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Good for Getting Stuff Done
Lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse)
Citation:   Benny Boy. "Good for Getting Stuff Done: An Experience with Lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse) (exp86002)". Erowid.org. Jul 29, 2010. erowid.org/exp/86002

100 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
DAY 1:

First experience with Amphetamines is Vyvanse with a prescription of 50mg. For me, I can't stand mindless office work, but that happens to be one of my jobs. I took two 50mg pills and an hour later at 8:30 they were running strong. I was sweating and moving around to get the jobs I needed to do done. By 5:00PM, I was off work and ready to go home and lay down. My pupils were still dilated until around 7:00PM. I tried to go to bed around midnight but couldn't sleep, I was just completely restless all night. I didn't sleep one minute.

DAY 2:

After my sleepless night, I realized I needed to take 100mg again to keep me awake at my second job of flipping a house (yard work and picking up trash). Just like before, one hour later my body was awake and ready to get this job done (9:00AM). The temperature outside was over 100F and there was no A/C in the house. This is the most I've ever sweated in my entire life leaving my clothes and long hair drenched in it. I was drinking water and gatorade throughout the day but around 3 I couldn't hardly function I was so tired. So drank some more and worked inside until I started to get those 'pre-puke' burps. I walked outside and puked everything I had eaten and drunk all day. I had to go to the basement to cool off so I wouldn't pass out. After I got over my heat exhaustion I kept working until 5:00PM.

When I got home I checked my eyes and they were crazy Dilated but just waited til 7:00PM like last time. Still no Luck with them contracting but I wasn't worried. I took the Vyvanse later than the first day so I gave it time. Around 10:00PM they were finally not noticeable. After my exhausting day at work, I just sat down and watched tv to relax. I kept yawning but around 11:30PM my body got over the tiredness.
So here I am now, it's 12:45AM and I doubt I'll sleep any tonight.


Positive Effects:
-No tiredness at all
-Very high work effort
-More Social and Friendly
-Lasting all day

Negative Effects:
-A lot of shaking from my hips to my feet
-Worst cottonmouth that I've ever gotten
-Dilated Eyes
-Vyvanse is suppose to last for around 12 hours; Maybe because I took two, it lasts around 18 or so

I think Vyvanse is a very good working stimulant if I want to get something done, but not as good to take for recreational purposes. It is not very euphoric but enough to keep my head high (no pun intended). I thik I'll use one of the other faster working amphetamines to get high and use Vyvanse to get some work done.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86002
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jul 29, 2010Views: 39,109
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Lisdexamfetamine (589) : Workplace (51), First Times (2)

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