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Wonderful Feeling, Some Addiction Potential
Gabapentin (Neurontin)
by Avn
Citation:   Avn. "Wonderful Feeling, Some Addiction Potential: An Experience with Gabapentin (Neurontin) (exp85568)". Jan 3, 2011.

900 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin
I first took gabapentin 2.5 years ago, when I was a senior in high school. I was very interested in drugs, but had never taken anything out of fear of long term brain effects. Experience reports indicated it might improve my talkativeness- something I could definitely use. Nervously, I began with a dose of 600 mg. I feared I might lose control and make a fool of myself at school. On the contrary, I felt nothing at all except a brief dizziness about four hours later, upon standing up at the end of a class.

I was disappointed, but gave 600mg another shot a month later, with similar results. I'm not exactly sure why I continued taking it, perhaps the very idea of taking drugs was a thrill. Over the course of a year, I continued taking gabapentin about once or twice a month, and between familiarization with the effects and slowly upping the dosage, I grew to love it. One year ago, I took 900mg and went to the library. Suddenly all the books seemed interesting, and I wanted to learn about every subject there was. I was filled with a mild sense of the beauty of life.

On another occasion, I walked outside into my apartment building as effects were coming on, and suddenly the building (in which I know nobody else) truly felt like my home. Then I went out into the city, which again felt like my home. On the college campus, everybody I walked by felt like a long-time friend, who I could approach and chat with and hug. I resisted this urge, but I feel as though I have become more social even while sober as a result of gabapentin showing me that I really can be a social person, and enjoy doing so.

In the past year I have come to take gabapentin for just about any occasion. I take it when I am happy to celebrate, I take it when I am sad to cheer me up. I take it to improve dull tasks and interesting ones alike. My intake is now about 1500mg, two to four times a week, and I recently procured a prescription that will allow me to sustain this high intake. I have become a gabapentin addict. I would like to reduce my consumption, but its effects are still too enjoyable for that to happen anytime soon. I have tried other depressants: various benzodiazepines and opioids, Kava, Kratom, and alcohol, but none have won my heart as gabapentin has.

I would describe its effects on me as follows:
-Onset time is 1.5 to 2 hours, may depend on stomach contents but I can't quite tell.
-Lasts for 3 to 6 more hours after effects start.
-Pleasant warm buzzing feeling in my legs
-Drastically increases my sociability, and inspires me to sing aloud in public- highly unusual when sober.
-Produces the desire to talk to people, and have (potentially uncharacteristic) heartfelt conversations with them, especially people I haven't heard from in a long time.
-A tolerance definitely exists; waiting about four days between doses seems to minimize this.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85568
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jan 3, 2011Views: 84,875
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Pharms - Gabapentin (183) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Health Benefits (32), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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