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Trip from Hell
by mansions
Citation:   mansions. "Trip from Hell: An Experience with 2C-B (exp85302)". Erowid.org. Jun 13, 2018. erowid.org/exp/85302

1 capsl oral 2C-B


I drove to a friends house about 45 minutes away with a friend of mine to visit my on again/off again boyfriend and celebrate the 4th of July. Right as we got there, the friend that I came with said there was an emergency back at her house and she had to leave and drive all the way back home but that she'd be back later, so already the plans were getting all messed up. So it was just me, my on again/off again boyfriend, and his 3 best friends who I was somewhat acquainted with. Then, our 2 other friends showed up with a bunch of tiny white capsules which we THOUGHT were 2c-i, but, boy, were we wrong.

My on again/off again bf took his first, then 2 of our other friends took them, and the rest of us were still a little skeptical, seeing as though we didn't know what was going on that night and we didn't want to be tripping our brains out and running around trying to get people together for the night, so we waited. Then, my bf left me by myself with his friends (who I knew, but hardly), which caused me to be in a really bad/nervous mood so I started drinking and had about 4 beers. Then, I was a little buzzed, so the rest of us and I decided to pop our pills and just let whatever was gonna happen, happen.

About 30 minutes later, we hadn't noticed anything happening and we didn't know when we were going to since out friends who had taken them about 15 minutes before us hadn't felt anything either, so we decided to go on a walk through the woods until we started tripping. We walked through the woods to this dried up creek and laid there and smoked and waited for our pills to kick in. First, the people who had taken them first started looking really dazed and out of it so we figured the pills had hit them so we decided to walk back to the apartment, which was only about a 10 minute walk. Once we got back to the apt, one of our friends went to the bathroom and puked for about 20 minutes, then he said he was tripping HARD. Then, our other friend who had taken his pill at the same time I did, went to the bathroom and all the sudden we heard 'THE TOWELS ARE GROWING!!!' from through the wall so we knew he was tripping hard and I still hadn't felt anything. Then, I noticed that everyone was tripping but me, which made me feel a little uneasy but it also made sense since I took my pill last. Then, the only other girl there went to her bed and I could hear her yelling about how 'blue' her room was so I went in there and didn't see what she was talking about. Then, I layed next to her on the bed and stared at the ceiling and starting noticing that it looked a little peculiar. Then, all the sudden, the room DID look blue, it had this weird 'blue-ness' in the air and I noticed that my pill had kicked in, too.

It was one of the weirdest feelings I had ever felt. I felt like I couldn't trust anything that I was seeing and that I couldn't tell how the people around me were feeling and that started freaking me out a little but I didn't want to seem like I was crazy around people I hardly knew so I tried to keep it to myself. We all started talking about how we were feeling/what we were seeing and we all agreed that we could hardly catch our breath and that we were all breathing really, really hard. Kind of like how I breath when I peak on ecstasy. I started feeling really uneasy because my mind was racing a mile a minute, colors were spinning around me, the walls were shaking and moving uncontrollably and I could hardly breathe, not to mention the fact that I was around people I didn't know very well so I couldn't really talk with them like I would a close friend. One of my friends kept talking about how when he'd take a sip of his juice, it looked like he was swimming in the ocean. I tried to get my phone out to text but I couldn't figure it out at all and I just held it in my hand with no idea what to do with it. A friend of ours called one of the people there and told us that what we had taken wasn't 2c-i
A friend of ours called one of the people there and told us that what we had taken wasn't 2c-i
, it was 2c-b which is going to be a completely different trip and that freaked us all out. Then, my on again/off again boyfriend busted through the front door and closed it behind him like he was being chased or something. We all jumped up to see what was wrong but he said he was just tripping harder than he ever had his whole life. His eyes were bugging out of his head and he could hardly breathe either.

I started feeling a little better since I knew him and that brought me comfort to be around someone that I actually knew. We all sat down and started smoking weed and that just made me feel even weirder, even when I closed my eyes all I could see were intense waves of colors and vibrations and it was all too much to take in. I started getting really scared of how bad the trip was and how long it was lasting, it had been going on for about 3 hours and didn't seem like there was an end in sight. I was sitting next to my on again/off again boyfriend who was practically ignoring me and got so scared that I latched onto his arm and asked if we could go back to his house and go to sleep because all the people around us were making me really nervous and he said no and blew me off which only made my trip worse. Then, one of my best friends came through the door so I was really happy to see him and it made my trip better, except the fact that he was sober and so he had no idea how we were feeling. Someone gave him a capsule and he took it and hung around with us and talked with us about what we were seeing. The girl we were with kept running in and out of her closet changing clothes and was freaking out like crazy. I was tripping so hard it was miserable, nothing was making sense and I just wanted it to be over
nothing was making sense and I just wanted it to be over

The worst part was that a bunch of people kept coming in and out of the apartment who were sober and were looking at all of us like we were crazy and the fact that they didn't know how we were feeling made me really uneasy and scared again. Then, one of my friends mentioned a black light party going on that they were going to but said there was only room for 3 people to go and my best friend and my on again/off again boyfriend both left without me which made me miserable and the trip got even worse. Everyone started coming down but me and I was unable to even talk with anybody and make sense. Everyone went in the bedroom and started hanging around and smoking weed and listening to music and I stayed in the living room and layed on the couch and kept trying to think myself out of the trip because it was getting horrendous. I had the feeling that no one in the world actually knew me and that I was completely alone. I also had the feeling that the trip would never, ever end and I started contemplating killing myself in grave detail. After about an hour of this, my trip still had hardly gone down and I made the plan to go kill myself the next morning and was 100% serious and ready to do it.

Eventually, my best friend came back and I fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling so much better that I was done tripping. I don't recommend this drug to anyone unless they're in a safe, secluded environment with their closest friends who they feel really comfortable around. This is a very intense drug. If I had been with only my closest friends who had all taken the pills at the same time, it probably would have been a much more enjoyable experience.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 85302
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Jun 13, 2018Views: 1,815
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2C-B (52) : First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), What Was in That? (26), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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