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My First Week of Bliss
Citation:   Bonsai Amazing. "My First Week of Bliss: An Experience with JWH-018 (exp86616)". Oct 10, 2010.

3mg repeated smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
  3mg repeated oral JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
I have been on probation for 2 years, and have another 2 to go before I am done. I had to quit smoking weed as I am on monthly UAs, and One fail can mess up what I have going. It was a painful process of giving up Weed, as I was a habitual user for about 23 years. I tried Salvia, but for me it was way too intense, effects lasted way to short, and it was harsh and tasted nasty. The herbal blends I had heard about had mixed reports, and I just chalked them up to not being like KB (Kind Bud), so I never tried them. I have tried just about everything else short of injecting. A friend told me about this new substance, and how it was just like weed only stronger, so I did some research. I strongly suggest anyone thinking of trying this does the same, as this substance is very potent and one can very easily have a bad experience. Had I gotten mine without the insights of others, this post would be about freaking out and ending up in a hospital. Tiny, Tiny does people! I bought mine online $45 including shipping for a 1 gram, and it arrived 2 days later. Just like the picture on Wiki, Slightly off white powder, labeled with the chemical name and Not for Human Consumption.

When I first got it, I wanted so bad to try it out. From what I learned, first you must find the right dose, and because you are dealing with mg, eyeballing was strongly discouraged. Since I donít have, canít have, and wonít have a mg scale, eyeballing is my only option, and now that a week has gone by, I am very confident of my doses. My first dose was simply a wipe of residue off of the baggy, less than 1mg. I put it on my tongue, and there was no taste. A slight feeling of numbness where I licked, but this might be my brain remembering the old days of other powders. Very slight numbness. About 15 minutes later I had a very mild buzz, and for one that has not smoked weed for 2 years, it felt great. A very slight buzz, similar to taking 1 hit of KB (Kind Bud). I couldnít wait to get home and try more. Next dose was about twice of the first (maybe 1mg), and after about 30 minutes it was a full blown high, comparable to say 2 hits of KB. Lasted for about 2 hours before I could say that I was no longer Ďstonedí. I say stoned because I find it to be 95% similar to KB. The other 5% could be mental because it is a chemical, and not natural herb but also because of its capability of being able to get you higher. You can smoke KB all day long, and you will always reach that plateau of highness. With this stuff, you can fly pass the plateau, as I will learn and convey to you now. Couldnít wait to try smoking/vaping it.

Next day I got my glass straw, and immediately tapped in a dose of I am guessing 1-2mg. 1 cm of the tip of my pocket knife. I find it very similar to smoking other powers. It melts, turns to a thick liquid, runs away from the flame, and vaporizes as you chase it with the flame. Held it for about 10 seconds, Didnít feel like I took in any smoke, but when I exhaled there was smoke-not a lot, but still there. I immediately felt my heart rate speed up, and could feel the buzz growing. I learned how it runs away from the flame, and what looks like a drop of water is actually a cooled hard substance. I waited about 5 minutes, and heated the water drop looking substance which immediately melted and started running again. This time I chased it with the flame, held the hit for about 10 seconds, and much more smoke upon exhaling. After another 10 minutes, I was really baked, and the feeling kept on growing. This is the only difference from KB, the buzz keeps growing. For 3 hours I was very stoned, peak being from 15 minutes into it and lasting for another hour, and the come down (buzz feeling fading) lasting about another hour and a half. The come down for me is nowhere as bad as with KB. After 3 hours of being high from KB, I am ready for a nap. Not with this stuff. It was like I had not smoked anything at all. A few other things about this first high-for me it was just like my first experience with weed. A very ĎFreaky Stoneí. I attribute this to the other experiences I read about. Feeling that I might have taken too much, feeling that I might not be able to do simple functions such as speaking, typing, walking, etc. I even talked to myself to make sure I wasnít going to be tongue tied. I didnít want to have conversations for fear of people thinking I was intoxicated. I was able to do the simple tasks, but I found myself double and triple checking if I had done them correctly or at all. I would go off on tangents of a specific task, and would catch myself and get back on task. It was just like my first time smoking weed, and with that I fell in love with it. Not to say I am not afraid of it, as it is critical that one fears the potency of this substance. Read about the bad trips for this fear.

