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A Lot to It
by Barton
From Erowid Extracts Collection
Citation:   Barton. "A Lot to It: An Experience with 6-APB (exp86223)". Nov 1, 2010.

T+ 0:00
75 mg oral 6-APB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Iíve experienced cannabis, salvia, datura, morning glory seeds, lsd, mdma, speed, mephedrone, butylone, M1, MDPV, 5-meo-dalt, nutmeg, some benzos, and other things I canít recall just now.

6-APB introduced me to the potential of manmade psychedelics, Iíve never tried any 2cís, so itís hard to compare.

Well I got my 200mg sample yesterday morning & decided Iíd be sharing it with some friends while weíre out, whatever we might end up doing, I could see how well 6A might work for that setting. Sorry for the long report if thatís not your thing, but I write them long to integrate & remember the experience as well as share information with all you. Donít know how my writing is, still got a lazy, spaced-out type of mind set after last night.

I think I contribute my quick come up, uneasy stomach and dazzling effects to weighing 55kg and having not ate very much.

So aye, I found myself at a train station about 4:30pm, waiting on folk coming so that we could go to a park, buy some weed, chill, and maybe play some football. I was with A, B, C, D & E. I basically explained the basics of 6-APB and B said that he wouldnít mind trying it. So I bombed 70-80mg, B bombed 60-70. B said he had been reading up on something I had told him about before, 6-APB, I told him that is what he just took. I think I realised who he was on the drug forum last night, got a bit into thought with it. But, anyway, letís say 4:30 is t+0.00. Afraid itís rough time estimates because I left my small amount of notes on the train, thatíll be a strange read for anyone passing by.

T- 3.00 Ė Had strange stomach sensations and felt quite exhausted, could not eat properly and didnít have much energy to move. Felt better after a shower, but wondered what was up with my stomach.

T + 0.00 Ė Ate a bomb with 70-80mg of 6A, eyeballed. Kept an open mind to what might happen next.

T + 0.15 Ė Body feels light as I move can definitely feel the beginning of a come-up. Like whenever I bombed Mephedrone it would kick in surprisingly fast.

T+ 0.30 Ė Mild tingles in my body as I go to the post office to buy a pen and pad because I knew that Iíd probably duff up the time scale bad when it came to it.

T+ 0.45 Ė After going to a mateís house with A to get a football just a little walk away, It really started to build fast. Mild euphoric waves and feeling very talkative with A. All the while I was getting an upset stomach and a dazed feeling like I should probably sit down in the shade and wait to get through it. So I was a little bit sick back at the Train station while still feeling wildly euphoric, was just a wee bit of water though, got scared that I might have ejected the rest of the 6-APB, but I could still feel it building up.

T + 1.00 Ė After taking a little bit to compose myself, I rejoined the group. B hadnít felt anything as of yet. We started walking to the park. I was still a little out of the conversation, trying to find a level balance with the drug so It couldnít topple me over. I had heard of people getting nausea etc while coming up on pure MDMA and other substances, but I thought I wasnít so prone to that. It was a very quick come up, shockingly so for me anyway. Around this point I was getting more into conversation, very smooth and more flowing chat than usual, finding more of an interest in people & their lifeís than I usually do. Like MDMA in that way, but not so sluggish and draining to sober people Iím guessing. Just feeling really good, comfortable in my skin, felt like I was walking on air, so light.

T + 1.45 Ė Weíre at the park now, just waiting on some weed, some really good weed. I wasnít really thinking about the potential effects of 6A combined with cannabis at this point. Everything seemed like it was going well and would go well, so I just went with it. I was really feeling the love and the sunshine but I kept the codshit to myself since there werenít many people on the same wavelength as me. B said he was feeling chatty, I noticed he looked completely fine though. I on the other hand had funny facial expressions, quite a big grin and was dancing away with any music put on.

