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Through Many Phases
by Supersaur
Citation:   Supersaur. "Through Many Phases: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp86189)". Jul 24, 2010.

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    smoked JWH-018

I was first introduced to K2 Summit by a friend on the beginning of May 2010, I was told it was fake weed and seeing as how I couldn't smoke cannabis at the time (I was looking for a job) I decided to try it. I was very doubtful at first since I figured it wouldn't work and my friend was only exhibiting signs of intoxication due to a placebo effect. Well I took two small hits (I had only smoked four times before so I couldn't inhale well) and decided to sit down and see if it would even give me a mild high...10 minutes later nothing happened, not even a mild buzz. I go and tell my friend he's full of shit and that is when he tells me I'm not smoking it right, so he told me to inhale it, tilt my head back and hold it in for a little bit. The last couple of times I tried doing that with cannabis I started uncontrollably coughing, but wanting to feel some sort of high I went ahead and followed his instructions. I sucked on the pipe and held it for about 10 seconds, exhale, next hit, held it in for around 8 seconds, third hit, held it in for around 11 seconds.

I decide to stop at the third hit, my throat is burning due to my lack of experience smoking I go and sit down and mess around on my cellphone. Around a minute passes and I decide that K2 is a load of shit (Keep in mind I have not looked away from my cellphone at all since I sat down to mess around with it) so I tilt my head away from my cellphone and that's when I realize holy fucking shit, I am completely fucked, I feel like waves of sound are starting to fill my body, I feel at peace, the lights in the room are becoming vivid, becoming shapes and as I stare at the other people in the room I can pick apart their flaws, everyone looks ugly even people who I thought attractive. I feel weightless and my vision is starting to get a little blurry, I try to stand up and I stumble forward a bit, I feel like I am the only one in the room moving and everything and everyone else is standing. I walk towards my friend as he laughs at me and asks if I finally feel it, I try to say yes, but I am stuttering so much that the only thing I get out is 'Ye ye ye ye ye'. He says he's going to go make himself a sandwich and I follow him, I feel like the room is spinning, I feel as if I am walking after a night of very, very heavy drinking.

I sit down for awhile and every time I close my eyes I can imagine anything and when I do it becomes so vivid after awhile I decide to stand up again I feel like the room is leaning towards the left and if I don't keep holding on to the chair I will fall forward, the feelings of euphoria are still sweeping through my body. I'm not sure for how long the high lasted, I do know that my friend made and finished his sandwich and left the kitchen long before I ever started sobering up (or at least it felt that way) I decided to leave from the back door, I didn't really know anyone else there besides my friend. I kept thinking about how high I was that whole night, I had never been so high in my life and I had no aftereffects from it either.

It was a week before I tried K2 again, this time I took four huge hits and held them all for 12 seconds, it was only a few seconds after the last one that I was completely fucked up and this time the high was more extreme. I felt like I had become a refrigerator and that colorful lights were coming out of me and when I went to lay down on the sofa, I felt like my legs were turning into stone I even heard the noises of the stone crumbling away as I shook my legs. I was filled with immense happiness, everything felt great, I could hear everything clearly and for a few minutes I felt like I was flying. I had some trouble walking, I started thinking about the deeper aspects of life and I found it much easier to concentrate. It was after this that I started smoking K2 every day, I wouldn't smoke as much every day but at least one hit from a pipe. I never got as high as I did those first couple of times but I still got higher than I ever did on cannabis....I was completely in love with this drug.

I did have a bad experience from K2 Blueberry a week after that.. but only because I smoked more than I should have, I had already taken 3 big hits from the pipe and was already really high but I decided I wanted to go even higher wanting to re-live my second experience of K2 Summit (tolerance built up way too quickly) I took four extra big hits and around a minute later I was gone. My boyfriend kept talking to me but I couldn't focus on his voice, my eyesight was getting really blurry, I heard tribal drums in the background but I didn't find them out of place or strange I felt like they had been playing the whole time, I knew I was way too high and not necessarily the good way. I tried to stand up from the floor a couple of times but couldn't get enough balance or support on anything to actually do it, I didn't know what was going on, I knew I was fucked up but for a few minutes I didn't know on what... I had completely forgotten I was on K2. I heard my boyfriend's voice but I couldn't focus on it (the next day he told me he had been talking to me for awhile but I was just looking zoned out) I felt like I was just getting higher and higher, I was starting to lose grip on my mind, I couldn't control my thoughts anymore.

