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Citation:   xmurderxmafiax. "Top Class: An Experience with Oxymorphone (exp86711)". Aug 24, 2018.

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Well let me begin by stating that my experience with drugs is one that a veteran might only know of. I have tried everything excluding heroine, and meth. Many of things I have tried just because my attitude since I was 15 has been one of always wanting to push the limits and know what these great chemicals do to my own mindset, and whether or not I can withstand the addiction that can sometimes occur.

Well In the spring of 2009 I got my hands on about 40 hydrocodone 7.5 mgsí which I abused heavily for 4 days in various ways (water extraction then snorting, smoking, but never injecting anything). The first day after my binge I had work and experienced flu like symptoms with muscle and a tension headache that wouldnít go away. That night and a few that proceeded, it was impossible to have a good sleep. It wasnít until a month later that it hit me, I had experienced withdraw from a drug!

Fast forward to May of 2010. I was getting brought to work one day by my father, whom I usually take the drugs I abuse from (the hydros that I binged on for example would have cost me a few hundred dollars at least but I always just found my dadís stash) and while I was tying a shoelace I saw a CVS prescription packet under my foot. I gently read it, not allowing him to notice my curiosity too it, and it said 5-06-10, one day prior to this date I am explaining. My mind jumped in excitement that this was a recent packet, not an outdated one like it sometimes is. Well I read a little more and I was Opana 5mg. I nearly shit a brick! I, being the explorer of drugs that I am, had already done ample reading on this drug and knew it as another report online, The Champagne of Opiates.

That night I went and found the stash. It was hidden in the little pouch on the back of the passenger seat. I nearly collapsed with joy as I held 26 Opana 5 mgs. I took 6 of them and put them back the same way, making sure the cap was even put on the same way. I went up stairs and proceeded onto a harm reduction website where I read that snorting is the only real way to get its recreational value.

I crushed one 5mg up and snorted half in one nostril. I tasted very sweet in my throat and nasal passages, surprisingly. It also went down EASY, easier than oxycontin 80ís do when I snort them. Only 3 minutes later I was getting pure euphoria and an unbelievable high that was less body and more high than oxycodone does. By 5 minutes I was obliterated with intense joy and love for all things, I literally could have loved even the worst serial killer in the world in that mindset, and it continued strong for nearly 3 hours after. At about 3 hours after initial ingestion I snorted the rest of the first pill and started to crush another. By the middle of crushing the next one, the other line hit me. Again I was in pure bliss and utter relaxation. I'd compared it to xanax, oxy, and morphine mixed. Literally the best mindset I could be in, EVER. Maybe 20 minutes after finishing that last line, I began snorting the next pill but this time finishing it all at once. It easily all went down the same nostril without clogging which surprised us a lot. And at this point there was absolutely no pain whatsoever. I began even biting my arm harder and harder to see the pain killer aspects of this miracle drug.

Within 10 minutes I was so fucked up my must have just laid my head down ( I donít remember what I actually did, I believe I just sat there and kind of passed out/ODíed, but I woke up 3 hours later the same spot.) but where I had been was on the computer, at the computer desk, in my room. If anyone walked in they would have just seen me sitting on a chair, with my head lying on the computer desk like a dead man. I got nervous over the fact that I had passed so easily and I was so vulnerable to have gotten caught, but luckily I never did. I abused the drug for 2 more days, the whole time telling myself that those 6 were all I was gonna take cause my dad needed the meds for his legitimate pain. However my willpower fell to opiates as it has before, and I went down there the first day I was out and took 4 more. That was it FOR SURE. It had to be or I would get caught for sure. I used those 4 in the next 36 hours and when I was out I wanted more but I FORCED myself not to go down there. God, it was actually quite hard now that I think about it, but the addiction had gotten a hold of me that quick. Not physical addiction, but physiological. The same that gets me with my weed, I feel like I need it too stay in a good mood or if I donít have it I canít have a good mood. For 2 days I didnít have much of a good attitude at all, I just wanted more opiates, but by the 3rd day I was back to and OK me.

It has now since been 3 days short of that first day, and I still think about that drug with the biggest smile on my face. My dad is actually supposed to get this again soon, as he is up for another surgery, so I am quite happy to be even typing all this as I know that within a week I will have these again!!!

The addiction is very real, and the high will always fall. I went hard on these for only a few days and the tolerance was fucking making me so mad. By the third day it took 10 mg to get me HIGH and the first time I did it, I did 10 mg over like 4 hours and I have never been more fucked up in my life. It is what it is, but this drug is like a disguise.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86711
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Aug 24, 2018Views: 2,694
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