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Quite Cool
LSD, Kava & Cannabis
Citation:   aksnowman. "Quite Cool: An Experience with LSD, Kava & Cannabis (exp85595)". Oct 12, 2023.

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 500 mg oral Kava (pill / tablet)
  T+ 3:00 Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
May 27, 2010 Account of First Acid Trip

+0:00- Dissolved 1 hit for 5 min under tongue and then chewed and swallowed. Ate food before, should make the high take longer to kick in.

+0:30- Took one tablet of Kava for bodily calming effects.

+1:45- Restless energy and slight nausea, visual distortions come and go. Nothing of significance yet.

+2:00- Slightly more laughter at things that wouldnít normally be funny. Visual distortions still come and go. Nausea has gotten worse, contemplating smoking cannabis to help ease the nausea.

+2:15- Hard to read, letters are distorting and waving about. Feelings of energy and happiness. Have yet to smoke any cannabis but have some ready if I feel like I should. Harder to type and form coherent thoughts (I just spent like 2 min trying to spell thought). Computer screen is waving about but everything else in my environment seems fine.

+2:20- On second thought, feelings of energy and happiness are centered in my body while my limbs feel relaxed and distant. Might be the effects of the Kava. Anything I focus on distorts slightly.

+2:35-Things feel cool, no new visual symptoms.

+3:00- No new visual symptoms. I am having trouble typing and getting my fingers to respond. Smoked cannabis four minutes ago. Making me feel very, very relaxed.

+3:04- Just saw like 16 Steny Hoyers on my computer screen as I was watching him.

+3:07- Weed makes this stuff come on fast! Unchanging visual and color distortions that are making me awesomely happy. REALLY HARD TO TYPE THIS!!! Things are becoming 3rd dimensional including the words on this page, they are jumping out at me!

+3:17- Lost the last 15 minutes. Something very colorful made me realize that I was just staring at my screen as things danced on them. The computer screen is dancing and it is a bunch of random colors, very bright and awesome. Everything that has color is very pretty.

+3:25- Feels like the last 8 minutes was more like 30. I can no longer figure out how to spell number words. That previous sentence I just typed makes no sense to me.

+3:40- Not sure if this time is correct. I stared at my foot while it was becoming bigger and smaller. Like an Alice in Wonderland foot or something. Thoughts veering into tangents which are unrelated to the initial thought but are still captivating. I am pretty sure I either smoked right as the stuff was really kicking in or the cannabis helped it kick in because it has been surreal since I smoked. Kind of feel like I am watching myself type from a 3rd person perspective. This paragraph was actually typed over a period of about 15 minutes.

+4:00- Just interacted with my parents. It was awesome; everything was very funny and colorful. Have procured more cannabis to smoke and see what effects it has. That last time is def not correct! Everything has multiple colors. My hands leave color streams behind when I wave them about.

+4:04- Just had a pseudo-hallucination. Canít describe it. Extreme thirst. Hearing colors or something.

+4:40- Things are awesome. I got something to drink and all the colors of the house where marvelous. I have been sitting in my chair and staring at things for about 30 minutes and it has been awesome.

+5:00- No change in state. Still enjoying my thoughts and colors around me. Realized I have done nothing productive in the last 5 hours, but it is too awesome to care about.

+5:20- The trip downstairs in the dark was awesome and terrifying. I couldnít see anything but there where still colors all over the place. Smoked a roach about 10 minutes ago and it brought me up yet again.

+5:25ish- World seems sideways and it is awesome. I have lost most comprehension of time. My eyes feel separate from my body.
World seems sideways and it is awesome. I have lost most comprehension of time. My eyes feel separate from my body.

+5:40- Paragraphs on the page are moving in ways I canít even keep up with. I seem to just keep going, no evidence of any coming down. No religious experiences, if anything this trip has cemented my atheistic views.

+6:05- Stumbled on to some infected mushroom music. It is quite cool.

+6:25- Walking through the dark is a hell of a thing. So many colors and flashes, it was slightly disorienting.

+6:45- Staying relatively stable. Have gained a better since of time.

+7:15- TV is hilariously bad. I donít know how people can still watch it. Visuals are amazing, however. Feel like a might be slowly coming down. Bill OíReillyís head is big and oddly colored.

+7:33- Still have restless energy, no foreseeable desire to fall asleep even though it is approaching 2 am. My head feels detached from the rest of my body.

+8:03- Coming down steadily. Visuals less extreme but general since of well being remains. Have extreme visual distortions on occasion.

+8:33- Pictures still pop out at me, especially if there are a lot of colors. Doesnít feel like 2:40 am, donít know how long Iíll end up staying up. Looked at myself in the mirrorÖ weird. Feel slightly contemplative.

+9:00- Still very little desire to go to sleep. Visuals are subsiding and visual distortions are coming further apart. Every color is still fascinating.

+9:30- Going to try to go to bed, if I have any trouble I will be sure to document it. My state is still similar to that of the previous entry.

+17:50- Woke up feeling good, no noticeable hangover or other adverse effects. No loss of memory but having trouble describing what I was feeling after the fact. All in all, Iíd say that my first experience was not exactly what I was expecting but was still incredible.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85595
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Oct 12, 2023Views: 40
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