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A Few Experiments
Citation:   Jesus Raves. "A Few Experiments: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp86228)". Jul 28, 2010.

  smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
    insufflated JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
Warning: This report is VERY long, but I think it has a lot of good info.

JWH-018: A Few Experiments

I have known about “legal weed” for a while now and really enjoy it. I like to switch between smoking weed and smoking “incense” because they are not cross tolerant and so it always feels like the first week of smoking. Dismal news though: legal weed will become illegal in Alabama (where I live) on July 1, 2010, due to our state being run by asswipes. It is still legal in all but one or two other states. Why us???!!! Alabama is last in everything else!

I was talking to my friend’s friend X the other night about all this and he said, “Yeah, I smoke that shit too. But since it is going to be illegal soon guess what I did? I went to an online vendor and purchased some of the active ingredient in powder form. I got just a little, but it will take me months to use it all.”

Wow, why had I never thought of that before?! And I thought I was so smart. The “incense” is sold here for anywhere between $30 and $70 for three grams. The amount of chemical on whatever herbs and spices they put in the incense is so small that it just looks like plant material. How long would a few hundred milligrams of the pure powdered form of the chemical last, and how much money could I save?

“What’s the name of the chemical?” I asked X, since I had always wondered what it was that gave the mullen in Mojo its zing.
“K-something with numbers,” he replied. That wasn’t much to go on but when I got home at midnight I got online to do a search.

There were no chemicals named K# anything, but I saw something that looked similar: JWH-018 and JWH-073. There were no reports under ’73, but the ’18 section had about twenty and I saw the name of one of my favorite herbal blends in the title of one of the reports. This was it! Then I did an internet search on JWH-018 and found several vendors in the USA selling it as “bonsai food.” I picked the one with the lowest price, and then, less than a week before legal-time ran out, ordered two grams in the nick of time. (It was much cheaper than I thought…$87 including S&H. I should have been doing this all along!)

Less than 48 hours later my idiot racist paranoid neighbor knocks on my door. I look out the blinds and see him and think, God, what does HE want. Then I noticed him waving a large Fed Ex envelope at me and I had to keep myself from jumping for joy. I opened the door and kept a straight face while thanking him and taking the envelope. As soon as I was back inside my apt, I began scouring the surface of the flat package trying to find out if there was anything incriminating printed on it that he might have seen. But the name on the return address was something entirely different from the very incriminating name of the company I’d ordered from. I finally tore open the envelope to find that they’d sent me 2.2 grams of powder instead of 2. That was about a $15 bonus. Cool! I’ll have to email them and thank them.

Anyway, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon and I had to leave for work at 3, so I knew I couldn’t get too fucked up, but God, I had to try it. I contemplated the little baggie of sparkling white/microscopically off-white powder for a few minutes and thought, “Now what the fuck do I do with this? How do I use this?”

I knew it was orally active but I didn’t have any empty caps and there wasn’t time to wait for the drug to kick in that way anyway. Plus it would have taken a higher dose, though it probably would have lasted longer. So…what then? Should I snort it? I quickly went back to the JWH-018 page to see how other people had been taking it. Nobody had snorted it. I’ll have to try that later and put it in this report. But for now, something tried-and-true. 90% of the reports said that JWH-018 was “smoked.” A few said it was vaporized, but I don’t have a vaporizer as much as I’d like one for health reasons. I guessed most people were sprinkling it on cannabis or some other herb and smoking it like that. I don’t own a pipe, though. All I have is a dugout (the most conservative way to smoke pot) and the bat, being a straight pipe that looks just like a cigarette to the unobservant, has a horizontal bowl when you are smoking and not a vertical one that can be sprinkled with anything.

But I tried anyway, not so much sprinkling the powder but placing one eye-end of a half-inch medium needle’s worth onto a pinch of tobacco that half filled the tiny bowl. This was a tedious process, certainly not as convenient as loading a bat, but comparable to having to break something up. This substance is active at such a low milligram-level that I was overly careful not to drop even a single grain as I brushed the powder from the needle-end onto the tobacco, thinking a single grain could probably get me high.