This is when I started to get scared, I really felt like my mind was not my own, random images and thoughts would pop into my head and every time I closed my eyes I had very intense visuals..for awhile I was entertained by these but as they got more extreme I got even more scared. At one point I felt like I was just a mind with no body and that I was in a barrel and it kept turning round and round and I was tapping into different lives. Every time the barrel rolled I saw a different prospective from a different life. Nausea started to kick in, I sit down, I close my eyes but all I can see is this barrel yet if I open them I can barely hold in my vomit. I lay on my back, with my eyes still closed, I am turning into different shapes and running around on a chess board, I open my eyes and the room is spinning, I am terrified. I ask my boyfriend if you can OD on K2 and he tells me no, I ask him if he is sure, he tells me that he is..I had to stop talking to him because that was only make my nausea worse until I felt like I could no longer hold it in, I tried to run to the bathroom but I fell forwards towards the door and vomit on the bathroom floor, I crawl towards the toilet and keep vomiting.

The visions of the barrel have come back and I have decided I am going to die, I cry a little bit and my boyfriend tries to calm me down but I tell him to just leave me in there. I sit on the edge of the tub and try to hold in my puke. My stomach muscles are in pain, my throat hurts and burns due to the intense puking session I had just experienced. I felt like I was regaining a bit of control on my mind because I started telling myself I would be fine but at the same time I kept having thoughts of these other lives and the barrel. I'm not sure how long I was sitting there but I waited there until I felt like I wasn't going to puke anymore. I went and lay on my bed, the room is still spinning I feel like my bed is spinning, a slight nausea is starting to kick in again. I keep my eyes closed and I am sure I have OD'd on K2, I'm scared, I kept thinking I was going to die. I ask my boyfriend if I'm going to die and he keeps telling me no but I feel like I am, my heart is pounding out of my chest and I start feeling pressure on my chest, my stomach muscles are still in pain, I want to sleep but I'm afraid to sleep. I close my eyes and wait for death or sleep to take me, my boyfriend keeps telling me to relax that I'm just having a bad trip but I keep telling him I think I'm going to die.

I'm not sure how long it was until I fell asleep but I jolted awake at 6A.M. I knew I had a scary dream but I couldn't remember it, I felt no pain, my throat was fine. I was very happy I was alive and I had no hangover whatsoever. I laid off K2 for a few days after this experience and I never took hits like I did that night ever again.

Most other experiences were mediocre compared to those first couple of times but they were beyond great compared to any other drug I had tried. Tolerance was building up fairly quickly and with each week that passed my high kept getting reduced and slight anxiety was starting to kick in.

I decided to buy the direct chemical JWH-018 instead of the K2 incense packs, I decided to try it with a few friends, three of them had smoked K2 plenty of times before and one of them was new to it we'll call them A, B, C and D. We made a gravity bong and filled the bowl with some K2 Summit and sprinkled some JWH-018 on top, mixed it around, sprinkled again and mixed it around, sprinkled again and mixed it around, then sprinkled some on top. My tolerance was built up quite a lot by this time so I felt putting this much JWH-018 in there was not going to have an extreme effect. B takes the first hit from the gravity bong, and we decided to pass the bowl over to the bong and we continue smoking it from there. I took three big hits and everyone else also took 3. B proceeds to start washing dishes and he continues doing that during the whole experience and whenever I looked at him he was washing them very slowly. Around a minute later A starts staring at the table and laughing, which makes C and I laugh. D is sitting in the couch on the other side of the room looking straight ahead, we don't pay much attention to him because he is being very quiet and so is B. A starts making silly noises which in turn make C and I laugh even harder, it seems like he is trying to talk but his tongue keeps getting in the way, C keeps telling him to calm down.

I can't stop laughing...I start worrying that I can't stop laughing but everything seems so silly to me. A mutters out that he is way too fucking high and starts laughing again, C and I keep laughing hysterically since we figured B was having a good trip due to his laughing. I tell him to be quiet because my stomach muscles are starting to ache from all the laughing. A keeps smiling and moving his hands oddly on the table, his smile starts fading and he starts saying 'Oh shit, oh shit. oh shit' over and over again. I laugh so hard and so does C and after a few seconds he tries to calm A down. I can't stop laughing, my stomach muscles are hurting so much, I get off the chair and stumble to the kitchen, my coordination is shit, my legs feel very heavy and my heart is pounding out of my chest, the room is so blurry and the whole situation seems so surreal, I hear A say 'Oh shit' one last time and I realize I need to get out of there, he won't be quiet and I need to calm down, everything that is happening is making me laugh. He is quiet for a few seconds before he says 'I'm dying, I'm dying' in a very odd voice.

I am freaking out by this point, I am starting to feel like I am not real and I am not really here and I question the reality of my situation, my legs are getting very heavy and A keeps saying 'I'm dying' over and over again, I hear C try to calm him down. B and D are completely quiet and have not said a word since they took their hits. I feel like I am losing my peripheral vision and I am starting to sweat. A starts chanting like if he is some Shaman or Indian chief of some sort. I'm not too worried about them really, I am having too much of a bad trip to care much.

