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Surprised by the Power of 10mg
by Stealthpacifist
Citation:   Stealthpacifist. "Surprised by the Power of 10mg: An Experience with 2C-I (exp85910)". Erowid.org. Aug 22, 2010. erowid.org/exp/85910

10 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)


This will be a long, but very thourough and to the point report, I want to put some info out there on 10mg doses, since it seems not so common.

Intro -

25 Male, 150 lbs. Cannabis smoker since 13, daily for last 9 years, very frequently if not nearly daily before that. Regular tobacco smoker for 6+ years. Daily beers after work, usually around 4, for last 3+ years.

Drug Experience

Experience with MDMA and MDA (5 times or so). Allways amazing, every time, sometimes can get weird if used two days in a row. Experience with Mushrooms (5 times or so). Some good, some weird but good, one really bad. Experience with LSA from Morning Glory seads (3 times or so). One Fantastic (after sickness initially), one enough to make me realize there was potential, and one just sickness. Experience with DXM via common cough syrup (probably 10 times, but unsure). Some strangely fun times, I most appreciated the afterglow, where I often felt like Jesus Christ, or God, or some other holy figure (I am not particularly religious). Experience with Dramamine, one time, and it was probably the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I ended up in the hospital because I though the things I saw were real and, well that is a story for another report.

Experience with amphetamines and methamphetamine (15 to 20 times in varying amounts). Had some interesting nights, but had enough negative effects I felt compelled to generally stay away from these substances. Experience with Cocaine (5 times or so). Fun, but similar to amphetamines for me, just felt compelled to not get too involved with this. Experience with a variety of Pharmaceuticals, from opiates to benzos, they do just what they are supposed to.

Possible experience with PCP laced cannabis, not totally sure, but there were definite effects outside of pot, on a doobie I smoked long ago, very very definite. Possible experience with smoked Heroin that was advertised as Opium, It sure felt stronger then Opium to me. I have never done a 2c-x compound before this.

Ok, after that exhaustive list a general bit of info before hand.

I have known about RC's for longer then I have had the ability to order things online myself. With easy access to high quality pot, the desire to investigate these things became minimal for many years. Recently however, I have desired access to a good psychedelic, but they have always been pretty tough for me to get a hold of. Upon doing a little research I found a possibly reliable source for some 2c-x compounds, and pretty quickly placed a small order.

After much much reading, I figured I had a pretty good handle on what to expect at a given dosage, and decided upon a 10mg dose. I expected this to be a very minimal dose, with just enough effects to have a good time but be fully in control, and possibly even be desiring more effects. Boy was I wrong, I was pretty much blown away, and this dose was EXACTLY 10mg, without a doubt.

Overall it was quite potent, and I enjoyed it, but the body stimulation was pretty intense, to the point it quasi interfered with my ability to have a great time. I was impressed by the power of this compound, and look forward to further experiments. I am starting to think I may be pretty sensitive to psychedelics, but still unsure how much so compared to the general public.

5:40 pm - 10mg 2c-i dissolved in 5ml of DH20 (distilled water), ingested.

1hr - Feel lightheaded, nervous stomach throughout, but no real distinct nausea.
Somewhere around this point the most interesting alert happened, I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Falon, and was actually very sexually aroused by his guest, Joy Baehar of all people! Those who are unfamiliar with her, she is a rather large, annoying, and loud redhead most known from the TV show 'The View'. This shocked me but felt nice, I almost felt like I HAD to whip it out right there! That would not have been good, and I am glad I didn't. This was strange for obvious reasons, but also because how early it happened, and how non sexual I felt throughout the rest of the trip.

1hr30 - Definite effects, climbing in intensity, along with anxiety. Weird rolling anxiety where I would cycle from being at ease, to being very anxious, very very quickly. Like multiple times a second so it felt, not totally unbearable, but generally uncomfortable.

2hr - Defiantly tripping, very anxious, intense body load, lots of energy in body, but I felt extremely 'couch locked', and on the verge of uncomfortable. Again, a cycling feeling of bliss and feeling uncomfortable, extremely fast paced. Mushrooms seem to do the same thing to me, probably with a greater intensity even, but a much much slower frequency. Lots of stimulation, mental and physical. Lots of movement of body, which feels god for a split second, then feels bad, then good, then bad, again very fast, which made it almost neutral, but very weird and generally uncomfortable. Thoughts are almost to fast to really interact with, which can be a weird feeling.

Visuals are quite pronounced, but like to vanish upon adjusting my eyes upon them usually, but in general the whole visual field was very active, or felt so. Outside the window looked almost apocalyptic, it was getting dark and the wind was blowing quite hard, making all plants move around wildly. I didn't really want to go out there.

Generally thoughts were too fast to comprehend until later in the night, I often felt confused, as I do on mushrooms, but was able to kind of snap out of it at will, but only for a short period of time it seemed, and then it would come in full force, or more. I was able to accomplish tasks easier then when on mushrooms so it seemed, but it still was quite a challenge for basic things. I would get almost enraged when things didn't cooperate with me.

Overall my overall psyche felt like it was in a very neutral state, that was highly stimulated, some occasional moments of super joy, some of just raw uncomfortableness (hard to describe, pent up energy but nothing to expend it on maybe? Or just the feeling of the unknown and known all at once.)