Then I licked the needle. I tasted nothing, it was such a small amount. I’m sure it has a taste in quantities that would make a person uncomfortable, though. It has a strong smell (not strong enough to notice through the envelope) that reminds me of some other research chemical that I’ve previously taken, possibly AMT (but could have been 5meo-AMT or 5meo-DMT…. It’s been so many years since I’ve taken any of that stuff that I forget).

Now it was finally time to smoke it! I lit the bowl and took the whole hit of powder and tobacco at once. Tobacco is harsh when smoked like pot, and out of a bat! I still didn’t taste the JWH-018.

After a few seconds I noticed what might be a subtle buzz coming on. A delicious feeling was rising inside me. I sealed the baggie back and sat back in the recliner in front of my computer to wait and see what would happen. I wanted to smoke more, to feel that feeling more intensely, but experience smoking legal herb has taught me that this chemical is like creeper—it takes about 5 min to truly hit you.

Five minutes later I knew I’d made the right choice. While I wasn’t fubar-ed by any means, the high was comparable to smoking about a bat of some nice KB after not smoking pot for a while. It lasted maybe an hour, hour and ½…I dunno cos I got busy and started filling out this form I have to fill out for my psychiatrist and kind of forgot I was high, so I don’t know exactly when it ended. The JWH-018 buzz seems to last only about half as long to two-thirds as long as the high from real cannabis.

Then I went to work. On the way there while listening to some nice techno in my nice car I decided that smoking JWH-018 on tobacco in a bat was not the optimal way to take it. I remembered reading a single report about a guy who’d made a homemade vaporizer out of tinfoil. I have smoked meth like this (on one of the less than 20 times I’ve done meth…I’m no meth head) and it seemed effective. A light-bulb pipe like for smoking 5meo would probably work better, trapping the vapors, but it’s been years since I made one and I’ve forgotten exactly how to get the metal part off without breaking the bulb…plus all of the light bulbs in this apartment are those spiral Green energy saver bulbs, like they should be. At work I grabbed a few striped straws from my boss’s kitchen cabinet. I looked for a piece of tinfoil, to no avail. On the way home I stopped at the 24-hour Mart and picked some up along with a TV dinner. I got home and ate the dinner while I wrote the first part of this report up until the sentence you are now reading. It IS requested by the editors that we say what we have eaten. Also to describe the weather. One word about the June weather: HOT.

Now I have caught up with time and am ready to try smoking a little bit larger of a dose. After I smoke a cigarette.

* * *

I got the little baggie of powder from the Secret Place (not that it’s illegal yet) and snipped a straw to about a 3-inch length. I tore off a smallish square of tinfoil (shiny side or frosty? Who knows.) and folded the edges in so it was not so flimsy, then made a little bowl-shaped indention in it with the eraser end of a pencil. I can smoke as much as I want tonight, but I’ll start with two meticulous needle-scoops…I’ve read the reports and know that too much is a nauseating nightmare. I can always smoke more.

I tapped the powder into the bowl over a flat, dark surface (to catch any that fell) and then licked the needle clean, tasting nothing. For a second I wondered if the stuff really IS good for bonsai. Now, time to smoke.

10:33: A small tendril of vapor (did some escape? Out of practice w/this. I’ll toke harder next time) and a slight taste that tastes kind of different than the smell. Forty-five seconds later I am feeling a head change, a happy feeling. Not too very high yet, but I will wait 5min before smoking more. Will go look online for a movie.

Found one! How to be a Serial Killer, a dark comedy. I only spent about 30 seconds choosing it, just knowing that something funny would be good. It’s 10:38 and I’m feeling much more high than I was a few minutes ago, and it seems to be increasing. I’m high enough that I wouldn’t want to be talking to my mom. The urge to smoke a cigarette is great, but I don’t want to go outside and leave all this tinfoil, powder baggie, etc that I’m probably going to use again shortly sitting out in the open. A friend might show up while I’m out there and want to come in.

