Magical Forest and Unity of Being
Morning Glory
Citation:   Dazza. "Magical Forest and Unity of Being: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp84959)". Jul 25, 2010.

500 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)

I've always been interested in psychedelic, shamanic and otherworldly things. I've been doing music and painting since I was a teenager. From the very first time I've heard about LSD - it's wonders, mind-bending colours, swirly tunnels of hyperspace (and bugs crawling all over your face when you stare into the mirror) - I knew I had to do it. Since that time many things changed, I have changed, the world has changed, and now my reasons for taking psychedelic are different. For many years I have felt like I've lost myself, lost connection with the world, I was becoming cynical and I don't like being cynical. Few years ago I decided enough is enough, and I MUST change. One way or another. Then I remember psychedelics, remebered the Sixties, and decided it was time to reconnect. Well, I've never done LSD. But I did some morning glory seeds instead. Not as an inferior substitute, but as a plant that stands on its own. A plant that IS very powerful. From all I've read about LSD trips, my morning glory trip was EXACTLY like LSD trip, probably a milder one, but all about that in a minute.

Method of preparation.

I chose morning glories because I love flowers in general and being an old flower loving hippie that I am, I thought they could do no wrong (and they didn't). Also they're legal and contain LSA - chemical closely related to LSD, they've been used through centuries by shamans and mystics all over the world, so I bought a pack of 100 grams from an online vendor after I'd read every single article about morning glory seeds I could fine.

I've used cold water extraction, I thought that petroleum ether way of LSA extraction is tedious and dangerous. I took 500 seeds, simply washed them with cold water (dedicated online vendors never spray them with any kind of poison), let them dry on a napkin, put them into coffee grinder and ground them to a not-too-fine powder, put the powder into a 500ml container with distilled water, shook it violently for 2 minutes, then put it into the fridge for a night. Next (glorious) morning I took the holy water and filtered nasty looking brown liquid through a fine coffee filter into a bottle, discarding the mush.

I was mentally prepared to vomit, because that's what morning glory seeds are said to do. I drank the magic potion on an empty stomach, it makes no sense to eat beforehand, because the food will end up projectiled upon the earth.


9:30am. I went to the local forest, where I go every weekend. It's huge, full of very old trees and breathtaking sights. I can spend hours and hours getting lost in the woods on purpose and then try finding my way back following the sun. Today I was especially excited, because weather forecast was perfect - warm, sunny day.

10:15am. I took the bottle with me and drank it in the fields surrounding the forest. It tasted like earth, dirt and hazelnuts. I expected much worse, but remembering the taste now makes me gag. Underwhelmed by the taste, I downed the mixture in a few seconds and proceeded forth listening to The Beatles.

10:20am. At first some placebo effects, like observing random things and making random observations (I do it all the time anyway). I decided not to push it and let it come naturally instead.

10:30am. After 10 minutes nausea came. I vomited after another 10 minutes, which made me feel infinitely better. I went to my favourite place in the forest and listened to some more music, but decided I'd rather be listening to the birds singing on such a beautiful day. Earlier on the bus I played Lou Reed's A Perfect Day, and somehow decided that NOTHING, nothing would ruin this day for me, I just felt so high and happy already, but that's just me, I'm always like that.

1:00pm. I laid back on the grass, watching blue skies and branches of old trees. I noticed how quickly the leaves and branches connected into patterns and funny distorted faces, much quicker than usual. I was feeling weird, possibly tired and lightly sedated. My thoughts were racing. I was getting impatient and wondered if my method of preparation even worked. Three hours had passed since I drank the glorious potion. I was starting to feel mildly nauseous again, but this kind of nausea is easily mistaken for hunger nausea, so I decided it was time to eat. I took an orange. Bad idea - I vomited 10 seconds after I finished eating it, even though it tasted amazing.

