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Small Dose, Mild High
by Madalaine
Citation:   Madalaine. "Small Dose, Mild High: An Experience with K2 (exp86324)". Oct 15, 2011.

4 hits smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)


Background Info: I am a 20-year-old, 100 lb female. I have smoked marijuana for more than a year, usually 2 or 3 times a week. Before this experience, however, I have not smoked marijuana for more than a month. I bought K2 Summit from a local smoke shop to try since I canít smoke pot anymore because of drug tests. Before this experience I took two small hits of it from a pocket vaporizer for the purpose of making sure I was not allergic or had any immediate negative reactions. This did not make me high at all; they were VERY small hits. So in effect, this experience was my very first time smoking K2. I have read a lot of stories about severe paranoia, cardiovascular problems, and even seizures due to K2, so I planned on not smoking very much for the first time just to be safe and to gauge my bodyís reaction and tolerance.

The Experience

0:00: I put a pinch of K2 Summit into my one-hitter pipe and took two small hits. I felt no immediate effects.

0:14: Iím sitting here in my bed on my laptop, looking at artwork online. I donít feel much yet, maybe a little bit of a head high, kind-of unfocused and light-headed. Iím thinking about trying another hit or two if Iím still not feeling much in the next 20 minutes or so.

0:35: About five minutes ago I put another pinch into my one hitter and took two more pretty small hits. I donít even know if the first one counted as a hit, though. Iím just really worried about doing too much; Iíve read some horror stories about K2 online. Since this is really my first time doing it I want to be extra careful to start with just a little until I figure out my tolerance. I also made myself some tea. Lemongrass green tea. And brought some granola up with me. Yum. Iím definitely feeling ďoffĒ. Similar to slight marijuana high. What Iíve read about K2 made me expect that its ultra-potency made just a couple hits make you really high, but so far it doesnít seem that way. The high is pretty mild. Mostly light-headedness, my visual focus is just a little different, and my mental focusing ability is a little impaired. Itís a little bit harder than usual to keep a train of thought, something that is common for me when high off marijuana.

0:39: My audio perception seems more refined. Everything seems a little louder and clearer. When I eat granola itís so loud. It sounds like crunching rocks in my head.

0:52: Still on my computer. I almost feel as if the peak of the high has passed already. At the highest point it was mild at best. Iím still definitely feeling a little high, but I guess I didnít smoke enough because itís been pretty minimal this whole time.

0:57: I mostly feel like I wish I were super baked off marijuana. The high Iím feeling is mild enough that itís possible that most of it could be psychological due to my expectations. The slight high I do feel does feel good, however, and very similar to an equivalent marijuana high. Thereís a little visual/audio distortion, slight light-headedness, difficulty focusing on tasks, slight euphoric effect/happy feeling. No eye redness or increased appetite, probably because of the mildness of the high.

1:04: I definitely have a heightened sensitivity to music. Just turned on Deadmou5 Ghosts and Stuff. LOVE this. Electronic music is highly underappreciated. Itís so complicated, layered, refinedÖ just indescribably incredible. I can feel this music in my whole body.

1:45: I listened to Radiohead for a while, and then just jacked around on the Internet. I feel pretty much sober now, but have a headache. Iíve never gotten a headache from smoking marijuana. Iím going to call this the end of the experience for now.

Summary: Overall it was comparable to a mild high from marijuana. A little bit disorienting, light-headedness, decreased ability to mentally focus, lifted mood, slight paranoia, and slight visual distortion. A heightened sensitivity to sound and music seemed the most pronounced of all the effects. I didnít have a dangerous reaction or a frightening experience at all, so Iíll probably try it again some other time, but a larger dose. My goal this time wasnít to get super high, but to try a small dose, gauge my tolerance, and see if I liked it. Overall it was enjoyable, so I would like to try again with the goal of getting pretty stoned.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86324
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Oct 15, 2011Views: 13,628
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