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My Opinion
Citation:   Apradavra. "My Opinion: An Experience with Bromo-DragonFly (exp86604)". Oct 8, 2010.

1050 ug oral Bromo-Dragonfly
So yesterday morning at 8:22am I ingested approximately 1050mics of bromo dragonfly. This was my third time dosing, with my two previous doses being 675 and 975mics. My close friend who is 2,000 miles away also ingested the same dose of the same batch, which was sent to him via USPS. I began to feel the effects within 2 hours, and I would say I was feeling the full out effects at about 3 hours in, with the peak lasting for about 12-14 hours followed by a slow climb back down to sleep which was helped with a 6 pack of delicious IPA’s.

This report is more a summary of how I feel about bromo dragonfly as opposed to a detailing of the effects.

For one, I don’t really know how I feel about this chemical. It is a very definite serious psychedelic experience, but its not very comfortable. It leaves my mouth and body feeling so “Chemy” throughout the experience and it is pretty hard to ignore. All three times I have dosed, for the first roughly 8-10 hours of the experience I have altered between being unsure if I was having a good time and maybe thinking I was having a good time. It was never a definite really good time or a really bad time. It’s a very weird headspace.

What also has happened all three times I have dosed, is that the experience becomes much more enjoyable about 10 hours into the trip. Its almost like the amphetamine aspects sorta mellow out into an almost mild MDMA/speed headspace, where there is a euphoria, not quite as pushy as a full dose of MDMA, but it is very noticeable. Everything becomes pretty funny at this point in the trip, and this has happened all three times, with the higher doses providing a higher euphoria.

Something that first put me off on this chemical, was the lack of insight or profoundness with the experience. Whenever I experience intense visuals off of other psychedelics, there is a headspace that comes along with the visuals; its not that I am only seeing wonderful things, but my head is altered. LSD provides feeling of connection and insight, mushrooms provide extreme ego loss, and so forth, however bromo dragonfly will envelope my world in visuals, but my headspace is like a mild dose of speed, like too mild to be enjoyable, but enough to make my head spin.

The visuals are really nice. Very 2C-ish. Mayan heads and vines and Persian carpet type patterning. My friend in Chicago, who is a bit bigger than me physically, and who took the same dose from the same batch out of the same vial, was hit somewhat harder than I was I think. He said he had some bouncing of his eyes, and he said there were periods were everything was sorta blurry. My vision stayed pretty crystal clear. There was some rainbow trash still floating in my vision today, after over 24 hours from dosing.

Two of the times I have dosed, I had puked at about 2 hours in, and then was fine. The same thing happened with my friend. The flavor bromo dragonfly leaves in your mouth could best be described as what toxic would taste like.

This stuff last a long time, it hasn’t been a 30 hour trip for me any of the three times I have dosed, but I could definitely see the amount of time your tripping for being dose dependant. This trip was definitely significantly more intense than my last two experiences and it was intense for a longer amount of time this time as well. I was going to dose at 1200mics, but I am very glad now that I did not.

Quotes from my notes which I sorta half assed took during the experience.- “bromo dragonfly makes my dick shrink like I am running from the police” “this is what I would assume toxic tastes like”

And on one last note, this substance just tends to produce a very gross sorta toxic chemy feeling throughout my body, and I could definitely see ODing on bromo Dragonfly being one of the shittiest ways to leave this world. So be safe fellow travelers.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86604
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Oct 8, 2010Views: 11,596
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