A raises his hands and starts chanting even more. I decide I need to leave, I'm worried I'm going to die, I make my way for the door and I have to hold on to everything on the way there because I cannot balance myself, I feel like I am walking very slowly, like time is not working. I decide I need to save myself and I take that last step outside. I stumble on the ground and make it to the side of the stairs. Everything is shaking, am I outside? I look down at my arms and I feel like I am not connected to this body, I try to move my left arm but I can't and I freak out for a a second until I finally move my arm. I start wondering if I'm going to be paralyzed. My heart is beating so hard I feel like it's going to explode, I sit down on the side of the stairs, I hear A scream twice and then continue chanting. I need to walk down the stairs and into my car but I bring myself to move much, when I try to stand up I feel like everything is moving but I'm standing still. I am completely terrified at this point and I am almost sure I am going to die.

I don't hear A anymore and I was surprised I even heard him chanting and screaming, when I left the apartment I shut the door and I had crawled two doors away from his apartment and to the side of the stairs. I can reason with myself but my mind drifts away to thoughts of me dying or being paralyzed and at times I feel like I am not connected to my body. I stand up very slowly and hold on to the side of the rail and some time after this B and C run out of the apartment and I hear B say 'Just run man run' or something like that. I hear A making very weird sounds since the apartment door is wide open now and I am pretty worried but I am even more worried about the ambulance sirens I am starting to hear. C tells me we need to go, I am having some severe anxiety now and I suppose I wasn't thinking too well because I told him to go by himself and leave me here. But lucky for me he didn't leave without me he kept telling me to come with him until I finally did. Walking down the stairs was hell I had to focus very hard on where I stepped because I couldn't balance myself at all when I finally get down there C and I start walking towards my car, half way there I tell him I can't make it, with every step I take I run out of breath and I am starting to feel pressure on my chest.

He convinces me to continue and we finally make it to the car. A couple of minutes after we got in the car we see a couple of people outside of their apartments looking at the building where A lives. I am starting to be able to reason with myself more now and I feel like I'm going to die. Intense nausea is starting to kick in as we sit in the car because neither of us were sober enough to drive. C is starting to get very paranoid and tells us we are going to get drug charges and if he should try to leave even if he's high or stay here where he's sure the cops are coming. I tell him I'd rather stay than let him drive and go through a crash. I am feeling very sick by now so I slightly open the passenger door because I am almost sure I am going to vomit. I closed my eyes because having them open is making me even more nauseous. The ambulance is right near us after a few minutes and so are the police. I ask C what happened and he tells me B called the ambulance because he was having a really bad panic attack he then tells me he'll explain everything later.

I look down at my arm and again I feel like I can't move it so I punch it forward and it finally moves, this freaks C out very much and I tell him I think I'm going to be paralyzed. My heart is still pounding very hard, I am laying back by this time and I feel very sleepy, I don't feel like throwing up anymore but everything is still spinning. I feel very weak and I tell C I'm probably going to die, he tells me I won't and I tell him I think this is really it. There was not much dialogue, after that. Around thirty minutes pass and I start feeling better and my heart is not pounding anymore, it's going pretty fast but not extreme. I hear people talking behind us and I also hear the paramedics but I don't pay much attention to them because I have my eyes closed and I'm trying my best to be calm. A few minutes after they left C and I finally leave with him driving and by the time I get home I'm feeling much better just very sleepy. Later on C tells me that B called the police because he was having a horrible panic attack and that C left because A was acting very strange and he felt like he was going to attack him at some point. C and I freak out much throughout that day about what we think will be the pending drug charges, C has never been in any sort of legal problems before so this is something that really worried him.

At around 11 P.M I decided to call A and he tells me he was in the hospital and so was B and that D is still in a hospital a few cities away, I ask him why and he tells me he couldn't stop throwing up, and that B was having a very intense panic attack and that D couldn't breathe. I ask A what he experienced but he tells me he doesn't remember anything besides the throwing up. We all decided to never do JWH-018 or any JWH-018 related drugs. Right before this experience I had been through a difficult day, I can't say I was upset or sad when I took those hits but I can't say I was in a very good state of mine either.

I quit for a week and then started doing K2 Summit on a daily basis for two extra weeks I only got high two times those whole two weeks and it was a very mild high. Every other time I smoked K2 all I would get is a high heart rate, hypoventilation and chest pain. I have since quit smoking K2, I think it's a great occasional drug but if it is abused tolerance builds up quickly. I would never use JWH-018 on a daily basis again but I would try it on a monthly basis.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86189
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Jul 24, 2010Views: 28,675
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