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Not a Good Idea
by G-head
Citation:   G-head. "Not a Good Idea: An Experience with 1,4-Butanediol (exp85107)". Jun 1, 2018.

  repeated oral 1,4-Butanediol (liquid)


I donít normally feel inclined to write on forums, I read them, make a judgment and act. Heck, often I already know what I want to do, but I read the articles for that one out of thousands that conforms to what I want to do and itís settled.

Being a G-head myself, I like to go on the 24/7 G programs (sometimes up to 90 days!) for a spell then get some valiums and Gabapentins to come off. Detox time for GHB or GBL can be relatively quick with the aid of these meds.

GHB and GBL are no longer available in the US. Even the illicit sources in the US have dried up and the Polish sources will no longer send GBL stateside. So, after some research and since BDO can still be bought for cleaning graffiti here in the US, I decided to give it a try. Mind you, during my research, there was more bad than good, but I pretty much had my mind made up.

To begin with, BDO does work like G, but it feels ďdirtyĒ. Not sure if thatís from the extra process of the liver converting it to GHB or the actual purity of the product, but I wonít go into all that because this is about my experience with BDO bought here in the US. This ďdirtyĒ feeling is easily overlooked when the basic G feeling is there, heck it felt really nice. So I decide to keep dosing, 24/7, taking it to wake up, eat, walk, talk, fuck, sleep, etc. I was on the program.

This stuff turned on me, and I consider myself a pretty good abuser of the stuff.

I take G in the morning to wake up. It gives a nice energetic rush first thing in the morning (and all day for that matter!) and thereís just no stopping me. BDO makes me sleepy and want to take naps all throughout the day, naps that last 10-15 minutes, but I have to take them on the spot or they wonít work. If at home, I can get a quick reset on the couch, but what if I'm out and about? I'm so screwed-over for the day if I donít get it in. Ug, and if I donít get that nap in, I get super twitchy. I canít stop flailing my arms, legs and head around. I have to start pacing or walking to hide that craziness. I have to be ready to drink more coffee than I ever have to combat the sleepiness.

I like to take G and eat. Well, BDO actually takes away the desire to eat after awhile, the stomach gets upset easily and the very thought of eating is out the window.

I like to take G and work out. As I mentioned, BDO makes me real sleepy, so I donít work out anymore. And there is some truth on that anti-GHB website as far as muscle wasting, Iíve noticed considerable muscle loss during my BDO stretch.

I like to take G and fuck. I can still get it up on BDO, but because I'm so sleepy and canít really concentrate, cumming is impossible. With everyday sex I will only come once or twice (if lucky) a week, just canít get into it because IĎm so distracted.

I like to take G and work. It can make me very focused and driving, BDO makes me cross-eyed, distracted and sleepy, unable to focus
BDO makes me cross-eyed, distracted and sleepy, unable to focus
and loss of productivity time. I find myself spending more time trying to concentrate or fight off sleepiness than getting the work in. Tons of coffee can work.

I sometimes take a larger dose at night to G out, sleep 2 hours then repeat the process every 2 hours until the time when everyone else is getting up. Well, BDO does work like that in the beginning of the 24/7 program, but after a few weeks it made me twitch my arms and legs so spastically that I couldn't sleep at all. Then, I made the mistake of thinking I needed more so I could truly G-out. BIG mistake because that spastic twitching means too much was taken already and the ride will now last twice as long, 2-3 hours of twitching and jerking uncontrollably with no sleep at all. This the worst feeling! Because, at least on G and thatĎs going on, I'm unconscious and donít feel it. On BDO, I'm completely conscious and feeling every convulsion. Itís like having hiccups for years. So, isnít that strange, during the day I want to sleep all the time, why not now at night. I kept the dose low, no twitching, but naps at 15 minutes a piece. This was when I wanted to get the heck off this stuff!

BDO dreams are way more vivid than G dreams, even after awaking I canít stop trying to keep whatever it was that I was doing in my dream, at least in my memory. I work a lot, so I think Iím working in my sleep and need to continue, when thereís nothing there.

I get really bad lower back pain now so Iíve been checking my urine and stool for blood, never can visually see anything, but I do get nosebleeds now. I have never gotten nosebleeds before and they have become common place. Thatís new from the BDO Iím assuming because they started at the same time.

So now, itís detox time. The usual Valium, Ativan, gabapentin route. And you know what? Even this has proven more difficult and longer to do! This shit sticks in me, twirls me about, and leaves grudgingly.

To summarize, BDO only for the weekend warrior, and even then be really careful. BDO not for the G-head addict like myself that wants to go long-term, it didn't work like G and I wished I never had started with it.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40 
Published: Jun 1, 2018Views: 4,244
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