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Long Term Effects
Salvia divinorum
by Ouija head
Citation:   Ouija head. "Long Term Effects: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp8676)". Aug 1, 2002.

    Salvia divinorum (extract)


It was some time ago that a young lady introduced the idea of Salvia to me. Reading about it on Erowid, I was surprised as christmas that I had never heard of it. Being in the mood I was, I ordered a half an ounce of the dried leaves immediatly. Its a shame the company I got it from (herbal shaman) is no longer in business. For I say unto thee, if you are planning on trying salvia and decide to start out with the dried leaves first, you may be in for a great dissappointment. However, my case was not as such.

My leaves arrived in 3 days just like they said it would. I think at first, with all the hype around it, I was in fear of doing it around my sister who would look disapprovingly of me stumbling around the house acting crazy, for this is what I thought might happen.

First I tried chewing the leaves, dont do this, its a fair chance it wont work and they taste terrible. Later I went into our sun room and lit up a bowl of it. First thing I noticed was that it had no distint smell that would arouse suspicion. . . After another hit, . . it hit me. I'll admit my later day salvia experiences may differ from this one, but this is one I can never forget. I actually fell towards the ground for as it seemed gravity was pulling me there. A drunken type trip is what I noticed, and there was this strong pulse, like the heart of the universe, singing out. Now .. I feel silly saying this, cuz my trips with this plant only once had me thinking this, but almost immediately after I smoked it, I felt like i was being watched by aliens? Seem crazy? it does to me . but ...I doubt i'm the first one to think that, or experience that rather.

After that I only smoked it a few times, it was as if the plant taught me that I didnt need to smoke 'anything' ever! this only lasted awhile. Some nites and days are better for doing it than others. By the time my half ounce was almost gone, I was tripping 24 seven. Oh people say to me ' dude i've got perma tracers from acid!' I think to myself, well yeah, so do I . . . Dude. But these were full blown tracers at all hours of the day, it was like I was tripping all the time without feeling anything. This only lasted about a month or so after the bag was all gone.

Not long after I order a bigger bag from a different company. this stuff did not work . . . so you can see the gamble you make when you buy Salvia. Half a year later .... I bought the extract. Unless you are one of those weird people that salvia doesnt work on, this Sh-- is not meant to be fu--ed around with unless youve got a firm hold on reality. Cuz it will show you reality.

Each time I did this, and excuse my language, but without fail, without fail, without fail, one more time i say, without fail, each time i smoked it . . i would shout out loud ' WHAT THE FU--!!!> . . . .WHAT THE FU-- IS HAPPENING TO ME?!!!' What i would see unfold in front of me my readers was no joke.. Like a tree growing in fast motion, I felt each of my branches popping out of me, scratching, blooming. It almost hurt ...except for all those crazy angels around guiding the experience. Teaching me about the wholeness of god.

Its like one big damn tree, maybe a few trees, and we each are one leaf, hey I bet some of us fruit in fact . . .. yes .. extract is a different level. you can tell yourself you wont say 'WHAT THE FU--!!' But you do each time. or me anyway .....hell i love it. I try to get as many people to do it as possible. 1 out of 10 people it doesnt seem to work on, they're on a different plane ....and good for them . .. I guess. Good luck people know ...this stuff really doesnt like you to disrespect it ..i'm trying to tell you now before its too late.

ouija head

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 1, 2002Views: 6,863
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