1:15pm. However, once I did vomit, I felt IT, sudden onset of the Unexplainable, the big Something was rushing my way quicker than my thoughts could race, and I got scared for a second or two, realising 'THAT'S IT', no turning back. I heard a piercing metallic noise, but it was soft and beautiful too, like the sound of tubular bells. Mild anxiety overwhelmed me for a minute and I sat back to calm down telling myself 'I'm doing this because I want it, I'm ready for it' and looked around.

The Beauty has been unveiled. There was shimmering of light all over the trees, the grass, the leaves, the skies, everywhere. Trees seemed ancient, timeless, curvy, gracious, mysterious. Tree bark that seemed dry and old just a minute ago, now seemed alive, like skin, every single thing around me was living and breathing some kind of energy that seemed to emanate from everywhere and everything, a hidden aura of magic. Patterns in the trees intensified - I could clearly see faces, eyes, hundreds of eyes, anywhere I looked. They were all smiling. The whole ancient forest was smiling at me. My fingers were trembling from awe.

I stood up and decided to take a walk. Nausea was a distant memory. I was walking really slowly, walking in this magical kingdom that I entered. Anywhere I looked faces formed, even if I concentrated on a tiny square inch of tree bark or leaf - the all sprung out immediately, without me even thinking. The forest seemed infinitely intricate, like there was space behind every tree, behind every bush and leaf. Bushes formed an army of green smiling PacMans. I started to laugh. Fallen leaves, grass and moss would form symmetrical rows of eyes, they were calling me with their soft shimmering and humming. It was the most peaceful, calming experience of my life. I was in a place of quiet energy, where colourful faces winked at me. They looked grotesque - people with long noses, huge ears, mouths, frowning, grimacing. I felt like a kid. There were skulls, animals, smiling bees with buckets, toy cars, airplanes, trains, colourful carpets, spider webs everywhere. The ground beneath me swirled in colours and shapes. Huge fallen trees seemed like fortresses with thousands of entrances and exits, where all sorts of living creatures dwelled. Bizarre skeletons danced and disappeared, only to be replaced with something stranger.

I went deeper into the woods. Fat trees were grumpy fat people. I was even entranced by the bugs - which I don't like in 'real' life (but don't have a phobia of). There was Unity, not a thing out of place in that magical forest of shimmering light. There was no 'death', dead trees were alive too. Nothing was rotting or decaying - it was simply transforming into something else. I put on some of my favourite soundtrack music and kept on walking, just staring at anything and everything, touching and smelling things like a baby. Sense of smell intensified hundredfold - every branch and leaf had unique smell, more intense and richer than any perfume in the world. Earplugs of the 'real' life have been removed too - myriads of forest sounds came rushing, enveloping and calming me.

I had 60'ties style psychedelic CEV's (rainbows of colours and swirly iridescent spirals) too, but never concentrated on them. My eyes were wide open and I gazed, I stared, I bathed in this glowing energy. The world seemed infinitely complex, every space was filled with vitality, everything was One, interweaved, interlinked. A big web of Being. My head was devoid of thoughts, only full of lucid perception, extreme clarity and quiet understanding.

4:00pm. Six hours had passed since I ingested magical water and I decided (for some strange reason) that I have probably peaked and it was time to slowly turn back towards the lake, where ducks and people with dogs usually go, because they never go deep into the forest like I do. On my way I met some other people, families with kids and dogs, every dog seemed to love me, and I loved them back too. I felt amazing and sudden euphoria and friendliness overwhelmed me. I saw a small kid with a toy gun and I thought 'Who is he fighting? There are no enemies in this place. There are NO enemies in the whole world. Why is the doing that?'. This reflexion filled me with sadness and realisation that they couldn't see things the way I saw them. Anyway, my body was tired from walking and I really needed some rest, coz my back hurt like hell.

