Really Quite Potent
Phenibut, Alcohol & Spice-Like Smoking Blend
Citation:   Nausea Puppy. "Really Quite Potent: An Experience with Phenibut, Alcohol & Spice-Like Smoking Blend (exp86533)". Oct 9, 2020.

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2 g oral Smarts - Phenibut (capsule)
  T+ 1:30   oral Alcohol  
  T+ 1:30   smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  
  T+ 3:00   oral Alcohol  
  T+ 4:00 1 hit smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  
  T+ 4:00 1600 mg   Piracetam (capsule)
  T+ 4:00 100 mg   DMAE (capsule)
  T+ 4:00 25 mg   DHEA (capsule)
  T+ 4:00     Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 5:00 1 capsl oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 5:30 1 capsl oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 7:00 2 capsls oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 9:00   oral Piracetam  
Phenibut Notes

These are some notes and 'warnings' from my second experience with Phenibut. It's been a stressful week, as my prospect for the first personal vacation time in years slips away for another 3 months (at which point it will slip away again, and then it will be time for the winter holidays, and I'll be getting time off 'anyway,' right? If only I wouldn't have to spend it getting deeper in debt and servicing my relatives...).

That whine is about what one can expect from the disinhibition of this substance. Now, first the warnings, which need to be a little louder:

* This stuff takes 4+ hours to kick in. It then lasts for 15+ hours. Somewhere after the 4 hour mark it feels good enough that I'm stupid enough to think I want more! This is guarantees me a 'hangover' (actually simply the drug effects) for the entire next day. I am *not* able to do simple things like, oh.. *walk.*

* This stuff simulates drunkenness *quite* well - in my experience, GABAa agonists like clonazepam cover the 'cerebral' and amnesic aspects of 'drunkenness,' without the loss of coordination - as a GABAb agonist, this stuff covers all the physical effects, particularly the 'spins' and loss of coordination, and a general disinhibition that, despite these awkward physical effects, is a little 'clearer' than benzodiazepines because memory is not so much affected. This also means the effects of 'overdoing' it - like wanting to paint my stomach contents over the wall - can be quite prominent the next morning, when the full dose has finally kicked in.

* My subjective experience is that this is like eating raw GABA but, actually, nowhere near as bad - GABA's *only* effect was to stall my intestinal motility for days on end (eww - what that means is a day or two of constipation and sour stomach), presumably for acting directly on receptors down there; Phenibut appears to have far less of that effect, but a 'hint' of it is evident when nommfing grams of it together with a large meal, and might be enough to bother some people dealing with the other effects; see below.

So, now for a vague outline of an 'average' Phenibut + alcohol experience, entered into after my first experience nomming about 3 grams (again with the mistake of redosing) with one drink earlier in the week. My order of piracetam also arrived in the same shipment, and I'm definitely having a 'wish I'd ordered some ten years ago!' experience there - its effects are subtle but wholly positive, and the use here is along the lines of 'well, it's safer than Tylenol' attempts at headache-avoidance.

* 9:00 PM: I'm finally leaving the office, and swallow the 2g of Phenibut I've been carrying around gelcapped all day. After the previous experience, I know 1. that I'll in no way be safe to drive once it kicks in and 2. I'm safe unless I get stranded because it'll take at least 4 hours to begin. Pick up some Chinese take-out.

*10:30 PM: Get home, pour a tall Fernet-and-cola (dilute, knowing the night's adventure); decide the best thing that goes with take-out is a cannabinoid agonist, take a couple hits off a tasty bowl of not-for-human-consumption incense.

*~Midnight-1:00AM: Do my usual Internet socializing, with like-minded freaks. Pour another Fernet-and-cola; these are double shots in tall quart glasses of soda and equivalent to maybe 3 beers at most so far.

* 1:00 AM: The Phenibut really starts to kick in, and soon I'm giddy, stumbling, drunken, disinhibited... as if I were coming up on 6 or more drinks, but my mind is still relatively clear underneath, and I'm able to be silly and very snarky (the side of this pup that my friends seem to appreciate and know me for) in a way that my anxiety and depression had been keeping me from for weeks now. Of course, in my head I know I'm way too loosened up already, but no one else complains and it comes across as 'on.'

[Of course, if they could see me in my room, I'd have been starting to stumble over furniture...]

