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The Walk of Doom
DXM with CPM & Cannabis
by B
Citation:   B. "The Walk of Doom: An Experience with DXM with CPM & Cannabis (exp8506)". Oct 28, 2020.

T+ 0:00
Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 3:00 16 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)
  T+ 8:00 Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  T+ 14:00 16 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)
E`s catholic school girlfriend showed me and my friends a new way of getting high. She introduced us the new world of DXM. Because my drug of choice (LSD) is very very hard to come by where I live, I jumped at the chance to trip again. Around 8 o`clock in E`s room I sat with 2 other friends J and H. We each consumed 8 pills of cold and cough a piece. We sat in a circle taking gravity bong hits waiting for the effects to begin. After about 45 minutes I began to hear my friends say how messed up they were. I was of course envious of them. I was seeing only slight frames and trails. At 9:15 I had a reasonable body buzz that lasted a few more hours that left me feeling salty. 'Maybe they`ll work better tomorrow' I said. So I went to sleep b/c I had school the next morning.

Friday 7:25- As H and I watched J and E gobble up 240 mgs of DXM I struggled to not cough from my bong hit. I passed the bong around between the 4 of us. It was repacked and then it was off to school we go.

9:15- Sitting in the back of my english class I again giggily watch another friend eat 240 mg`s of DXM. I laugh at H and shout out 'DRUGS!!' while I point at him.

10:30- My marijuana high has worn off and now I`m yearning to try these cold pills again. I pop 16 pills out of their protective casing and put them in my mouth. I wash down the cold and cough pills with some peanut M&M`s and some iced tea.

12:00- I`m walking down this long hallway to play some basketball at my school. I really don`t feel any different then how I should feel but I decided to just give it some time. I meet up with E and H, each in different stages of their trips. I play some ball and my coming up feelings vanish. I`m disappointed.

12:30- I sit in science class and I can`t stop shaking my left leg. Out of pure disgust I admit to being on acid to my lab partner which only resulted in him singing eazy-e to freak me out LoL. My teacher goes on and on about the weather and I just cannot simply grasp my thoughts correctly.

1:10- I notice that jumping is fun on dxm. And I start jumping. Jumping and giggling.

2:30- My dxm trip is about done and I`m yearning to smoke some mary jane.

3:20-9:00- We smoke about an Oz. at my friends apartment.

9:15- My friends put enough peer pressure on me to make me do another 16 pills.

10:00- Its happened...I lay down on my friend`s couch and stare at the opening demo for a video game (marvel vs. capcom2) and I try to say 'thats fucked up', but it comes out like 'Durts goo fut'. My brain was going so fast my mouth couldn't keep up with it.

10:05- I fall onto the floor and laugh nonstop for a few minutes. J and E decide that I need some air because I`m going crazy. So we started to walk. I absolutely could have been anywhere and I wouldn't have known it.

#####this is what my friends told me#####

10:30- We arrived at a local grocery store and I stumble around and stare at the pretty lights. Oh god the lights... While J and E picked out a movie at the store I supposedly layed down in the back of the video store. My friends came and got me so we could pay and leave but I would not approach the cashier at the desk for the life of me. So I stood outside, smiled, and watched my friends pay for the movie from a distance. We leave and go on our way back to his apartment but they said I`m way too fucked up to return yet. So... we walked around the block. I was having the best time of my life!! A smile from ear to ear, uncontrollable laughter, and I was speaking complete jibberish which made my 2 tripping friends laugh. After making about 8 laps around the same block with no change in my status we returned me because it as just too cold. We returned at...

2:30- I`m still speaking crazy talk and staring at my pants. I hit a bong, cough like a little girl, and then pass out.

*****NOTE***** I woke up the next morning felling refreshed and especially fat.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8506
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 28, 2020Views: 812
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DXM (22), Cannabis (1) : Various (28), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), General (1)

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