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First Dark Experience with Stimulants
MDPV, Methlyone, Cannabis, Alcohol & Sleep Deprivation
Citation:   notrabssor. "First Dark Experience with Stimulants: An Experience with MDPV, Methlyone, Cannabis, Alcohol & Sleep Deprivation (exp84897)". Apr 30, 2010.

T+ 0:00
5 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00 1 line insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 1 line insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30 3 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 7:00 100 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 7:00 6 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 8:00   insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00   insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 11:00   repeated insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 13:00   repeated insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
  T+ 13:00   repeated oral Alcohol  
Due to the upcoming cathinone ban in Britain I decided I should order some MDPV since I had not tried it, ended up buying some methylone too. I'd researched it carefully & read a number of horror stories.

Wednesday. I had 0.6g of MDPV and 1g of Methylone. I decided to give the MDPV a try before heading out. This must have been about 1pm.

T+0.00 weighed out 0.1g and cut it in half, half again, half again and half again so I had about 5mg. Snorted this. The initial chemical taste/smell brought back pleasant memories, it had been 3 weeks since I'd had mephedrone or any other stimulants, besides a few Ecstasy pills. I put some music on and continued talking to people on msn, arranging plans. I started to feel a sense of alertness, things looked clearer and I wanted to be more active I suppose, but the effects were equivalent to a big can of energy juice, if you took it up the nostril I suppose.

T+0.15 Decided I’d have a line of methylone, this stuff was nicely powdered unlike the massive crystals I had got last time. Tasted like mephedrone, it was about a 40mg line. This picked up my mood a bit. I had a shower, my nose was running and that was unpleasant, distinguishing between shower gel and powdery goo. Still quite a nice tempo. I spent the next hour or so getting ready to go out, talking to folk and moving about in kind of quick – rigid motions. I wanted to go out right away and meet up with people before my friend’s party; about 40 people were to be meeting here for drinking, smoking weed and a select few to be tuned into my powders. I felt like I should be giving out MDPV in tiny doses, its new to me, I don’t want to be guinea pigging my friends. I like taking stimulants for conversation purposes, dancing and general socializing but this certainly did not serve that purpose, at least in the manner which I took it.

T + 2.30 I had another 40mg line of methylone, with about 3mg MDPV, and a tad rubbed on my gums. Then left the house with a bottle of water. On the train, the ticket man came up and I showed him my ticket, usually on mephedrone I would be loving the train ride, nice euphoria, this was more “Lets go, hurry up, get things done” which I wasn’t really loving.

T+4.00 Still feeling stimulated, walking places faster, moving ahead of my friends, can’t communicate properly, feeling relatively good about myself though. Not much notable effects around this point apart from what you’d expect. A bit of discomfort in my stomach, I had not eaten anything but a bowl of cereal.

T + 6.00 Effects basically wearing off, don’t feel the need to re-dose, but that is the plan for later. in sunny golf course drinking a bit, smoking more than usual. The sun is coming down and I start shivering in the cold. I put on my jacket. I’m Able to talk well and in-depth with my friend about the future and about the philosophy of encouragement for some reason. I’m doing well at getting my word across.

T+7.00 Pop a 100mg cap of methylone with a friend, let’s call her Pop. Pop was my love interest at the time I suppose; we were walking to the party, holding hands, kissing. She’s drunk, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time, we just had a stupid argument about something. We go in and I bust the MDPV out, 2 friends fancy a try. I give then 6mg each to snort. I don’t remember if I had one, but if I did, it was around 6mg. Chatting away listening to music feeling pretty upbeat, the company doesn’t inspire great conversation. I accept passes on joints, and walk about most of the time carrying my cider but rarely drinking any. I walk into a bedroom to find Pop having a talk with my friend R. Pop does this all the time, making a party into a date; it must be a drunken thing. At that point, walking out of the room somehow I realized that she is a complete sociopath and a Siren, I’ve just been infatuated and not realized these things. This makes me feel completely at ease with things and sets an introspective theme and I make insights, or what seem like great insights throughout the night, feeling rather enlightened. Apparently I have a sophisticated manner when I’m on pills etc.