4:30pm. I reached the lake and sat down on the bench. And guess what - I was in the middle of my peak. It was stupendously gorgeous day in itself, with or without LSA intoxication, so I sat there for few minutes reflecting on what just happened. While I was doing that, I stared at the blue sky and then I peaked - a huge spiralling tunnel appeared in the sky with blobs and shapes rotating madly and falling into it or coming out of it. Sky began to change colors - one second it was blue, pink, green, red, any colour you like with extremely fine tonal subtleties. I SAW colour for the first time. Every green leaf was maximum saturation green, every red was pure gorgeous red, etc. The lake would turn completely blue with green shadows, or the whole world was turning saturated red. Ducks seemed like a completely new bird altogether - they radiated so many vibrant colours. Same with dogs, every creature was pure and magical colour.

I could finally understand the way people in the Sixties felt, I saw what they saw, I felt what they felt. Love filled me up and radiated through. My own fingers seemed to breathe and rows of eyes were forming effortlessIy anytime I looked at anything. Strangely enough people seemed completely normal, but more beautiful than usual. Nothing was melting uncontrollably. If something started to mutate into a grotesque form, I could just blink my eyes and it was gone. I stared into the island in the middle of the lake, I saw a dragon skeleton, it was sort of mechanical, like a carcass of a Transformer. I'm sure people were bedazzled by my wild grin and overall friendliness. I just sat there observing colour shifts. It was as if I was staring into a living painting that painted itself with maximum saturation colours.

7:00pm. Finally I turned homewards. I still had visuals going on - (real) people in the fields were flying kites and remotely controlled airplanes, and all those things were leaving traces and rainbows in the evening sky, which had turned pure pink for some reason. Clouds were pixelated, as if made of Tetris or Lego blocks. I could easily construct anything I wanted from those blocks. I saw dolphins, sharks, buses, spaceships, faces, hands and more. Reflextion on passage of time - I had a strong sense of 'real' time, even though it seemed completely unimportant, but I didn't feel 'infinity in a second' per se. Time simply didn't matter.

Feeling that I was definitely coming down, I sat on a carcass of a tree and ate a ham & cheese sandwich - no vomiting this time, only the tastiest food I had in weeks. I put on The Beatles and had some general reflections about the day. The most important thing for me was this Unity, Oneness with the world. I've always felt it anyway, but this time I had personally experienced it. I needed a confirmation and I was shown the hidden kingdom where nothing is out of place. Words cannot describe feelings. Visuals, no matter how intense and mind blowing, were of second importance. With all those new revelations and newfound happiness I sat there for a while, then stood up and said 'thank you' to the forest. I was still mildly tripping on the bus and calmly enjoyed clouds through the window. Evening sun peering through them seemed heavenly.

I felt a little sad. My mind returned to 'normal' and I started thinking about all those people who are angry, violent, stupid, cynical, who abuse others and abuse themselves... the lucid memory of radiant beauty contrasted so much with the 'real world'. I just hope that one day they can see what I saw, one way or another... there's many ways. Psychedelic plants are just one way, a shortcut, which doesn't mean you don't need to prepare for it. My personal journey was a long way, many months and possibly even years, which culminated in this experience.

8:00pm. I got back home, went on Skype and had a conversation with my best friend, who was really happy to hear about my day. We chatted for three hours and I discovered that I still had CEV's and OEV's and began to regret leaving the forest too soon. But I was tired, my body was aching and my stomach was begging for food - all I ate since that morning was a sandwich, and I LOVE eating. I listened to music and looked at some nature photographs, they were alive, I felt like I was back in the forest.

2:00am. I finally went to sleep, swirling together with fractals I still had going on into the dream world.


I can safely say I tripped for good 12 hours. Dose of 500 seeds extracted via cold water method is very powerful and more than enough. If I had consumed raw seeds I would probably be talking to the gods and spirits. Hmm, maybe next time? Talking about next time, I don't think it'll happen very soon. I saw what I needed to see and it was a beautiful, memorable, amazing experience. Words fail me. The only downside is physical effects of morning glories on my body - I felt nausea and vomitted. After that I felt sedated, my body seemed heavy, I got tired when I walked, my heart raced during the sudden onset, but once I was THERE, I forgot everything and every second of my Being was like 'wow'. Happy travelling!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jul 25, 2010Views: 44,626
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