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36 Hours of Fun
Citation:   Trendal. "36 Hours of Fun: An Experience with DXM (exp8678)". Jun 14, 2007.

200 mg oral DXM (liquid)
T+0:00 - I drank 2/3 of a bottle of Life Brand Clear Cough Syrup mixed with orange juice. Works out to 200mg of DXM, with DXM being the only active ingredient in the syrup. I am sitting on my friend's front porch with him and one other friend, call them Ryan and Paul. Paul is 100% sober, and Ryan is a little drunk.

T+0:30 - I'm starting to feel a tingling sensation throughout my body. I can't help smiling at my two friends, who are talking computers and ethics. I tell them that I'm on my way up, and decide to try jumping up and down. I get up but can't jump - my feet just wouldn't leave the ground. I finally manage to get a few inches off the ground, and fall over laughing.

T+0:45 - We decide to go to another of our friend's house, to see if she is there with another of our friend's (Nina and Kai). I still wasn't feeling any mental effects, but things are starting to look wavy. We get in the car and as soon as Paul pulls onto the road, the street lights zoom through the windshield at me. I tell Paul and Ryan this, who laugh at me.

T+1:00 - We arrive at Nina's house. I am convinced the ride took days, instead of 15 minutes. I still don't notice any mental effects (or so I tell myself), but my vision is definitely not working right. I guess one of my eyes was wandering around, because I was seeing everything in double. Paul and Ryan start to get out of the car, and I become very paranoid. Everything hits me at once and I tell Paul to go get Nina (she Trips, I was sure she could help me). Just as they get out of the car, I let them know that I'm going to sit and chill...under the dash board. They leave to go get Nina.

After what seems like at least 15 minutes, I realize where I am and manage to get back up on the seat. I opened the car door but heard animal's screaming, so I closed the door quickly and took a look out the windshield. Everything outside was moving (this was at about 10pm, so it was dark). I get very paranoid again and hide back under the dash for another 15 minutes. Finally I hear some human voices and poke my head up to see Paul and Ryan returning. Turns out they were only gone for about 5 minutes. They laugh at me when they get back in the car (Paul saw my head poke up over the dash board, thought it was great). We decide to go to an ice-cream shop that is open late.

T+1:30 - We arrive at the ice-cream shop. The whole ride there I felt like I was coming down already, which didn't seem right. I got out of the car and my legs wouldn't work right. I felt VERY light and wobbly, and I had to pee really bad. Paul and Ryan go to get some ice cream, and I make my way to the bathroom. I get in, turn on the light...and all hell breaks loose. The stripes on the walls are moving up and down, and there is a humming noise from a fan that makes everything vibrate. I somehow find myself in front of the toilet, but it's on an angle and won't stop moving around. Most of my bladder contents ended up on the floor/walls and I'm sure I might have hit the ceiling. When I'm done I leave the bathroom and go find Paul and Ryan. I tell them I'm tripping balls, but I'll be OK.

T+2:00 - We decide to cruise 'the strip' to look at the girls in front of the local bars. By now I'm completely tripping. I spot my younger brother on a sidewalk and open the window. We were stuck behind a taxi, so I talked to my brother for a few seconds. For some reason seeing him made me feel a lot better.

T+3:00 - We drop Ryan off at his house. I feel like I'm coming down again. Paul and I decide to go try Nina's house again. We get there after about 15 minutes...and I'm paranoid again (something about Nina's house). I make Paul get out to go see if Nina and Kai are home yet. After what seems like an eternity, I gather up enough courage to get out of the car to see what's taking Paul so long. I find him at the front door, but still no Nina or Kai. We leave shortly again and decide to go back to my house, since I am (again) feeling better.

T+4:00 - We get back to my place. My entire family is still awake, but I manage to act at least somewhat sober. Paul and I go downstairs to watch TV with my brother. Paul and my brother start talking, but I'm feeling very dizzy and sick so I curl up on the end of the couch. Bloodsport comes on and we watch that.

T+6:00 - The movie is over, and Paul leaves. I'm still feeling EXTREMELY dizzy, but I can think straight now and vision is back to more or less normal. I go to sleep quickly.

T+12:00 - I wake up the next morning and feel OK, until I get out of bed. I'm still VERY dizzy. My head feels light. I eat a sparse breakfast. I have absolutely NO appetite, although I don't feel sick. I spend the day downstairs watching TV. Any time I stand up for more than 5 minutes I get really dizzy and have to sit down.

T+21:00 - I can only eat one slice of pizza for dinner; I still have no appetite. I retire to the basement again to lie down. I'm still incredibly dizzy.

T+25:00 - I go to bed. A few minutes after I close my eyes I begin having insane closed eye visuals. I can see what appears to be an ocean of small triangles. Waves of them wash through me, giving a fractal appearance. Hideous robotic forms appear and lunge at me. Each time one hits me, I feel a great pressure on my face. Eventually the visuals go away and I get to sleep.

T+36:00 - I wake up at 10am. I'm not too dizzy anymore, but my head is still really light.

If there is one thing this experience taught me, it's that DXM isn't for everyone. I thought 200mg was a small dose, but I was completely unprepared for it. My recovery the next day was not fun. A full two days later I was still seeing minor closed eye visuals as I tried to get to sleep. I won't be taking DXM again. The trip was fun...but it isn't worth the next few days.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8678
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 14, 2007Views: 16,517
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DXM (22) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Various (28)

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