T+8.00 The euphoria is great, big rushes here and there. I smoke a bit more weed here and there, and I’m sharing the powders out here and there. Most people struggling to believe the tiny doses of MDPV needed and asking for a “Real line” I assured them I’m looking out for their best interests. But this changes later on as we all drink more. I must have had another line of MDPV and a couple lines of methylone. Its bearable and I’m still doing well at this point. The weed is making the methylone show its entheogen side, I’m entering deeper levels of thought and I’m running round the house with my cider like a tripping/fleeing Aristotle. I remember saying a few times that I was “Flipping” cause I was fleeing and tripping and I was asking if that was already a coined term. I was talking so fast about things from social politics to parapsychology that people couldn’t understand me, but I was having a great time. Had a good few insane mystical discussions with my friend which I can’t remember either, think one was about how I treat weed as a more entheogen experience for my own thought and introspection than a social thing. I love how M1 doesn’t force empathy like MDMA does, it gives me more freedom to talk.

T+11.00 Don’t remember much except from extreme fast talking, mentioning to everyone this different level I’ve reached today of extreme-speed and spiritual/scientific insightfulness. That’s what It felt like, speed X 1000000. I was probably twitching, tapping and chewing my face off. Had a couple of buckets, joints and got down to actually drinking. Methylone consumed between 8pm and 1pm must have been about 150mg snorted and about 40mg MDPV. I should have kept it this way. It was around this time that the police came and kicked everyone out, I grabbed my drinks, and other peoples drinks and left. We were going to walk a 2 hour odd walk to my mate Pans flat (Don’t know why all the P’s). I and a select group of people were coming. I tried to vouch for my mate Plem to come with, but no avail. He had popped 100mg of methylone and was enjoying it. He said he didn’t expect anything from a legal high. I ended up buying cigarettes and chewing gum despite my lack of funds for the future.

T+13.00 Most of the walk involved people moaning of being tired, I was mainly just rushing people along trying to explain my state of mind and trying to stop people attracting the police. No real change of thinking. By the time we got to Pans flat we sat around smoking fags and drinking for a bit before busting out the MDPV. There was myself, Pan, R, M, L, C, A and K. C fell asleep shortly after getting there, he doesn’t touch chemicals anyway, probably should have followed him to the land of nod.

T+17.00 The hours following getting to Pans flat went like so. They didn’t really want to hear about how potent the shit was, I gave everyone every warning but before we all knew it we were fiending like mad. Like I’ve never thought myself capable of doing. I have never even exceeded a gram of mephedrone or coke, I can usually put it all away after I get a nice high. Pan doesn’t like snorting or eating powders, he asked for a bong worth. I gave him what I thought to be about 5mg and he put it on top of some weed. We all had a bong or so, it was A’s first time trying anything other than weed. He thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also my first time smoking stimulants. A lot of the MDPV ended up falling into the bong water, more on that later. Over time some of us snorted some methylone, and more MDPV. We were all relatively buzzing, talking really fast, yibbering away. K claimed he could make a crack pipe out of a light bulb, all of us being drunk urged him to make one and we ended up using it a few times, vaporizing MDPV and Methylone occasionally. In god knows what amounts, but from the 0.6g I had brought out with me I had about 50mg left by the end of it all and about 90mg of methylone.

Smoking it was bizarre, so short acting and intense and the need for more and more came out of no where and seemed so natural. Everyone seemed like blurs of motion, including myself; we were doing all sorts, drawing each other, drawing on each other, drinking more. It was enjoyable from what I can remember. I couldn’t sit still and my thoughts were scattered but I was fairly happy with myself. By about 7 in the morning Pan wanted some sleep as he needed to get up to get a large amount of weed to sell and he wanted to seem fairly respectable, clean up the flat. So he said “Give me another bong of white then I’ll lye down and relax” – Like fuck he did. I was a mess trying to get it in the bong, fumbling everywhere rubbing the bag for like 10 minutes and everyone around me found this fairly normal. Pan then said “Look at me, standing here half naked waiting for a bong of this crazy speed!” I was laughing at how insane this had turned out to be, I wanted this experience to be a taster, and for this to last me for a good amount of experiments, even to sell a bit. But now it is basically all gone. K realized that the bong water probably contained about 40mg in itself, he poured it into 2 shot glasses and surprisingly we were both up for it. It tasted fine. I realized at this point how much excess had actually occurred, we were doomed.