After another hit of the spice-type product, I'm in the bathroom marveling at how my cologne smells like a beaver's foreskin. [That is, in fact, why I purchased it]... I should note that I have a complicated relationship with cannabinoids, synthetic or all-natural, but I'm beginning to learn how to 'listen' to them and absorb that, to quote a certain web comic, 'being in trouble is a false idea.' So while being a stoned, sloppy freak is quite unlike me normally (even if still fantasize about the same subject matter sober), and throwing my short-term memory for a loop is initially terrifying, convincing myself that I can get away with and 'deserve' to exist a while without the use of my short-term memory is starting to improve my generalized anxiety and my ability to open up to the sorts of people I might safely/enjoyably share my particular flavor of freaky with. (I've also managed to convince myself - despite the fact that the science is really far from clear on this - that the cannabinoids are 'resetting' my body's ability to react to all the cortisol and related stress hormones it's constantly clogged with. This colors my perception of any induced anxiety, elevated heart rate or hyperventilation as 'medicinal' - and, in turn, believing that helps alleviate/prevent dwelling on those symptoms. The 'power of positive thinking' was invented by stoners, and it really does work.. when you're stoned!)

Around this point, I snarfled a couple 800mg Piracetam capsules under the assumption that they might stave off a headache or any impending ill effects. Eventually I followed those up with a 100mg DMAE capsule, 25mg each of a DHEA and pregnenolone, and a couple capsules of pine bark extract, just because I like pills.

The Piracetam startled to settle in after 45 minutes or so; it had no effect on the GABA agonism from the phenibut, but pushed away some of the muzziness (and indeed, the short-term memory impairment) from the spice-equivalent. This was a mixed blessing, because it kept me from getting as high from any further hits of the spice.. which avoided a headache from that, but encouraged me to explore/focus on enhancing the 'drunk' aspects of the evening instead.

* 2:00-4:00 AM: As the pleasant, giddy 'drunk' increases and seems to plateau, I can't resist stuffing one more gelcap of Phenibut (appx. 1g). In 30 minutes I can't resist doing that again, and around 4:00 I'm back for two more, knowing I'm probably going to regret it (but I'm practically getting off on the idea at the time)!

I also pour a third drink around now.

My Internet_Friends start to drop offline for the night, and as it gets late and lazy, I bump into one I haven't spent much time with, and am able to open up and 'roleplay' some relaxed cuddling in a way that I haven't allowed myself to do, let alone appreciate, for a while - often I focus on panicking from that sort of 'inescapable' attention, even if it's positive and just imagined in words on a screen anyway. Unfortunately, another friend wants to play in a much more X-rated fashion, and I neglect him because the concept seems pleasant but the 'execution' - concentrating on the sensations and describing the physical responses - just seems too dizzying and overwhelming at the time.

With half the last drink finished, and maybe the first fraction of the late 'booster' doses being felt, I roll off into bed, feeling pretty a little wobbly but mostly pleasant.

*10:00 AM: I wake up rolling around and feeling pleasant.. until the dizziness catches up, and I realize I'm having to concentrate to remember to breathe. I still feel 'good' in a drunken way, but things are spinning quite uncomfortably
I realize I'm having to concentrate to remember to breathe. I still feel 'good' in a drunken way, but things are spinning quite uncomfortably
(drunk times 1000), and it is with much difficulty and a few false starts that I make it down the hallway to expel my stomach contents.

There's none of the dehydration and headache of an ethanol hangover, but the 'drunkenness' itself causes a seasick feeling dozens of times stronger than I've ever felt from anything else I've done in your life.

Accordingly, I concentrate on being glad I didn't pull a Hendrix - though despite seeming to 'blank out' and needing to catch myself to breathe, this apparently was no real problem while asleep - and roll back into bed, where I spend the next few hours successfully convincing myself that mammals don't wear clothes, and that that'd be more comfortable on the floor where dogs belong.

* ~12:00 PM: Roll around on the floor, alternately napping and playing with sexual fantasies. Become convinced that I should sign up for two weeks at a human pet-play camp if the opportunity ever arises.

* ~1:00 PM: I get the dizziness enough under control to crawl back to the computer and semi-seriously (moreso than usual, where my inhibitions might get the better of me) attempt to research such a thing. Unfortunately, they don't really exist, and/or the few that I've ever seen are no longer in the top results on Google. Even after another couple hours pass and I've realized switching browsers has let 'SafeSearch' return to its default of on.

