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Preliminary Experiment
by Hasphat
Citation:   Hasphat. "Preliminary Experiment: An Experience with 2C-I (exp84995)". Nov 11, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 0:10 16 mg oral 25I-NBOMe (liquid)


This is the story of my first successful 2C-I trip (I had done it once before, but with poor timing and fell asleep immediately). My roommate and I smoked a good bit of weed, as we always do on weekdays, and then each dosed up on approximately 16 mg of 2C-I dissolved in juice. My roommate and I had been high together many times, but this was to be our first trip together. We dosed at about 4:30PM (we smoked weed at 4:20), and about 10 minutes later walked to the cafeteria.

Getting high just before going into public has become a pasttime for the two of us. We enjoy the challenge of trying to hide our condition from everyone else in the cafeteria. I learn important things about myself in this type of challenge. But this time we weren't just going to be stoned, we were going to be tripping.

At the dinner table, many miscellaneous college friends came and sat with us. We were able to hide the fact that we were stoned, as we always did, and we were not yet feeling the effects of the 2C-I. But as we sat there eating, I noticed some subtle changes. As the minutes went by, I knew that my marijuana high was transitioning into a trip. I looked at my roommate, who was being unusually quiet, and we both understand that we were about to start tripping and should get out of there. We could tell by the initial subtle effects that this trip was going to be pretty hard to manage in public.

So we left the cafeteria with a slow and peculiar walk, ridiculously blazed red eyes, and suspicious looks on our faces. From here, a little less than an hour after dosing up, we started walking around campus. When we were walking past one particular building, I noticed that I was experiencing strange distortions of time--there seemed to be a missing chunk of time walking from point A to point B. We proceeded toward the lake, and the lakeside path leading back to our apartment (the safety zone), and I felt more and more as if I was getting lost in a dream. Things seemed unreal, sounds seemed as if they were all imagined. Walking was difficult to maintain without looking ridiculous. When we got to the lake we sat down and began to have visuals. My roommate said he was seeing the grass shaking. I noticed very subtle twisting and glowing in everything I looked at. Our pupils had become exceedingly small, which is a bit strange because every time I've tripped on 2C-I after that, even in the daytime, our pupils have always been huge.

Euphoric relaxation and peace predominated, and we found that we were able to recall extremely distant and vague memories from early childhood. There was a lot of laughter. The feeling is one of having happiness build up and up until it reaches a certain threshold, at which point I can't help but giggle and laugh, even if nothing funny is happening around me.

This preliminary experiment established to myself and to my roommate that 2C-I was definitely worth trying again, and we have since tripped on doses higher than 16 mg, up to 20 mg and above. I have found that every time I do 2C-I the experience is more intense than the last, the visuals more apparent and trippy, and the introspection more mind-blowing.

Overall I have come to love 2C-I and am eager to try many more experiments with it. I completely approve of this substance.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84995
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Nov 11, 2018Views: 571
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Various (28)

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