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Elder Gods and the Shifting Tetrahedrons
DMT on Cannabis
by Jake
Citation:   Jake. "Elder Gods and the Shifting Tetrahedrons: An Experience with DMT on Cannabis (exp86420)". Apr 17, 2018.

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1 hit smoked DMT
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:30   smoked DMT


I knew J possessed a yellow powder known as DMT. I had been an adamant fan of psychedelics and their use ever since my first shroom trip a year ago, I knew what I was getting myself into, Iím a man who likes to be educated, and quite knowledgeable about things, Iím am also a very good reader, as well as a pirate, so finding info on drugs, their uses, and safety guidelines was as easy as searching [filesharing site] for drugs. I had a rather large collection of things about drugs, somewhere in the ballpark of 50 gigs. Everything from LSD to ibogaine and other obscure ones like datura. I have about 2000 ebooks on drugs, so yeah. Iím a well read drug user, who knows that for the most part, psychedelics are quite safe, and that most of what I've been told has been a lie.

Anyway, I knew some info about DMT; I knew it was very powerful visually, I also when that it had a profound effect in facilitating religious experiences, but Iíve never experienced one as of yet, though I feel it will happen when the time is right. I also had read up on the use of DMT in a clinical setting, and knew a common theme in the experiences was elves, or a DMT dome engulfing the user, neither of which I have as of yet experienced, I had also heard many reports about the never-ending radiant beauty that the visuals could facilitate.

I had only used LSD once, about 2 weeks before my first DMT trip, but Iím a person who has experienced a breakthrough with the help of psychedelics, and someone who finds them deeply meaningful, and had used them to start rebuilding who I am, focusing on making myself a better person, Iíd also like to think I'm quite intelligent, with my last I.Q. test receiving somewhere in the 140-155 range. I feel that I have a strong mind, and that I could handle a DMT trip. So naturally when I saw my friend J pull out a small bag with a yellow powder in it, I enquired as to whether or not he would give me some, he said he felt that I had the right personality, and a strong mind and he said yes.

I knew only one thing; I wanted to listen to Tool song 10,000 Days (wings for marie pt. 2) a song which I'd had a spiritual connection to ever since a shroom trip where I was stuck in a public library waiting for a friend to get home. It basically saved my life, and ever since I've had a deep love for that song. So I knew I wanted to listen to that song, and it was the perfect fit, being about 11 minutes long, the length of the trip.

He loaded some weed into the bubbler, and then explained how, in the absence of a DMT pipe or DMT bong; one puts cigarette ash on top of the weed, to act as a medium between the DMT and the weed, and allowing it to melt. He said the smoke was kinda harsh, but probably not as much out of my bubbler, and he also said it smells like moth balls, he was correct on both accounts.

I had read that it would hit instantly, and that I should hand off the pipe. So after I had a moment of meditation, I started 10,000 Days and took the hit (roughly 10-20mg). The first thing I noticed as Maynard said 'we listen to the tales and romanticize, how we follow the path of the hero.' that a strange triangular pattern had formed onto my friends birdcage, a vibrant orange. I then looked at my friend J and said, whoa. I breathed slowly, and then closed my eyes.

Never before had I seen such radiant beauty cascading upon never-ending light. The thing that stood out most, was how I could close my eyes and it was like watching a movie. I watched as I traveled to a strange alien planet, with 3 suns. I saw a long stretching desert as far as the eyes could see and I felt the heat as the 3 suns beat down upon me. I saw a mountain in the distance, and willed myself to travel there, in an instant I had arrived. I saw a cool mountain stream, and jumped it. In this reality, my body suddenly became cool, and I felt as though my body were bathing in a cool stream. I then started swimming, I swam the world over, and when I arrived at back at where I had started, I saw that that desert had evolved, and there was a civilization now. I witnessed buildings, giant buildings, of incomprehensible magnitude, towering thousands of feet above me. Composed entirely of giant ever rotating tetrahedrons. Out of these stood giant beings, composed not of matter, but of pure energy and light, they were the old ones, the elder gods and I had the privilege of seeing them. I saw that they were welcoming, they knew that their secret was safe with me, I would not unravel the fabric that was time. They explained not through thought, or words, but through something intangible, it wasn't words, it was the base of all communication, beyond language, beyond meaning, beyond such trivialities that afflict normal speech, it was raw communication. They spoke a cosmic language. I knew their message, they had evolved beyond matter, they were consciousness as energy, they were all that is, was and shall be. They are the cosmic void, the great mystery, the key. As I started to feel it come back to reality, I had some thoughts as I started to return, like 'what is the nature of reality, after such an experience, how does one return, I must take note of this majesty, I must bring some part back with me'.
'what is the nature of reality, after such an experience, how does one return, I must take note of this majesty, I must bring some part back with me'.

I knew that a tremendous task was placed upon me, that of going back to this dimension, all it required was that I open my eyes. I did so. I looked over at J, and then up at the ceiling, and noticed something. My friend T's ceiling had developed vibrant green star constellations, they were like the stars in the night, if they had the same hue as an evergreen, and they were changing, I was watching them form the constellation that I had visited, and then I was able to choose wherever I wanted to visit in the stars.

I at this time remembered the quote from the great H.P. Lovecraft inspired movie, john carpenters in the mouth of madness 'this is not reality......Reality isnít what it used to be' and this was true, reality will never be viewed the same by me, itís much more beautiful and radiant than ever before. The funny thing was, I was so busy watching the visuals in awe, I forgot the music was playing.

My friend J who had done DMT many times asked me ďHow was itĒ.
ďLife changingĒ I answered.

The best thing about it was that there was no hangover whatsoever, in fact I blasted off again about 20 minutes later, this time much more intense, unfortunately, it was less memorable, I just remember taking a bath in time itself, and there was a lot of bursts of color. I know however that I witnessed all of creation in a 10 minutes timespan, it was amazing.

DMT is very powerful, after the first trip I realized that there are a lot of people I know, and very few of them I feel are ready for this.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86420
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Apr 17, 2018Views: 2,134
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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