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Put Me In Another World
Brugmansia (Tree Datura)
Citation:   S. Stone. "Put Me In Another World: An Experience with Brugmansia (Tree Datura) (exp85027)". Aug 2, 2010.

T+ 0:00
4 flowers oral Brugmansia (tea)
  T+ 0:45 0.5 g smoked Cannabis  
So I was 19 and was living w/ my girlfriend at her parents house in south florida and two younger friends about 16 years old came by and told us we could trip from these flowers. We really didn't believe them but agreed to try just in case. We took them from a tree in someones yard and I'm not sure if they were datura or brugmansia but they were shaped like datura's. They hung from a small tree like bells. Pink white and yellow in color.

We took 16 flowers and took the green parts and stems off the flowers and washed the pedals in hot soapy water believing that the pollen was poisoness. Then boiled the pedals in about 7 or 8 cups of tap water for the same amount of time you would to make tea. Then strained the plant from the water and added sugar and dispersed it in equal measurements among the four of us.

We waited about 45 minutes for affects to set in and it seemed they were not happening so we smoked about 2 grams of cannibus between the four of us. Almost immediately after we smoked, the affects started. We were outside sitting on the lawn and the grass appeared to have ripples in it like water and I looked to my left to check if my girlfriend was feeling it but still saw what was on my right (like delayed eyesight to brain reaction time) then looked to my back to my right and saw what was on the left.

Our friends left shortly after and I don't know how their trip went but me and my girl went in the house and were really out of touch w/ reality as well as being out of touch w/ our coordination (walking into walls and such) I remember about a half hour after we began tripping, standing in her livingroom w/ her and she puked on the floor once then dry heaved a bit before walking clumsily down the hallway into her moms room and laying on the bed. I was a bit more coherent than she was still slipping in and out of reality I remember seeing hundreds of cats pouring out of the living room walls like a waterfall of cats and walked back into the room she was in to check on her and she was slurring her speech real bad. At this point her mom came home and saw her like that and freaked out, then led her to her car and I just followed and got in the car too. Her mom drove us to the police/fire dept. Once inside the lobby was all mirrored and I couldnt tell it was me in the mirror I really thought my reflection was another person. getting aggervated at my self thinking someone was porposly mimiking me to aggervate me.

I've used this plant on 6 other occasions since the first time each time not recognizing my reflection in mirrors. I kept thinking I was smoking a cigarette but when I looked in my hand there was nothing and the same affect w/ a can of soda I thought I was drinking but when I looked it was not there. I kept thinking I was dropping the cigarettes and thought they were on my lap possibly burning me. Not even realizing that you cant smoke inside the police department. The police called my parents and they came to pick me up. The next day my parents told me I was talking to things that weren't there and saying abstract things. My eyesight for the next three days was blurry. All the times I used it from then on were carefully prepared and never more than 4 flowers a person.

Another time I made some for my friend while I remained sober to watch over him and he was walking around my house aimlessly talking to people that weren't there, cursing at my curtains in portuguese at one point and he went into the bedroom, looked like he was passing out fliers to imaginary people he then walked into the bathroom to relieve himself into the sink, unzipped his pants but then just urinated in his pants onto the floor.

Another time I made the same dose for a different friend and he decided to walk home about 3 miles from where i lived (before his trip started) and cut across a golf course and started harrasing golfers. The police were called and he ended up hitting a police officer and being tazed they took him to the hospital where his kidneys started to shut down he almost died but pulled through his parents told me he saw butterflies coming from the ceiling of his hospital room.

Since then I've never tried this plant again but have experimented w/ other drugs such as cocaine, baby hawian woodrose seeds, ectasy, marijuana, mushrooms and lsd.

It's really weird how the flowers put you in another world(or dream like state) unlike all the other drugs I've experimented w/ where I was aware of my surroundings which I think makes them dangerous aside from the fact I'm probably poisoning myself.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 85027
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Aug 2, 2010Views: 11,054
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Brugmansia (84) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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