Everything seemed in its place & I thought that this was very much like time released mdma. A walk in the park mdma. I could tell this would be nice at a party or rave. Music was going right through me and the visual effects were just starting. Continuous fractal patterning on everything I looked at, the sky had a holographic overlay, patterned sea shells. As I danced, I could see I was producing see-through rainbow tracers, lovely stuff. Very beautiful and not intense at all at this time. Comparable to my first cube of acid. Closed eye visuals seemed random and scattered, I seen there was still some distance to go on this drug.

T + 2.30 Ė I think it was around now that we got the grass. A had taken a bomb somewhere between 50-70m an hour ago and wasnít getting much out of it so far. We started passing 3 joints of the some of the best weed Iíve smoked in a while. It was a strange and gradual twist at this point. As everyone started to get high, I realised I was also high. When I realised what time it was, myself and B thought it had went by very quickly.

T + 3.00 Ė Everyone is really high just now, walking around laughing and being general stoners. Up to this point F, G and H had arrived. More sober people who insisted in talking about silly drama orientated things which I couldnít really deal with. So Iím just walking in between F, G and H and everyone else rambling about my visuals which were becoming the strongest Iíve ever experienced. Iíve not had much experience with manmade psychedelics so I canít really say how strong it is in that sense. With acid I can usually look at everything and see fractal patterns and watch things change colours, though Iíve only tried quite low doses.

I could look at treeís with 6-APB and watch them turn into a wonderful piece of art with completely different colours and textures, gradually morphing more and more leaving me in awe. I was expecting more of an entactogenic experience and should have considered what weed would do. Smoking weed with M1, mdma, mephedrone etc always leaves me very psychedelic, in my own head with all sorts of very quick and sharp thoughts, getting into deep details of the psychology of people around me and my own. Basically, as soon as psychedelics come into it, they take over from everything else for me. This was more controlled and easier to explore, the stimulation was a bit mad though, I was partially chewing my face off. I was probably moving quite strangely as well, being distracted by something lovely looking quite a lot. A says he feels something building up. Iím out of this world. B looks the same but must be feeling pretty rambled. Even folk that were only toking looked a bit monged.

T + 4.00 Ė We start to play football, 3 aside. Iím playing with A & D, we do quite well. I just run up and down waiting for passes, I play quite well. I try to see it from strategic points of view and get right into it. The little weeds and flowers on the grass looked very Wonderland; it was surreal playing football around all this nature from other planets & mosaic forestry. When going to get the ball after a goal was scored against us, I would zone out & forget Iím playing football, playing around with the visual control strings. We ended up winning, then realising we had barely any time to reach the shops before they stop selling drink. Walking to the train station, A told me he was out of it, Iíve tripped with A before and he did seem like he was, perhaps still a little better grounded.

We talked about people in a fair bit of detail amongst some other stuff that I enjoyed talking about. We ended up at the station looking at each other for ages, his eyes would change colour and patterns would cause a shimmer that climbed and fell down his whole body. He also looked smaller than usual and I started to think about proportions. So at this point we are quite fear and loathing, Iím on a full scale trip. Weíve got 5 minutes till the train and everyone else hadnít caught up with us yet, we go find them, miss the train and donít get booze because of it. Stoned people can be very hard to persuade, and what can you do when they have the grass.

T + 5.00 Ė The random sober people seem upset and leave. They should have left long ago, we obviously werenít blending well. Myself and A were feeling quite uncomfortable around them, bad vibes. They left and it look a great weight off my back. Weíve been smoking joints occasionally up to this point, having ran out of water Iím getting a bad dry throat and want to go get some water. But everyone else being hard to move, quite comfortably perched in this golf course, I had to wait until weíd finished here, I even gave up on smoking because I knew I was on the edge. Still quite euphoric and tingly at this point, but I was wearing shorts and very cold. I had red eyes and massive pupils, not the best combination for walking into Tescoís and dealing with people.