T+22.00 I’ll skip ahead to this point. Up to this point it was just smoking fags, talking, listening to music, a bit of Xbox, videos. At one point we went out to the shop to buy chewing gum among other things, we then realized how fucked we were. Buying all sorts of crap, staring at things for ages and really taking our time. I looked a state, powder all over my trousers. Pan had promised dozens of grass to be smoked later, and I wanted to reimburse myself for all the powder that had been devoured. I wish I had been gentler with it. Made it last throughout a couple of weeks and really enjoyed it. I stuck around and realized how useless I was becoming; I couldn’t plug a cable into the TV. I could hardly converse, a couple of others looked like they were feeling the same and went home for rest; I knew I couldn’t do that. Really should have started drinking or something.

T+24.00 The weed came at about 11am and by this point I was dissolving, depersonalization and psychosis were developing without myself realizing. I smoked and smoked a large amount of weed with everyone, thinking it might mellow me. I have had problems with weed and paranoia, anxiety and psychosis before, but I largely related this with anxiety problems at the time and consuming caffeine with the weed. I never took into consideration the large amounts of a much more potent stimulant in my body. Everyone else seemed pretty space-cadetted as well, complaining of massive comedowns, L refused weed and left. A wise move. But In a way I’m glad I stayed to feel the true hell that drugs can put me through. Never had a bad experience with RC’s, ecstasy, speed or stimulants before until this. And I’m sure I’ll never get into that situation again, I feel worse about wasting a possibly amazing night. You’ll understand what I mean soon. Makes me feel ill typing about it. With every draw I took I felt myself drifting away from reality, taking bongs as well. People came and left, buying weed, some stayed. I could barely greet them; I knew I looked out of it.

I couldn’t talk after a couple of hours, what felt like a life time. My eyes couldn’t focus, moving in every direction, looking at every thing that happened and thoughts running through my head, too many thoughts all at once, I couldn’t pause to process one and output it with speech, and if I tried it was slow and jumbled, it didn’t sound like my voice. My eyes were darting everywhere, mainly looking at the table in front of me; sometimes I tried to make it look like I was in deep thought for some reason. I realized that this was the “Flipping” comedown, and the weed had made it so. Was the MDPV still active?, was I still stimulated or was this the actual comedown?. I was trembling as well, shaking. Taking the joint off someone was an effort and they could see my hand shake. No one asked if I was alright, I think my friends understand that I know what I’m doing and can manage myself well enough and don’t think less of me for any stunts like this, and they knew I had been taking far more than them for a longer period the night before. I hate to say it, but I was paranoid, it makes me feel a bit weak to say that. It was awful; I felt “In my own little world” A phrase which I heard a lot used to describe me during my stage of weed psychosis. I realized I had closed eye visuals that would probably spring into amazing life if I concentrated on them.

T+28.00 I’m not sure if it was this time exactly, but I left Pans at about 8pm, so I’m guessing this is correct. Eventually I stood up and asked Pan If I could lie on his bed a bit, not to sleep, just to relax for a bit, sort my head out. He said it was fine, so I went through, took my shoes off and lay down, drinking some Rose wine occasionally to try help knock me out or slow down my rampaging heart. My trembling was uncontrollable and my eyes were still moving around. I realized that my thoughts weren’t under my control and were flickering everywhere, hundreds of voices I couldn’t focus on, I was going insane, thinking things like “How is this happening, Oh god, I need an Ambulance” this must be how Research Chemical overdose cases must come about, and this is how they must feel before death. I should really be in hospital I thought, overdose? Is this an overdose? Closest thing I can imagine to coming off crack. I was rolling around like mad. People were still coming into the flat and leaving, eventually I heard them talk about me, spouting what they knew of MDPV and how much I’d had. I wanted to correct them so much, tell them I can handle it, its fine, just let me chill.