When I got home that night around 8 PM, I decided I wanted to get higher than I was this afternoon, and being home alone and not having to worry about interacting with others made it a much enjoyable experience. I started with the same dose I did earlier, but I noticed that in this little bit there was a Ďnuggetí in with the powder which when dealing with mg of powers equates to a lot more because it is more dense. I did 2 hits, the initial hit, and then the resin hit. After 10 minutes I was higher than I have ever been before. I just laid back, watched TV, and enjoyed the ride. Again there were the feelings of paranoia, fear I took too much, wondering when the highness would ever level off or keep going. I was able to counter these fears this time a little better, because of insight from my previous experience. I was dizzy, but I didnít stumble or fall when walking. Going outside to smoke a cig was very cool, everything is brighter and nature is more vibrant. Lesson learned: the nuggets were stronger than the power. It lasted the same as my noon time high but a little more intense, and when I went to bed at about 11 PM, I fell right to sleep. I think I dreamed, but I didnít remember too much of them, certainly no nightmares or all out freaky dreams. When I woke up I felt for the first 10 minutes or so a groggy buzz, but after that I was well rested and fully alert. Pretty much no difference from if I had smoked nothing at all.

The next day I didnít smoke all day but got home about 4 PM, and jumped right in. Couple hours later smoked some more, and did this again a couple hours after that. Each time the same dose as before, 2 hits from each dose. By 10 PM before I went to bed I wanted to get higher so I did a little bit more in 3 hits and it also had a little Ďnuggetí. Falling asleep was not an option. I laid in bed, floating out of body. Patterns of tie dye raced across my closed eyelids. Opening my eyes I would see laser beams from the glow of my alarm clock. Time flew by. It was an all out high, and I compare it to acid. I was never big on acid because of the intensity, so I would take quarter or half hits and this was just like that. Not full out hallucinations, but patterns and shapes dancing. My mind wondering all over the place, from things that happened today, to thoughts of the universe and beyond. Feeling out of body floating and perceptions. Canít wait to experience this with my ipod. One thing I have noticed is that at higher doses it suppresses ones breathing. I remember reading how lab rats died of this, and is something to take seriously when pushing the boundaries of a comfortable high. I didnít want to fall asleep, because I had recognized how shallow my breathing was, and the inherent sighs my body would mandate to catch up. I could see somebody stop breathing if they got high enough. After a couple of hours, the visuals were not as intense, the out of body feeling faded, my breathing returned to more normal, and I faded off to sleep. A very refreshing sleep. Normally If I donít get my 8 hours of sleep, I am miserable the next day. I only got about 6 hours this night, and yea I was groggy for the first few minutes, and desperately needed my daily fix of coffee, but after that I felt great.

This has been my routine for the past week. Get up, go to work, get home, get baked, go to bed. I wonít fall asleep until I start coming down. At this rate this gram is going to last for months. I am going to try and create my own herbal blend mixture, as smoking out of the glass is just not safe in public. People see me doing that, and it will appear I am smoking meth or crack. Even though I can eyeball a dose that wonít send me over the edge, it is a fine line and can be really easy to fall off the edge. With a blend I am hoping that dosing will be on a much larger scale, and therefore can be more controlled. From what I have read, this seems to work well without having an uneven blend. Time flies when youíre having fun, and for me Time flies by on this. Yes, my eyes get their baked look to them (red & glassy), but a little visene fixes that. My pupils also get dilated, but I havenít noticed any problems like sensitivity to light. I have dark eyes, so I donít have to worry about people noticing unless they get right up in my face. Another observation is that wake and bake is only one hit of resin, and I am plenty stoned for the rest of the morning. I have not experienced any problems that I figured might happen; like coughing more than I did before (I smoke Ĺ pack a day of cigs). I think I am even coughing less. My type II diabetes has not been affected at all which I was really worried about. I donít necessarily feel addicted to it, like addictions I have had in the past to other substances and the signs of addictions, although I am enjoying it very much. I can understand the munchies, but I donít experience them as bad as with weed. Food doesnít look good on the way up, but on the way down is when the munchies might come on. I donít think I have built a tolerance to it. My doses have increased (from 1 mg to 3-5 mg) but I think this is more related to how I have become accustomed to the effects, and can better manage them (just like it was with weed). When first starting out it is much more intense your first time vs. your 10th time, and I think this plays into some of the bad experiences people have had.

I Big thank you for everyone else that shared. I wouldnít have tried it if it wasnít for the information I was able to read.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86616
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 40
Published: Oct 10, 2010Views: 15,992
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JWH-018 (483) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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