* 3:00-4:00 PM: After messaging some people with the amusement that Phenibut is really the sort of thing that'd put me at risk for laying down naked in the yard, I go and lay down naked in the yard, an extremely underrated activity which I now hope I can repeat (safely) at the next opportunity. See why this stuff needs a warning?

The sun feels wonderful, but the warmth of it (on an 87F day) eventually triggers another bout of nausea. I blunder back inside and slurp some nice cool water, knowing it's going to come back up,,, and in another 20 minutes or so, after I think I've overcome it and have gone back to putzing around at the computer and comparing notes with a friend's conventional hangover, I'm back at the sink when it does.

* 7:00 PM: I carefully swallow more piracetam and start writing this report, after realizing someone needs to really make it clear that grams of phenibut are not compatible with worknights and not-being-this-incapacitated for the next day, then get a phone call that family is on its way home. (Did I mention I'm pathetic and both living with and working for family? Yet family so pleasantly baby-boomer oblivious that, 4 years after I sacrifice a year of my life nursing them through a life-threatening illness, I still haven't been able to take a single week of personal vacation that would actually be a 'vacation' rather than being sherpa to their own personal travel plans or such. So apparently Phenibut makes me - or unmasks that I always am - passive-aggressive, but the one thing I was able to learn from therapy before this relative's own anger-management problems forced me to give it up [along with my very-necessary prescription for clonazepam, with which I could sometimes function socially outside of the house] is that sometimes people are just assholes and it's *not* my own fault).

* 8:00 PM: I put some frickin' clothes on, still dizzy and a bit nauseous, but manageably so, and help unload the car [this sort of demands, and the weird family dynamic I was raised in, is probably *why* I enjoy fantasizing about being a good pup, but in those fantasies I'm getting off on the thought of obedience being rewarded.. rather than just expected, to the detriment of my own personal development].

Thereafter, I discover that I can, in fact, hold down some cold lo mein and the worst is over - though unfortunately also the relief of completely losing all inhibitions, as I'm back on the hook for 'real life' again.

The morals of this story are:
* For regular anti-anxiety use, Phenibut is really used (and best used) in quantities well below a gram.
* For recreational use, staying below 5g, meter the dose ahead of time, and make sure I have no plans and am prepared to feel literally falling-down-drunk for the following day. Obviously, also making sure I'm not in a situation where being discovered falling-down-drunk (or quite a bit moreso, since this can probably take me further down the wobbly GABAb road than alcohol can before I puke it up - alcohol will stop working after I heave, but Phenibut is already going to be long-since-digested by the time the spins kick in!) will get me in serious trouble.
* Despite the acute and extremely long-duration discomfort, Phenibut still appears much 'cleaner' than, say, dextromethorphan - while I'm feeling the effect of this dose, the earlier experience shows that I'll eventually simply return to baseline, rather than experience any 'afterglow' (as with my old friend DXM) that will seem nice at the time but sublimate into a staticky and paranoid depression after 2 weeks' time.

* Piracetam is [and presumably the other racetams are; I now have some on order] amazing stuff.
* Given the option, I'd still prefer clonazepam to phenibut for treating anxiety, since phenibut allows disinhibition yet still enough consciousness to feel 'unsettled' [except in those moments where I was completely drunkenly oblivious], while clonazepam would obliterate awareness of the underlying 'unsettled'/nervous feeling as a first effect, with any stumbling or outright 'sloppiness' only appearing at much higher doses. Still, I get the impression I'd prefer a mild amount of Phenibut to take the edge off a situation where I'd absolutely *have* to remember everything and wouldn't want to be breaking a cold sweat, while clonazepam is more comfortable when I can 'get away with' being truly relaxed enough to not have to try to burn every little detail of every event or experience into my mind permanently.

* Phenibut tastes kind of awful, in a sharp chemical way that is not easily masked, and potentially more unpleasant than a lot of other things I've subjected myself to (I'd rather drink pure DXM in a cup of Tang than this stuff, and I don't do that anymore, either!).

If there's nothing else available and I psychologically *need* to be drunk for an entire day, this stuff can be useful recreationally. But it's really quite potent, at least mixed with alcohol [I'm following others' 'advice' there, and having done that to the fullest extent now, really should come back to report any differences absent the combo], and should be approached with extreme respect.

Phenibut would definitely make me feel like I chugged six bottles of whiskey and gotten on a carnival ride if I got stupid with it, and not in a way that really deserves repeating.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86533
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 9, 2020Views: 841
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