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Practical Virgin has Amazing Sex
by Newbie
Citation:   Newbie. "Practical Virgin has Amazing Sex: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp86359)". Jul 19, 2010.

  oral JWH-018 (powder / crystals)


Background: I have almost no experience with drugs of any kind except alcohol and caffeine. But I’ve always wanted to try acid and pot IF it were legal. A year ago, I came across reports about Salvia, and was intrigued. After research, I bought some online, and tried it. I struggled to get a good dose, since I can barely tolerate the smoke, and usually coughed out most of the smoke I tried. Over about a dozen trials, I had two experiences beyond a threshold effect. They were intense and interesting, but the dose was so high that I remember only bits of the experience. I just can’t seem to dial in the dosage to get the moderate effects I’m after. (It’s important to me that anything I try doesn’t change ME, how I act, or cause me to lose control of my decisions and behavior.)

While researching methods like vaporization, I came across JWH-018. I was immediately intrigued again, and eventually felt I knew enough to try it. I was more excited about this than the reported effects of salvia. I loved the idea of oral dosing, since I hate the experience of smoking. So I ordered a gram each of 018 and some 073. $90 and 5 days later, an envelope arrived with two silver pouches, each containing a tiny packet of off-white powder. The 073 was grainy and looked like the contents of a pixie stick. The 018 looked like a few crushed up smartees, and the volumes were surprising close to those comparison items as well.

Reading that 073 was milder in effect more tolerant in dosing, I tried that first. I started with miniscule trace amounts that I was sure to have little effect (it had none), then over several separate trials gradually moved up to what I would guess was just a few mg. This gave me a sense of something, but not enough to even enjoy, let alone identify. At this point, I tried the JWH-018 for the first time.

Experience: Using half the amount of my largest dose of 073 (unknown milligrams, but a very small volume which I can replicate next time), I ate the powder at 9 PM by slipping it under my tongue. The taste was almost unnoticeable, partly because the amount was so small. Since I’m wanting to find out if the symptoms of “being under the influence” is noticeable to those I’m around, I didn’t mention it to my wife, who would be the only one present with me for the rest of the night.

My memories of the rest of the night are strange: I feel like I recall them vividly, but wonder whether things went down exactly as I remember them. It feels much like waking from a dream I’m recalling, but I’m convinced it was all real (my wife has been helpful in confirming that almost everything I recall is accurate. She thought I was acting just a bit strange, or silly, but had no idea that anything was particularly out of the ordinary.)

At 10 PM, we began watching a movie: “Shutter Island” (about crazy patients in a mental institution.) I began to get disinterested halfway through, then realized I wasn’t watching at all for a few minutes. I felt a bit like I had fallen asleep, then remembered the 018 I had tried, and realized that I was beginning to feel its effects. Gradually, the movie got more interesting. I found the depiction of someone with delusions to be fascinating. It was very enjoyable to be feeling strange new sensations. I felt like I was dizzy, but didn’t FEEL dizzy. It seemed hard to focus or even remember things, but at the same time I was sure I could function and think normally.

By about 11 PM, I realized that the effects were growing stronger. I started to get concerned that I was beginning to lose “control”, which also made me wonder if my wife was wondering what was wrong. I felt tempted to panic, and kept remembering the things I’d read about choosing to “ride it out” and enjoy the ride while continuing to act normal. This was alternately a fun game, and a difficult challenge.

Laying on my wife’s lap, my legs were crossed on the couch. I had the sensation that they were intertwining with each other, growing and stretching like vines to tangle with each other. When I’d wonder if this were real, I’d remember the dose and realize that my legs were completely normal, but then I’d feel them intertwine again. This cycle happened over and over.

As we were cuddling, my wife began to stroke me. We fooled around and I wondered “what’s it like to have sex while high?” (This was a significant motivation for me to try salvia, until I found out how brief their effects were) I was really enjoying it, and felt it had a “new level” of sensation. I barely noticed as things escalated, but was excited to realize that they were. Then, suddenly, I realized that she had stopped rubbing my penis, and that my erection was subsiding. I wondered if this was because of the drug, or just because the movie had turned graphically violent.