The walls were shimmering with patterns and my closed eye visuals were colorful waves and people moving around, I could barely concentrate on the visuals, I was too busy trying to control my breathing and heart rate, and clear the voices in my head into one dominating voice “Ross!...right… there we go… chill its all mental, in your head, clear your mind, then go back through to your mates……BUT WHY, ITS SO BAD, AHHH MAKE IT STOP” Oh yeah I forgot about the urination. I pissed like 3 times all together in Pans flat, each one lasting about 5 minutes, stopping and starting, spraying everywhere with the shakes and shudders (I cleaned up of course) . I went back through after about 40 minutes of trying to sort myself out, drank about half a bottle of Rose in the process. The demons were awful. I sat next to Ch, who had just came in and I told him I had taken too much of this shit last night. I went back through after a minute, I still wasn’t socially stable. Someone said “Aye go get some sleep” Ch said “He won’t be sleeping, he’ll be rolling about shaking and paraing out” I was thinking “At least he understands xD”

By the time I had calmed myself down, a bit, but not much, the shakes had basically gone, still a bit paranoid. Pan & K had went to bed, everyone else had left except P and J & R who had just got in, close friends who were buying some weed and chilling. I had another bong, got a few more joint passes and just chilled, as much as I could at least. Pulling buckets, I forgot to take the metal bit off, and burned my lips, was funny, but Pan had actually inhaled all the ash earlier as well, so I didn’t feel too bad. I couldn’t handle going to the party later on, so we all got the train about 8, myself and R stayed on as we were going home, I couldn’t say a word to him or look at anyone on the train, I just hoped to fuck that sleep would come soon.

T+ 32.00 I was home, hunger pangs from the weed were suddenly realized, made a big bagel and all sorts while my mother questioned me and I just said “Not now, really tired, please” Ate all that, had 5 ibruprofen 300mg. Then I tried to settle down to bed with a pint of milk. In bed I rolled around, I wish I could have concentrated on the visuals I usually get from weed, booze and sleep deprivation, but I just had to keep moving around, hugging myself so that I couldn’t feel my heartbeat so hard, trying to find the perfect position that just wouldn’t come. I’m not sure If I slept or not, but I woke up around 11am I think. It’s hard to recall, I would have taken notes if I had the mentality. I still felt a tad rough, jumpy, found it hard to converse the rest of the day and night, Had about 15mg of MDPV and 40mg Methylone that night at a small social function with a friend, just to get rid of the horrible stuff, without regretting wasting it later. The unwanted stimulation and dazed mentality lasted throughout the day. I got 2 hours sleep that night. And I wasn’t back to baseline until quite late Saturday night when A couple of good MDMA/Speed/Viagra pills sorted me back to social normality and put me back on better terms with chemicals.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience for a good time after it, It was a week ago today I was rolling about in my bed trying to sleep. It was my first time on a purely stimulant chemical, without the main euphoric/entactogen effects, especially one so potent. The high was intensely enjoyable; the entheogenic effect from the methylone was the highlight. The fiending was insane, we agreed not to speak of it again, the crack pipe and the bong water made me feel the most like a junkie I have ever felt.

Nonetheless, Like any bad experience, I have learnt from it. It wasn’t stupid to take too much, that was inevitable. I should not have been so naïve to think I could take 0.6g out with me and not blow it all. It has showed me the dark side of chemicals, and the possibility of stimulant psychosis. MDPV and Methylone will be illegal 40 minutes from me finishing this report. It’s a shame I didn’t just buy some good old mephedrone to part ways with the beta-ketones/cathinones. I will miss that and methylone, probably only finding it sold in pills. The experience has made me stronger, and it is a story to tell. I hope people reading this learn from it. Apologies for the length of the report, half the point in me writing this is to jog a few memories and introspect more. Oh yeah, my mouth was fucked, lips destroyed.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84897
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 30, 2010Views: 20,578
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MDPV (377), Methylone (255), Sleep Deprivation (140) : Multi-Day Experience (13), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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