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Return to Wonderland
MDMA & Piracetam
Citation:   SpinningBuddha. "Return to Wonderland: An Experience with MDMA & Piracetam (exp86050)". Erowid.org. May 31, 2019. erowid.org/exp/86050

  repeated oral Piracetam (powder / crystals)
      MDMA (powder / crystals)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
Here we are, back in J's room again, 2 years after our first drop, its been more than a year since my last pill, and I'm ready to place my trust in the magic of the crystals once again. Looks good, tastes like ass, but that goes without saying. Having heard that abstinence supposedly does nothing to ratify the once elating dissapointment mdma has become, fellow gurners will know what I mean when I say that I look upon the upcoming experience with skeptical eyes, having experienced the famous (or infamous) 'letdown of MDMA' every time since my 4th or 5th pill session, so are the consequences of eating 500mg of high quality mandy on my very first night (ha, a story for another time maybe). Aha! But this time I have an extra neuropharmacological trick tucked up my sleeve. Piracetam, and lots of it.

I've been drinking a cup full of water with 3-4 grams of piracetam thrown in every 2/3 hours for about 3-4 times, I havn't been on it this week and so I've decided to start 'attacking' my brain with the dosage today. Last cup of 3 grams piracetam along with my 200mg (give or take) mdma crystals goes down the hatch.

First alerts after roughly 20-30 minutes, general uneasiness and 'anxiety'. Now this is where it gets confusing. I was getting to the stage where I felt out of breathe or like it was hard to breathe as well as being confused, usually this bit is relatively easy and swiftly gives way to the phosphorylation of serotonin transporters and the release of cytoplasmic serotonin from the dorsal raphe nuclei. Anyway, without sounding too much like a smart ass, the 'uncomfortable stage' began, although this time it was a lot more intense
the 'uncomfortable stage' began, although this time it was a lot more intense
. It almost felt like I was on the worst speed available, accompanied with feelings of urgency like something very bad was about to happen. But low and behold, this state left as fast as it came and I felt like I could actually feel the serotonin wash over my mind in a wave of euphoria. Anxiety, gone. Social inhibitions, gone. Need to sleep, gone.

And the magic was back! There I was again flying high like the good old times, all the old nonexperiences of shabby pills or not even feeling the come up were sent running from my mind as mild jaw tension and an almost opioid like comfort set in. Maybe it wasnt as intense as my first time, but hey, that was my first time, plus I'd eaten half a gram of the stuff on that occasion.

Well, post-rush, I took a long hard look at the experience, and it was quite different. The dinstinctive 'MDMA' serotonergic euphoria was there, with the 'lets have a nostalgic conversation' feeling, but it wasnt overly intense, although it was at a level which I was more than satisfied with. The difference this time was that there was a more distinct stimulant feel to it, a healthy dose of the superman feeling, but also a more intellectual quality was added to my mind. I felt alot more clear headed and 'able' to do things than previous times when I had taken more mdma, also I had the urge to 'break things down' and 'figure things out' in an almost mathematical or systematic way, although the things that were being 'broken down' were obviously completely the non mathematical. Its a more productive feeling, less groggy or murky rush. Almost like how I would imagine crystal meth would be. I appeared to be more hyperactive and more alert than all my friends, even one of them who's first time it was.

The rush was pretty much constant except of course the 5 seconds of coming up (intensification) at the beginning. I didnt really notice any sort of change in intensity along the way, I just got on with whatever I was doing and enjoyed it, even towards the end (ate MDMA at 10pm, when I say the end I'm talking 6am in the morning) obviously I felt a drop in intensity of the peripheral effects, but I never really reached that relaxing 'coming down' stage where I feel really sleepy, and also slightly dissapointed that the rush is over. Nope, while all my mates where laying around me exchanging joints all bleary eyed and worn out, I was sitting there happy as larry, alert as ever still content with how I was feeling. When they all finally decided to go sleepies, sleep was slightly more difficult than usual. Although this may be a misassumption, it was probably just that I would of preferred to stay up than sleep, but as soon as I layed down feeling like I was some sort of puddle of comfort, sleep soon swept in. I woke up once, what I think people call a sleep disturbance where I suddenly woke up feeling completely alert, but I fell asleep again soon after.

Well to sum up, the next day went pretty much as usual, felt a little bit strange when I woke up, but not really any signs of a comedown, alot better off than previous times
felt a little bit strange when I woke up, but not really any signs of a comedown, alot better off than previous times
. Next few days went along as normal, ate a few vitamins, couldn't really be bothered to blow my money on 5-HTP, although in all honesty I didnt feel like I needed it at all, didnt really feel any different to before I took the mdma, if not better, although I did get one strange bout of anxiety/paranoia around 4 days after I took the ecstacy, but it only lasted around 4 hours, and it just so happened that I had stopped taking the piracetam 2 days before, and had stopped smoking cannabis a day before so cant really say for sure.

P.S the day after the MD my appetite returned to being completely normal, none of that 'hmm part of me feels hungry but I also still slightly feel the drug' garbage, I could've eaten a dominos when I woke up.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86050
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: May 31, 2019Views: 683
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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