Visuals - Strobing of visual field, almost like a circle around the outside of my central vision, would strobe just like a strobe light. Patterns swimming, flowing, moving, objects on wall seeming to gently move around in random directions. Some minor depth perception changes. Sometimes colors were brighter, sometimes they were more washed out. At one point a door frame that was receiving some light from one side, but not the other, turned very bright white and a bright red element started flashing up it from the bottom rapidly, changing speed as I moved my eyes to look at it, ultimately usually stopping all motion till I gazed at it again without moving. This hallucination was the most interesting to me in some ways.

Very interesting audio hallucinations, mainly because I have never experienced audio hallucinations before. I was laying in bed, eyes closed, trying to ignore the weirdness in my body, or make the best of it, as it were, and I heard some interesting synthesizer type sounds, the most notable one was what seemed like a bass drop in my head that encompassed all frequencies I could hear, maybe even more, like ones I that I could only comprehend in my mind. It started high and almost instantly dropped down to sub bass levels, and seemed to even go below what I could 'feel' or hear as it were. This was really neat and I would like to experience it again. In addition I had some weird flanging and Doppler type effects randomly, but not super pronounced.

There was another odd thing, around that same period. I felt I was drifting off into an almost sleep like state, and possibly at the very moment that my brain would have normally transferred into sleep (not sure), I experienced an amazing (amazingly strange really) feeling/sound that can only be described as raw electricity running through my body and mind for a split second. It felt like being slightly electrocuted by a standard US wall outlet (60hz 120V AC), except that it seemed I also heard the sound of electricity incredibly loudly as well, which I don't remember noticing when I have been zapped by an outlet.

This obviously instantly pulled me out of my closed eye / sleep like state, and I am not really sure how long I was near sleep, and I didn't really recall what was happening before the 'zap', as far as if I was feeling anything, or thinking anything, or what, which is why I relate it to a sleep like state, it seemed like I may have been somehow asleep for a few Min's, but I really canít even guess the time frame that this happened in. I have read about similar 'brain zaps' in other reports, I didn't feel scared by it, but intrigued and curious as to what the actual effect on the body was during that time. Prior to the zaps, that was the only time I felt total peace (or thought I felt peace) through most of the trip. At this point I tried to close my eyes and get back to that comfortable nothingness, but cannot, and have the zap happen one or maybe two more times while trying.

3hr - I took a shower somewhere in here, possibly closer to 3hr 30 min, seemed to help settle my nerves and was generally enjoyable but nothing super notable. After the shower I smoked a cigarette which seemed to help calm me down even more, which was a very good thing. I felt like the main peak was settling in, or plateauing, or maybe I was just adjusting a little better, still weird cycling of body load but not as bad. Visuals seemed to get most interesting at this point, or possibly I could just finally enjoy them a little more. At some point I masturbate, which was pretty normal, and had to be decided upon by me to accomplish, it was not really a desire at this point. Mostly unremarkable.

4hr - I smoke some high quality herb, this seems to really help my find some calmness, still in a rough sea, but there is some internal comforting by the buds, also seems to really make the visuals more interesting / entertaining. I put on some music and stare at the walls and ceiling for a while, engrossed in the visuals. Music was generally amazing, some songs were very annoying and quickly changed. I tended to lean towards gentle but trippy music, which produced amazing feelings.

Pretty much right at 12 am (about 6 hours from first effects) or slightly before then, I felt like all the main effects pretty much left me instantly, I still defiantly had some effects, but I felt suddenly like I was back in full control.

Around 12 am I decided to try to get some sleep. At 1 AM I felt like I needed to eat some food in order to give my body something to do with the excess energy (digest food). I ate a small lunchable type thing, and after eating felt some of the effects come back for a short period, in a good way, mostly visuals. I tossed and turned till about 3 am probably, and ultimately got some sleep, albeit light sleep. I didn't experience much teeth grinding, towards the end maybe just a tightness of jaw, but not really grinding/clenching. At the end, my legs had some soreness in the hamstrings, lower back had some pain, not much though. Most of my trip was spent laying down in a bed, in fact, 90% of it was.

Woke up and went to work at 8 am, mostly feeling fine, maybe slightly better then fine mentally, but slightly weak physically, which I attribute to minimal sleep (that wasn't really deep) and lack of food during the course of the night (no dinner).

Summary -

I was surprised by the power of this experience. 10mg felt like the most I would want to take, maybe even a bit much for what I was looking for at the time. My next experiment will likely be at 5mg, to see if I can get some slight psychedelic effects, without feeling like I need to be alone till its over.

My next trip will either be the previously mentioned 5mg 2c-i, or 10mg 2c-e, which will be my first with that as well. I think I am leaning towards exploring 2c-i's dosage range before I throw another compound into the mix.

I only wrote one thing down while under 2c-is influence, and that was this;

'Sometimes the greatest things do not belong in the hands of the many.'

I think its a prudent statement.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 85910
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Aug 22, 2010Views: 9,262
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2C-I (172) : Sex Discussion (14), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), General (1), Alone (16)

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