low-dose entheogenic experience. This time I decided to double the dose of seeds.

I individually crushed 60 seeds with a pair of pliers, saving all the crushed bits in a piece of paper. When finished, I added the crushed seeds to around 1.5 oz's of cold water in a thermos. I added a light squirt of lemon juice to lower the water's pH and thus aid in alkaloid extraction. I left the thermos in the fridge overnight...for around 14 hours or so, shaking the thermos up pretty good every time I opened the fridge. After soaking, I prepared another container by wrapping it in tin foil (to block light) and making a tin foil lid. Then, with a fine wire-mesh strainer I strained out as much of the (now brownish) liquid, throwing away the seed pulp-mash when I was done.

These were my preparations, here is my experience:

Start time (t+ 0.00): I took one (1) dramamine tablet to help fight nausea down the road.

t+ 20mins: I added 2oz. brown LSA liquid to a tumbler glass with some of that Jumex Peach Nectar stuff (it's effin' delicious). Drank as quickly as possible (kind of a bad taste with the seed juice in there).

t+ 30mins: Juice hits the stomach pretty hard....haven't eaten earlier so the nausea is twisting my stomach up into a little boiling cauldron....but it's nothing I can't handle. I just need to lay around on the bed and take it easy.

t+ 1hr: Nausea at a stable level, feeling sedated, tired, decided to smoke a little cannabis. Cannabis tokes take the edge of nausea, feel well enough to roam around the apartment, watching the edges of my sanity begin to recede.

t+ 1.5hrs: Pupils beginning to dialate, thought patterns becoming more abstract, space and time beginning to feel less like reality, more like a dreamscape. Still minimal, low level effects.

t+ 1.75hrs: Get word that my best trippin buddy Herb O (nickname!) is comin' over with his girlfriend. Slightly worried because of my lack of energy. Decide to drink some tea to settle the stomach. Begin to boil water for tea.

t+ 2hrs: Prepare and steep one cup of Nighty Night brand passionflower tea. Tea contains medium dose of passionflower, hops, chamomile....bound to settle stomach. Very much interested in effects of MAOIs, so add a good dropper-full of passionflower extract to the tea....kinda tastes like raisins.

t+2.25hrs: Laying on bed waiting on Herb O and the girlfriend to arrive. Suddenly, waves of physical pleasure wash over my body quickly, like power surges. I am visibly surprised and startled. Feels good, but happens several times in succession like 'bwoooop!' power surge of good feeling. Amazed, really. About that time, Herb O and the g/f arrive and I excitedly tell them of the body surges. Herb O decided to eat around 8 seeds....I tell him to go for it..

t+3hrs: Trip steadily increasing....visual distortion barely started. Still low level. Body surges mysteriously gone. Back to fatigue and dreamland thoughts. Not bad....not strong either.

t+4hrs: Herb O starting to feel effects from his seeds, meanwhile, visuals increasing. MAOI influence perhaps? Can't be sure. We decide to ride down the elevator to have a cigarette downstairs in the fresh air. While riding down the 'vator, I feel myself go up a level in intensity. Elevator walls are shapeless, shifting mass of color and shape. Imagine I see a silhouette of an extra person who isn't in the elevator with us for a second. Laugh out loud. Upon return to upstairs, we drink another cup of tea together.

t+ 5hrs: Visuals dramatically increased. Patterns are an entire variety of shapes and colors and motion. Very much like a strong hit or two of LSD. Very satisfied. Closed-eye-visuals are other worldly. At one point, I close my eyes while sitting down and imagine, instantly, that my eyes never closed and instead, I am sitting on the ground in a huge field...the skies are overcast and stormy looking, the ground blowing around in a mosiac of colors and energy. I cannot speak but to admire the beauty.

t+7hrs: Visuals go up another notch...did not expect this level of intensity. While sitting in my bathroom, the entirety of my existence seems to be spinning around me like electrons around a nucleus. Insanity. Total explosion of visual effects: moving lines, blobs, animals, shapes, being in a music video by The Knife or something. Totally insane. Without warning I suddenly start singing a totally made up song to my friends. Something like 'OH! Starry Sky! Upon my eye! A world so true! With stars like youuu!' I was imagining as if the universe had imprinted itself upon my eyeball.... :)

t+9hrs: Overly fatigued, visuals ebbing, only want sleep. I crash out around 9 or 10 hours, Herb O and the g/f head home. I slowly fall to sleep in a world still spinning within my moving-picture eyes. Quite an amazing journey.

Summary: 60 seed extract of HBWR + cannabis + passionflower extract = more intense than ANY ACID I HAVE EVER TAKEN. Nausea only predominant in first 2-3 hours, mostly brought on by extreme taste of the liquid extract. When I have actually eaten the seeds by themselves, the nausea is less powerful but seems to carry over for the length of the trip. In this way, the nausea may be stronger temporarily, but it seems to be completely gone by around hour 2 or so (roughly the same time the euphoric waves began zapping me like electricity).

An experience like this is perhaps among the most amazing Iíve ever had. Visually, this experience is WITHOUT A DOUBT the most intense thing Iíve ever seen. Makes acid look like baby stuff, no doubt. Set and setting were very much in my favor: friends, good music, the comfort of my own home, no pressing tasks to attend to. The only drawback to the extract is that you need a larger amount of seeds to do the job. The seeds I used are potent enough to induce a pretty intense trip if I eat around 9-10 plain. As a rough dosing schedule I would offer this:

low level trip (mild nausea, visual distortions, fairly intense changes in thought patterns and closed eye visuals. dreamlike quality.): 9-10 seeds eaten OR 30-35 seeds cold water extract.

medium level trip (nausea, fatigue, mild open eye visuals, very intense changes in perception and logic. entheogenic quality. otherworldly understanding of things.): 10-15 seeds eaten OR 35-45 seeds cold water extract.

high level entheogenic experience (nausea, fatigue, intense open eye visuals, total shifts in perception, sensory input, logical evaluation, total dissociate closed eye visuals, mind-blowing level of change in the general assembly and rules and makeup of the world and the universe. possibly rather life-changing): 15-20 seeds eaten (extreme nausea!) OR (highly recommended) 45-65 seeds cold water extracted.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84819
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 27, 2010Views: 10,213
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