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Peaceful Bonding
by John
Citation:   John. "Peaceful Bonding: An Experience with MDMA (exp84827)". May 18, 2022.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral MDMA
  T+ 2:00 0.5 tablets oral MDMA
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis


First Time Impressions: Peaceful Bonding


I have always considered Ecstasy to be my bottom-line substance. I'm not opposed to other substances, and am very curious about many, but have realized in myself a tendency to get hooked on things quickly and I'd rather not take the risk. Anyways, there had been opportunities for me to roll in the past, but I declined. The first time I had seen people rolling was at a rave, and a couple of my good friends bought some green Pokéballs (which I believe were cut with meth) and had a pretty fun time. It seemed intense though. After reading up extensively, however, and hearing many anecdotes from friends and acquaintances, I decided to try it.


As a little background, I live in a place with a few roommates and we always have friends over to smoke and chill (we're all college kids). I smoke cannabis multiple times daily, and have done mushrooms three times and 2c-i once, but didn't feel much from the 2c-i. Anyways, we picked up our pills (White Rolex) last night, and took them around 10:15-10:30. All of the following popped a single pill. I was with my girlfriend, four roommates (two of which are my cousins), one of my roommates' girlfriends, and one of my other roommate's casual hookup friend. A good mutual friend of everyone's was also there and has much experience with ecstasy but only smoked.

The Experience

I started to come up about 20-30 minutes later. I hadn't eaten much. The come-up was not what I expected, but from what I understand, my come-up was not normal. I gradually came up comfortably and gradually felt better and better until I realized that I had emerged in a full roll.

The normal house lights became vibrant and extra colorful. My cousin 'Matt' and I kicked into our full roll at a similar time, and everyone else came up shortly thereafter, except for my girlfriend who (strangely?) came up and began rolling almost two hours later (thankfully, I took a half pill later to keep up with her roll).

When I first realized I was rolling, I was initially confused. I had been warned that the term 'ecstasy' labeled on MDMA was a bit deceptive, and the drug (at least in small doses) is much less intense than most people who haven't experienced it believe. I was under a similar impression going in. Don't get me wrong-- the roll was unbelievably amazing, and by far the best feeling I've felt (in terms of peace/contentness, not pure pleasure), but it was by no means overwhelming or overly laugh-y/euphoric (as I had experienced on large doses of mushrooms). I felt completely at peace. I was perfectly content in every way, but not hyped-up or overly energetic. All sensations were increase, but felt extremely 'light' and manageable.
I was perfectly content in every way, but not hyped-up or overly energetic. All sensations were increase, but felt extremely 'light' and manageable.

After everyone entered a full roll, we moved to the master bedroom where we all crammed on my roommate and his girlfriend's bed (we're all very close in the house in general, and routinely smoke/hang out each others' beds. it really helped). We put on some soothing but deep music (Garden State soundtrack) and our friend who wasn't rolling but had smoked (and raves often) gave us an improv light show with my cousin and my phone's strobing a spectrum of colors using an app we downloaded. As I allowed myself to be fully immersed all sensations, I couldn't keep my hands off of my girlfriend. I wanted to kiss her and tell her how much she meant to me, and I did. Everyone felt comfortable saying anything that was on their minds, but also maintained peace and quiet during the light show and other relaxing times of the roll.

We ended up sitting, talking, and coming down on that same bed for hours. We smoked some reggie as we made the transition, but we were still rolling as we went into our rooms around 4:00 A.M. At this point my girlfriend and I were dying to get some alone time, and had unbelievable sex. I didn't orgasm, but she did multiple times extremely harder than usual. I was able to maintain an erection the entire time, which I had been worried about beforehand.

After we kissed and cuddled, I easily fell asleep.

Day After Thoughts/Analysis:

This morning I believe I was still partially rolling, and also gummed a bit of leftover powder this morning just for the hell of it. I'm almost completely down now, and so I thought it would be appropriate for me to fully reflect on the experience.

Being a very analytical person by nature, I spent most of the day recollecting the experience to myself and my roommates. We talked about how we felt, our doses, what we would do differently, etc. etc.

I found the experience to be entirely positive. The come-up, for me at least, was very manageable, and my roll was quite relaxing and bonding. I think it brought my roommates, girlfriend, and myself together even more, and my girlfriend is actually excited about trying it again and this time doing it right with glowsticks/lights/music.

I absolutely plan on doing Ecstasy again, but I'm going to wait a few weeks just to be safe for the sake of my brain. I know about the controversial research regarding neurotoxicity, but I would still rather be safe than sorry.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84827
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 18, 2022Views: 243
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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