The Smell of Spice
Citation:   Spice Cadet. "The Smell of Spice: An Experience with DMT (exp85245)". Dec 28, 2022.

2 lines insufflated DMT (extract)
About a month ago I extracted a couple grams of DMT from the powdered rootbark of the mimosa hostilis and I've been experimenting with it ever since. This is not the first time I've had access to DMT, or 'spice' as I have come to call it. A friend introduced me to the spice and taught me how to vaporize it using a glass pipe. However, two days ago I tried a new method of ingestion: insufflation.

I have read about Yanomamo indians using a DMT snuff.I've tried smoking it and though I have no interest in a DMT enema, the nasal route does intrigued me.

I began by using an amount of spice that would result in a moderately strong experience if vaporized. This first attempt resulted in a definite shift in vision and body state and the experience lasted for around an hour (as compared to 10 minutes when vaporized). But all and all, it was a mild psychedelic experience; definitely not a hyperspace launch. So yesterday, I tried doubling the dose; again with two lines, one for each nostril.

Snorting spice makes my nose burn and run, and makes my eyes water. Thankfully, the burning and eye-watering go away after a few minutes have passed.

Because of the runny nose that I was bound to get, I decided to snort my spice and then get in the bath (this way I could wash my face again and again without having do anything more than wipe my arm under my nose, haha). I like using spice while in the bath because the hot water makes my body feel good and safe from cold (I have a phobia of tripping to death in the cold). Also, the semi-weightlessness I feel in a full bath tub helps me drift into visions.

The Experience: almost immediately I felt the spice taking over my frame of reference. By the time I got from my room (where I took the spice) to the bathroom, I had already attained the mayan mask look and the super deep tanned buddha body that always accompanies my spice trips. After laying in the bath water for a few minutes my body hairs began to slither and swim like hundreds of tiny snakes or tentacles. This happens to me when I have taken a sufficiently large dose of spice and I find it quite amusing and not the least bit unsettling.

All of my experiences up until this point have been experiences that I expected and remembered from past trips, but about 20 minutes in I began to exceed my expectations. It began when my body, which had assumed a deep brownish-red tan since taking the spice, turned fully golden! My skin was golden like sunlight or dried wheat straw. I took this as a good sign. Then I noticed distinct changes to the colors of other things: droplets of water on the white plastic walls became pink and the walls bluish. Patterns emerged from the walls and began moving through the air towards me. I felt that I would soon pass through the visions and leave my body behind in normal space. But I never did.

When I changed my focus, everything went back to a normal (if slightly spiced up looking) appearance. My body returned to its usual pinkish white color and the room returned to the dimensions its builders gave it. I tried to pursue the visions by closing my eyes, and while I was greeted by distinct visions, including a woman with her back turned towards me, there was nothing of the sense of impending overwhelm that I had just experienced.

All in all, I think that sniffing DMT is far superior to smoking it: there is no harshing the lungs, the trip lasts a more reasonable time (45 minutes to 1 hour), and the terrible breathless excitement that accompanies the first vibes of a smoked DMT experience are not produced by sniffing the spice. With the exception of the runny nose and initial burning, I find sniffing spice to produce a far superior experience than smoking spice.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85245
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Dec 28, 2022Views: 495
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Mimosa tenuiflora (74), DMT (18) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Alone (16)

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