Unexpected Acidhead Retirement
LSD & Alcohol (Beer)
by alex
Citation:   alex. "Unexpected Acidhead Retirement: An Experience with LSD & Alcohol (Beer) (exp8539)". Erowid.org. May 21, 2004. erowid.org/exp/8539

  oral LSD


there was once a time when almost nobody knew when i was on acid and when i wasn't including my oh so loving and understanding parents. my therepist and best friend could spot. i was on a journey to find the answer. i was going to find out why the world began, and i was convinced that acid would show me the answers. i also have adhd and ocd.

a washout is an empty vail of acid that has been filled 3/4 of the way w/ vodka or whiskey. vodka is better if availible, i'm not sure if proof matters. i'd stick with a good 80.

6.30pmish to 9:30pmish: first washout is dropped w/ my best friend. we have make an oath of forever friendship in the bathroom and then go to my parents and dance to the Beatles. We go to a friends house (across the street from hers) and deal with dumb people who are giving her 14 year old little brother shit. very little has hit me at this point, mild visuals and i feel like a plump tomato.

9.30pmish to 11.30amish: we go to a friends house, four of us go for a walk, a friend who is also on acid goes blind when he falls out of a tree. He is revived by milk. we sit around bullshitting. there are 9 people in total who are all under lsd. two freinds play fight and one is not wearing a shirt. there is a little bit of snow on the ground. we decide to go on another walk. look at bushs that resemble animals. the same four of us go and climb up a mountain where the city is completly visable and lights are jumping everywhere. we think we see a cop and hide. it's not really there. there is a unidentifiable orange light somewhere. i'm feeling exited and a bit clumsy. bit like a four year old girl peeping out from behind a door.

12.30pmish to 1.30amish: first we find balloons in trees. we find ourselves at the edge of a cliff that was cut out during the construction of a freeway. we climbed over barbed wire to get here, all to look at cars, 40 feet from above. we remanice about early childhood until we see ghetto birds. there are two of them with search lights. we run, trying to find our way out of this barbed wire fence. my friend who went blind gets caught, but morphs into a bucking bronco. he makes it out alive without any scrapes. we run down the hill from cops flying a mile away from us, who are looking for a gun man, not four teenagers on acid. i'm feeling an adrenline rush and am laughing at my friend who refuses to a use a trail, but must run and jump on every bush in his path.

1.30amish to 3.00amish: this is where it starts to get really fucking wierd. we walk down the hill and my friend john's most famous words are used here. 'you think your fucking with the desert, but the deserts fucking with you.' my nose is clogged and i'm starting to get cold. my mind is starting to wonder. i'm thinking, god please don't let me go insane. we return to our friends house to rest and trip out. i have tripped on acid in this garage 30 times, give or take a few. inside of it there is the center of the earth where the indian died that can only be opened by a sea world backpack that no longer leaves the crevas i call my closet. this trips a friend out. i then start babbling for 10 minutes. i don't remember what i said, except for the end. something about a guy riding his bicycle to power the earth.

3.30amish to day break. the moment the last word left my mouth i felt a stone door inside my body open and it was as though i had been enclosed in a trap door that had just opened. it and many other things that i've thought of on acid come from the many episodes of scooby-doo that entranced me as a little kid. i got up very jaggedly (my body felt like stiff ruber that was about to give out at any second)and begged my best friend not to leave me where ever i had ended up. my three freinds look at me silently. i had taken my best friend with me, tripped my friend john out, and had led mr. blind into a confusion/reality milkshake.

that's when i realized something very important. that thing that i had been searching for. i'd been looking for answers that could not be solved, unless i were to meet god. the definition of god is the creator of the earth. unless i could meet what ever the hell created the universe my questions'll never be answered. so i gave up my search, decided to take aldous huxley's advice of here and now, gave props to god, and danced to the same damn trance song for nearly three hours, just remembering every time i'd ever done acid and swearing that i wouldn't do it for six months after i thought that i'd never do it again.

in 15 days it will be 6 months. i don't know if i'll ever dose again, but i will say this. if you find god because of a drug, i highly suggest you take a break. i mean i'm happy with my faith and everything, but its really sad that i let a drug drag me that far, but i don't regret it. i can still see the ground moving and if i stay up for about 24 hours sprinklers turn into things like lawn gnomes who move, so all in all, i'm not all here or there anymore, but shit, i'm havin' a damn good time. also, if you're having a bad acid trip drink the juice from canned peaches, milk, throw up if you gotta, and say whatever your thinking out loud to someone who isn't on acid so you don't trip the other people out. don't let this scare you away from acid, that was like trip 150 and please don't attempt a washout unless you can kick it under at least 30 hits.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8539
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 21, 2004Views: 8,963
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LSD (2) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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