A word about my friends and JWH-018. I’ve explained to them that it feels just like cannabis, but they do not trust it, are afraid of what it would be like, know nothing about it, are afraid of the fact that it’s untested, and can’t stand the thought of inhaling fragrant incense. Me, I am more foolish. But foolish is not all that I am.

10:42. Pretty damn high now. I don’t think I will want more than one more 2-needle bowl.

10:44. So damn high I dropped at least half a dose while loading up my little boat. Using this drug is obsessive-compulsively meticulous. It is a pain, but worth it. I liked smoking it much better as fragrant incense though. Damn Bob Riley, what a dork. This time I didn’t use two needle scoops because there was this little tiny tiny crack-rock looking piece that looked like about the same amount, and I used that instead.

10:47 The straw melted when it touched the bowl. I hope I didn’t inhale THAT! Maybe that was the taste I tasted. I nearly burned my thumbnail, too. I did not know to make the tinfoil piece not so small. The powder disappears almost instantaneously, just like the guy who smoked it this way in the report said his had. I did not see any vapor this time, it must have gone straight up the straw, but the effect is weird—like you’re not inhaling anything, and the powder gone so fast you think, Was it ever really there?

I’m thinking I should lick the inside of this straw one day if I keep using it.

Maybe I’ll try this orally next time, and write a report on that. It would be hard, though, without a milligram scale and without being able to judge if I didn’t take enough until the point that another dose would not kick in fast enough to compliment the first.

I think about that poor guy in the Reports who swallowed a cap of 25mg. Godawful it must have been.

10:52. Think I’ll smoke another two scoops.

10:55. They were Large scoops. My caution with this stuff is diminishing as I become more familiar with it. I melted the straw-tip again. I think I will start using my bat as the straw, so I don’t end up with the inside of my lungs coated with cancerous plastic. Didn’t burn my thumbnail that time. Obviously I am still thinking clearly enough to write well, but I felt blazed off that hit instantaneously. Think I put this stuff up for now and go outside and have a cig while it kicks in fully. And I will also go in the bathroom and observe weather this experiment has turned my eyes bloodshot, like pot.

11:05: Wow! Outside was magical. It had cooled off, and the moon was one night from full, and the night sky was deep royal purple. I could hear a million frogs, and one bird. (Reminds me of a conversation I had once about these weird lone birds that sometimes sing at night. Me: “What kind of bird is up this late?” S: “A STONED bird!” It’s funny all over again.) I’m smiling as I write this. My mood is elevated and I feel dazed and heavy and there’s a pleasurable body high. I think this stuff would be great for insomnia. I love it! Wish I had someone to smoke it with, though. Half the fun of pot is the other people smoking it with you. But again, most of my friends don’t understand some of the drugs I take, and usually the kind of people that do (like take morphine) are the kind of people I don’t want to be friends with. Not to be a snot or anything, but you know what I mean. I only take morphine on occasion, by the way. I don’t do much of anything but pot and social alcohol (anymore). But I’ve tried nearly everything once, twice if it was nice. And more.

Yes, my eyes were bloodshot. I would also say that this chemical throws off my sense of balance.

11:09: Realizing I haven’t watched the movie yet, but oh well. Writing is much more fun. Now I am remembering watching one of my best friends, D. who has schizophrenia, ranting and raving on a tab of ecstasy two nights ago, vowing to go live with the monks in California and spend his life contemplating what he calls “The Mystery” (I think I know what he means, but who knows.) He was talking about Hiroshi (?) consciousness and was being moved to tears while talking about the Buddha and Jesus, interspersed with a happy face and a few jokes that were downright hilarious and spoken in a tone quite unlike his usual self. I could tell his euphoric mind was racing, and he wasn’t making much sense…while yet…he sort of…Was, and I was reminded of how impractical such “divine” states are in every day life, though you wish they would last forever. Watching him reminded me of myself in days past. He also went into a heartfelt and rather insulting rant about how ignorant it is to be Atheist (I am an atheist) and I felt annoyance interspersed with being charmed by him, but tried to humor him because he was fucked up, even though he was sending me on an emotional rollercoaster with him (Note: I was not on ecstasy too). (Other note: this was my friend’s first time rolling.) I included this paragraph as an example of how my thoughts flow when I am high.