At one point, like a character in the movie, I began to wonder if I was going crazy. I was sure I wasn’t, but also concerned that I might be. It began to seem like events were on a loop, like the scene in the movie was happening over and over, but a bit different version each time. I couldn’t tell whether the movie was really strange, or I was. Finally, I decided the movie was causing my discomfort and I needed to get up and leave the room so I could stop watching. This decision seemed to require a great deal of difficulty and concentration. Then it took minutes for me to actually get up. I remembered the “intertwining legs” sensation and wonder if this would make it hard for me to walk. I got up just as the movie was ending.

We prepared to go to bed around midnight. I couldn’t really remember from one second to the next what I was doing, but repeatedly noticed that I could perform these routine tasks (letting the dog out, brushing teeth, going to bathroom, etc) This seemed like a repeated cycle of “what the heck am I doing” followed by “am I OK?” to “oh, I can handle this” over and over.

Once we got to bed, things REALLY got interesting. We started making out, and I realized I was being just a bit more “unreserved” than normal, similar to when I’ve had a couple of drinks, and the sensations were similar to that too, but different. More intense, rather than desensitized. As I was sucking on her breasts, it felt as though I couldn’t taste or feel anything in my mouth, but at the same time, it was even more intense than usual. In short, I was having lots of fun. It seemed to last forever.

Then she started to go down on me. This was nothing short of amazing. Every sensation and feeling was intensified both in what I felt and in how I felt about it. Again, it seemed like I was stuck in an endless loop, where things kept happening over and over, but with slightly different details to make it a new experience. I remember thinking “what could possibly be a better experience to get stuck in?” It was like a fantasy of unending bliss, only there was a progression to it. Finally, I came in her mouth (usually, this would have resulted in an abrupt end), and it was like a 4th-dimention orgasm, or something. Again, amazing. As my penis slipped out of her mouth I asked her to suck on it some more, and then realized I couldn’t see any cum anywhere, though I had just seen it dripping out of her mouth. (This is where the “did it really happen” sensation as I recall the night gets really hard to answer. My wife helps by confirming that she never noticed me cum, and repeatedly wondered why I seemed to be approaching climax, but never seemed to get there.)

And here’s where it gets even MORE fun. Over the next few minutes, the same thing happened AGAIN, but the details were different. (Note: I’m a guy. I don’t have multiple orgasms…) I came in her mouth, but we were in a bit of a different position. My climax was even more intense. I felt every bit of the orgasm, and saw the cum. She again stopped, and I again asked her to suck a bit more. I again realized I couldn’t figure out where the cum went (she normally doesn’t swallow). Strangely, the pattern repeated AGAIN.

I began to think I was dreaming, and just like during a dream you don’t want to end, made a conscious decision to “ride it out”. It almost felt like I was directing the reality, and imagining what I wanted to happen just before it actually did. In short, I came 4 more times, each time with more intensity, and each time with slightly different details.

Then we had intercourse, and I made sure she enjoyed her experience. It seemed to last for hours. While it was fabulous, what I remember most is the after-experience. First, she was confused as to why I was done without climaxing. When I said I did, she began asking when. When I told her it was amazing, she wanted to know the details. When I began giggling, she asked what was going on. And when I told her “I’ll tell you later”, she kept wanting to know. I found it hard to think rationally, and not wanting to tell her “I’m on drugs” in that moment and at the same time wanting to describe the amazing experience.

It’s now 12 hours later. We talked. The reality appears to be that I came once last night, but she didn’t notice, and we kept going. All the other details of our night match. And I’m rewatching the movie now, which is almost as hard to follow sober as it was last night. Evidently, the effects of the JWH-018 on me were to make one interesting (the movie), one mundane (getting ready for bed) and one amazing experience (the sex) into two things that were highly exaggerated and repeated. Each of those experiences were intensified into something extraordinary.

I can’t wait to repeat the experience, and to have my wife experience it too. It was so amazing that I’m almost afraid the next time won’t live up to it. But I’m looking forward to finding out. I’m going to try a slightly lower dose in hopes that I’ll experience many of the same effects, but make it easier to remember more than just the highlights, and to separate the reality from the fantasy. Not sure what I’ll do with the 073.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86359
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Jul 19, 2010Views: 16,886
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JWH-018 (483) : Sex Discussion (14), Glowing Experiences (4), Alone (16)

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