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Dizzy, Dizzy, Dizzy
Citation:   Naemi. "Dizzy, Dizzy, Dizzy: An Experience with Pregabalin (exp85778)". Jul 24, 2020.

T+ 0:00
150 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin
  T+ 1:00 150 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin
First thing to say: I am from Germany and its been a while, that I had my english-classes at school, so excuse all the mistakes in the following text.

It was saturday and there was nothing to do, exept, that I had to buy a birthday present for one of my university-professors children (I take care of them as a babysitter sometimes and do like them very much). So, I thought, I could pop a pill. I had taken Pregabalin some months ago and remembered, that it was rather lame, and I would definetly be in the state to buy the present and hand it on. So, I took 150 mg Pregabalin at 2 p.m. I surfed the web for a while.

After approx. one hour I felt only minimal results (a little bit of dizziness), so I took another 150 mg. Bad idea, as it turned out later.
I took another 150 mg. Bad idea, as it turned out later.
Then I went shopping with two friends of mine. When I was on my way to meet them (approx. 30 min after taking the second 150 mg) I noticed, that I got more dazed. Also everything in my surrounding looked somehow new, as if hadnīt seen it before and it also seemed more interesting to me. I looked at things, like the seats in the subway and somehow they were absorbing. Same thing with people in the train. I was quite dazed, but thought I could coordinate my walk and speech. When I got to meet the friends I didnīt tell them, that I took something. It was a nice feeling to have them around and I was a lot more talkative than I am usually and more interested in what they had to say and I also felt more connected and close to them. In the morning I had argued with one of the two friends on the phone in and at whom I was rather peeved before taking the pregabalin, but now I was forgiving and even extremely nice to him. For the next two hours we went shopping in different malls. I was feeling very stoned and dazed. I still could coordinate my walk and movements, but it surprised me, that I was able to do that. I was also amazed, that my friends didnīt notice how dizzy I was.

I was stoned, but definetly not feeling „high“. Concerning the effect of feeling closer to my friends and being more interested and absorbed by things or people was comparable to how I feel, when taking moderate amounts of Methylphenidate (Ritalin). After finally having found a nice present for the child, one of the friends left us (the one with whom I had argued before) and since the other friend is my best friend, I told her, that I popped Pregabalin. I asked her, if there was anything strange or noticable in my behaviour, but she said no and told me, I appeared to be rather confident. So I thought, it wouldnīt be a great problem to deliver the present, as I would only stay at my Professors home for five minutes. My boyfriend called me on my mobile, but I wasnīt able to follow what he said. But since I was in a noisy surrounding, I thought it was due to this fact, that he was hard to understand. My best friend and I went through another shop and then walked to the subway-station. When we had to part, I became quite sentimental and told her, how much I love her (rather an unusual thing for me to do). This was Time + 5 hours since I took Pregabalin. Then I waited for my train to arrive.

Suddenly I began to feel extremely dazed and blearily. I became scared. I once had a seizure and this was how it felt afterwards
I once had a seizure and this was how it felt afterwards
, when I slowly regained consciousness. It came into my mind, that before one has a seizure there is some sort of „aura“ signalizing it and I got really scared. I sat down as the train arrived and closed my eyes. When I did this, it felt like riding a rollercoaster in my stomach and strangely also in my privates. When I opened my eyes I felt a tiny bit better. Arriving at my station I sat down for about 10 minutes. I was despaired because my heart started to beat quickly. I thought about asking some stranger to sit with me for a few minutes and to take care, if I should faint or get a seizure, but finally didnīt. In spite of all this, I started to walk to my Professors house. I was trembling a little bit now and as I looked for something in my bag, I was so nervous, that I couldnīt find it. Also I was commenting on everything I did or experienced in my head in some strange way. I still had that fluttery feeling in my privates, but it didnīt feel sexual in any way (though I wondered how it would be to have sex with this feeling) rather the way one's stomach feels on a carousel.

When I finally arrived, I was very unsure whether I would be able to pull myself together in front of my professor and his family, but I decided to get over with it. So I rang the doorbell. I said Hi and delivered the present. The child was happy with it and during this few minutes I did not act too strange. But when I wanted to leave, my professor said, that he wanted to talk with me about my final paper that I was writing. Somehow I couldnīt manage to say no, so I sat down with him. He asked me, how I wanted to structure the thesis and I was not able to recall anything about this subject. I stumbled and in the end I said, that I hadnīt decided yet. He asked me some other questions, and while on the surface I didīt act as if I was stoned, I was extremely unable to talk about things, I was constantly searching for the right word, forgot what he asked me and very likely made the impression of having no ideas on what ever the question was. After about 30 minutes of this torture I finally was able to say goodbye.

On the street I had to sit down on the bench and wanted to call my best friend and tell her what happened but my cell didnīt work. From where I set down it was only a few houses to where my parents lived, but I was so dizzy by that time (+ 6 hours), that I couldnt manage to walk any further. I started to cry for a while, and after another 30 minutes I was able to get up and slowly walk to my parents house. It was so difficult to walk upstairs. I told my parents, that I most likely suffered from a sunstroke and stumbled to my bed. I wasnīt able to sleep, there were so many pictures in my head. After + 8 hours I started to feel better. But was not in the condition to understand an article in the newspaper, which I wanted to read.

I have to add that I hadnīt eaten all day, because it was hot and I wasnīt hungry. Retrospective I wouldnīt call it a „bad trip“. It was not even a „trip“, more like Methylphenidate (Ritalin) but with extreme dizziness. Also I must say, that I am rather talented to hide from people whatever condition I am in. So it is quite possible, that other persons would not be able to conceal being stoned.

I will do Pregabalin sometime in the future but only with half the dosage.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 85778
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jul 24, 2020Views: 2,512
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Pharms - Pregabalin (418) : Difficult Experiences (5), Various (28)

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