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First Intense High
Products - Spice
by Meatloaf8000
Citation:   Meatloaf8000. "First Intense High: An Experience with Products - Spice (exp85869)". Aug 13, 2010.

300 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)


I was extremely skeptical about 'Spice' after reading a fair amount of articles describing its inferiority to real weed. One that stuck in my memory basically claimed that Spice would fuck you up, but without the euphoria typically experienced under the influence of cannabis. In the weeks leading up to my first encounter with Spice, I was critical of my good friend who would not stop blabbing about its awesomeness. He having never tried weed, I guess I felt superior to him, as if he didn't know what a real high was like, but I least, I thought I knew what a 'real high' was like.

Until I tried Spice.

Allow me to bring you up to date on my drug history. It's not very broad or impressive, just some experimentation and recreation. At the time of writing, I'm 17, it's June 2010. My first Spice experience (and the topic of this report) was in March of the same year. First marijuana encounter was in December of 2009, on a whim. I had wanted to try weed for a long time, but my girlfriend and I decided that it was for the better if we stayed away from it. That, and, as a Catholic, I had been taught my whole life to avoid any psychoactives. Ironically, she had gotten me into drinking in October, but anyway, once we broke up, I figured fuck, may as well try marijuana. I had been occasionally smoking hookah and cigars since September 2009.

What led me to Spice in the first place was my school's random drug testing policy. As an athlete that could be royally screwed by positive drug test results, I refrained from smoking weed after my 3 week trial stint in late December and early January, and resolved to take it back up again come summertime.

What I didn't realize until my first Spice encounter is that during my 'trial stint' with marijuana is that I had never smoked enough to become truly under the influence of the drug; my 6 or so highs can pretty much be summed up by the '+' rating on the Shulgin Scale. I think that all of my research and reading online had actually scared me away from taking a high enough dose to induce a full out stone. I was worried that I'd be overcome with some horrible experience that would cause me to wake my parents up in the night.

What I'm getting at is that since I had never been really fucked up on weed, my first Spice high hit me like a rocket. Or a freight train from hell. But I loved it. Here's how it went.

3 of my chums and I slipped out of chum L's house around midnight, March 2010. It was a cool, quiet night. Of my mental state of being, I was very excited but a little nervous to try spice, remembering the reports that were generally negative or indifferent. Furthermore, I was physically uncomfortable, since we were sitting on the cold cement with our backs to L's garage door. In spite of all this, I was still looking forward to getting high, hoping it would resemble my marijuana highs of a few months earlier. The four of us shared a Spice-cigarette (we had removed the tobacco), and after this, I was feeling slight effects: a little giggly, warmer, kinda lightheaded. Basically like I had just started drinking, but not a buzz yet.

After we finished off the cigarette, I ran to my car to grab a Marlboro to smoke just for the hell of it. While I was smoking said cigarette, they packed a small stone pipe, and we shared hits from that until we went through two bowls. Still not feeling any strong effects after the bowls, I was a little disappointed, since we only had a gram for the four of us and had smoked it all down. I reckon that I smoked about .3 grams of the stuff, because although 1 gram was split between 4 friends, one friend barely had any.

So, I'm like whatever, I'll go extinguish my cigarette on that nice-looking plot of land on the other side of the driveway. I bend down to put out the cigarette. Oh shit! I missed the ground. What the fuck? Wow, that ground is way lower than I looks. Bending down to put out the cigarette and missing completely startled me into an extremely high and fucked up state. It was absolutely hilarious at first. I had to pull myself together to sneak back into L's house and up to his room. My body felt fantastic. Every limb felt as if it were extremely light if I lifted it, but when I sat down, it was as if I was being pulled into the couch. It definitely felt very good, though.

I wasn't thinking straight. My friends would address me, and I wouldn't know why or what they were talking about. It was hilarious. We'd have a conversation and I wouldn't really care what I was saying or what anyone was saying. I was just enjoying being stuck to this couch and feeling fucking great. I tried to play NBA basketball for the xbox 360, but failed miserably, as every stupid move I made sent me careening into another laughing fit. I was feeling on top of the world for God knows how long, because my sens of time had completely left me. I looked at the clock on my phone but couldn't really grasp how the current time fit into my life or how long I had been high. I couldn't put my finger on the length of a minute or an hour. Time pretty much vanished. As I texted a friend, it seemed like a normal conversation, but she told me she could definitely tell I was messed up on something even before I mentioned it.

After this relatively short period of everything feeling new, awesome, and hilarious, the odd part happened. I was still sitting in the same position on the couch, but I wasn't really feeling too giggly anymore, mostly pretty introspective. I started to feel a little nervous at how intense the Spice high felt. It was still extremely strong probably an hour or so after I had first came up, and showed no signs of waning. For whatever reason, the face of a newscaster had become frozen on the television, and was really pissing me the hell off. I texted my friend and told her that I wasn't enjoying my high anymore, that I just wanted to come back to normal. This feeling persisted for another hour or so until I fell asleep on a sleeping bag in L's room, right after moaning and complaining for some pizza that L was too lazy to make.

Morning comes, and I feel fine. No hangover, just happy about how relatively well the night had gone. I look at my texts and realize that I had forgotten a ton of shit. Being high really fucks with my memory. Randomly in my small talk with the aforementioned friend I was texting, I asked her if she had any chips (as in potato chips) and completely shifted the direction of the conversation to flavors and styles of potato chips. I didn't even remember this conversation until I reread it in the morning. It was a very odd feeling.

In conclusion, this was a markedly enjoyable experience. It was my first time feeling the strong effects of a cannabinoid high, and the extremely good feeling of the first hour vastly outweighed the confusion and frustration of the latter hour. Unfortunately, my subsequent experiences with Spice were absolutely miserable, and scared me away from the stuff forever. I intend to document that experience in the very near future. It should be entitled 'Painfully Fucked Up'.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85869
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Aug 13, 2010Views: 27,127
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Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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