I think if the set & setting for this trip were better, it could be really enjoyable. I was really getting into it until the cold settled in. At one point walking through the golf course, I was filled with childhood memories of walking through a very similar looking place. It was very strong dťjŗ vu. The sense of emotion was very strong. Itís like the empathy of ecstasy turned inwards, I turned into the sober people from earlier and imagined myself in their shoes, feeling the sadness like they were stuck in some mental rut which enabled them from having fun. It was very eye opening and I felt glad that I donít find myself feeling that that.

I was definitely in strong psychedelic thought. I imagine If I didnít smoke weed and perhaps got a little drink the effects would be more euphoric, playful, social and I would still be dancing away like I usually do with ecstasy, mephedrone etc. But itís hard to say, I could see 6-APB playing a lot of different roles from full on psychedelic trip to a social tool for parties and gigs. Iím keen to use it in different situations.

People should be careful with this. If you arenít experienced with psychedelics at all then watch out for weed, you might be very surprised and end up having a bad trip. At some points the visuals would get so intense that Iíd have to turn away half way through some scene morphing into a completely alien landscape. This has to be treated with some respect, it would be easy to take a very high dose and be unwillingly stuck in an unfamiliar matrix for a long time.

T+ 6.30 Ė We got to Tesco, finally, and managed to get some water. The capitalist environment is always hard for me to handle in psychedelics, thank fuck for self-service check outs. I think my eyes were quite noticeable, but Iím quite used to walking around this area full of rocket fuel. By this point the psychedelics had merged into my normal mind set. Unfortunately the only way I could look at people without them merging with the visuals is if I looked at them really quickly and looked away, so I got used to it.

Need more control over this I thought. Myself and A were both quite in the same mindset which I appreciated. We looked at people going on with day to day business and quietly laughed at how ignorant they were to the beauty that we could see in everything. Around this point I started to walk back to the train station to get home. I was meant to be staying at Pauls, but we decided D would stay instead as it would be very difficult for him to get home. So I said goodbyes, feeling quite strange and went on my way.

I always tend to run in fear of missing this train when Iím stoned. So thatís what I did. This train station, which I see almost everyday allows me to make comparisons, as I know every detail of the place. Iím not sure what I was thinking about, I reckon I was just trying to sort my mind set for walking back into the house. Visual ghost images were appearing in my central vision. On the train I got quite para being around all these sober people, working and all sorts. I got quite distracted by this and ended up leaving my bag on the train. Itís ok, getting it later today.

I ran across some people I knew from School when getting off the train, I felt very awkward, we didnít know each other at all anymore, and I couldnít handle anything near normal chat. Getting home I realised I lost my bag, I wasnít fazed at all by it. The rest of the night was spent trying to make sense of the day and getting into some random music, enjoying the visuals. The laptop was hard to handle, visuals everywhere, I was probably talking some amount of shite as well. I went to bed around 1am and probably didnít sleep till 3am, being in quite a visual haze with random people talking in my head space like I get when coming down off mdma. Quite enjoyable.

I woke up at quarter past 11 today, quite tired and dazed like I usually feel when waking up after smoking a good amount of weed. I still feel a bit off baseline and this is 3.18pm. No bad comedown whatsoever.

So to summarise...

I think this substance has a lot of potential to do a lot of things, I wasnít expecting such a psychedelic trip but Iím glad I took this route rather than just drinking and talking cod, a lot more interesting, definitely my most intense trip, It shocked me at first but I managed to get into the flow. From the euphoria and dancing at the start, I can see that It can be very social and recreational. But the majority of my day was spent in serious thought and vivid emotions.

Probably not the best of reports, but Iím still shattered, so thereís my excuse. Wonderful substance, rightfully hyped. I canít wait to experiment further. It has humbled me in the potential of psychedelics, I definitely havenít seen it all yet.
Cheers for reading if you got this far.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86223
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Nov 1, 2010Views: 52,143
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6-APB (516) : Various (28), First Times (2)

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