11:16: Starting to feel a bit of a comedown, but still high. The only thing weed has on this chemical is that it lasts longer. It’s too late to watch the movie now (I have art class at 8am) so I guess I will read this report and see if I am satisfied with it before I go to bed. I think I will smoke a bit more to help me go to sleep, and just for fun of course. I wonder how many milligrams I took? I don’t think I came anywhere NEAR an overdose of any kind. I did it right, my caution was rewarded. Be cautious.

12:16. I liked my report. I’m fully down now. I decide to watch the movie after all and smoke a few more times. Tomorrow’s Friday, and I can always sleep a little after class and before work.

12:27 The munchies kick in. I have some cheez-its.
12:40 The video clerk guy in this movie is HOT!
1:23 Lost interest in the movie and went to bed without having smoked any more than I did earlier. Fell asleep easily.

* * *

It’s the next day now (Friday) and I just got back from class and have decided to try snorting a little line of this shit. Hopefully it won’t burn.

I measured out four needle-scoops onto a dark flat surface, lined it up, licked the needle, and snipped a new straw. Here goes!

10:42 No burn whatsoever!! It didn’t feel like anything, utterly painless. Barely even smelled it. Thirty seconds later, there may already be a slight effect. I think I’ll finish the movie about Serial Killing.

10:48 The feeling is the same as it was six minutes ago, maybe a little different, but certainly not stoned by any means. Maybe it hasn’t kicked in yet or maybe I needed more. I will wait until 11 before taking any more just to be on the safe side.

11:00 Not feeling much of anything. Maybe a slight buzz. Maybe. One of my mottos is, if I have to ask if I’m fucked up, it’s not enough. Obviously a larger quantity of powder is needed to get the same effect snorted as smoking. Or else I am developing a tolerance already (unlikely). If I had smoked that amount, I’d be blazed. So snorting may be kind of wasteful. It is a lot easier, though.

11:10: still not feeling much of anything. Will now smoke as much as I snorted.

11:17: Woah, that time I blew out a whole cloud of smoke. Hopefully I didn’t take too much. Going to go smoke.

11:24: Whooo man, am I high. Almost too high, but I trust this stuff. Smoking is the way to go. Snorting is for the birds. Though I like birds.

* * *

Saturday. I’ve noticed that this compound dilates the eyes and makes me lose my balance. I have smoked about 4 times since the other night. Smoked a bit much two of those times, but did not feel any nausea. I was less worried the second time because I knew I’d be mostly down in about an hour. It was euphoric at times. Others, neutral, and pretty trippy. I tried to take a shower the second time and had to take it sitting down due to being so lightheaded and off-balance. I knew some girl who slipped in the shower and broke her leg. Sounds painful and I’ll pass.

* * *

Two weeks later: I am still smoking the little baggie of powder, which is now illegal. I like this stuff, because I can get as high as I want despite tolerance. With weed, sometimes I just can’t get high. I have to wait a few weeks before I can get high again. I have a tolerance to the JWH, but it has leveled off now. I would estimate it takes about 15 mg of powder now for me to get off like I like to get off. Sometimes I smoke a little more, just if I want to freak myself out, and sometimes less, if I have somewhere to be. There is a slight sore throat sometimes with smoking this way but altogether I say it makes me cough a Lot less than pot. One day I plan on writing a report on JWH-250, since I have decided now that 018 is illegal now, it will be my next synthetic cannabinoid to order. But first I am saving up to try BK-MDMA (mdma from Burger King?!)

P.S. I agree with the guy in the Reports who said that the street name of JWH-018 should be “License Plate.”

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86228
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Jul 28, 2010Views: 15,461
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