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Violently Puking and Delerious Hallucinations
JWH-018 & Alcohol - Beer
by Bong McPuffin
Citation:   Bong McPuffin. "Violently Puking and Delerious Hallucinations: An Experience with JWH-018 & Alcohol - Beer (exp86848)". Oct 2, 2010.

  smoked JWH-018 (powder / crystals)
    smoked Tobacco (dried)
  16 oz oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


So I got a gram of some very pure, very white, very potent JWH-018 off the net for around $30. This is is purest form of JWH-018 I have ever come across as well. The bag looked from eyeballing it to have slightly more than a gram in it, but then again, I had no scale and the little baggie was really full.

My first two or three tries to make it work in a light-bulb vaporizer didn't work very well due to leaks around the cap and the high-heat needed to vaporize the chemical kept blacking the bulb up with the candle I was using, so revamping my approach I went to the smoke shop and got some berry-flavored blunt wraps to help with the taste. I tore open the package and unrolled one blunt wrap and gently dried it out with my lighter to make it lay flat and make it easier to work with. I tore off a small square of wrap about the size of my thumb-nail. I folded the piece of wrap in half then laid it flat again to give me a small crease to put the powder into. I scooped out a small lump with the end of nail-file, but it looked like a very small amount so I scooped a tiny bit more on and then folded the powder up into the blunt wrap like a little ball.

I then threw this into my gravity bong and hit it with the lighter for all it was worth and the bottle filled with a somewhat thin smoke (thinner than a weed hit). I inhaled all the smoke easily, way easier than a huge weed bowl. I held it for 10 seconds or so and then exhaled, barely blowing any smoke out at all. Couldn't even tasted the JWH-018 at all because of the blunt wrap smoke. While I was waiting to come up I drank 1 16oz Miller High-Life beer to get a buzz going. This turned out to be a terrible mistake. *WARNING* DO NOT MIX JWH-018 (or any of the other ones, as far as I can tell) with alcohol AT ALL! To put this in perspective a normal day is waking up and smoking a blunt and drinking a 22 or 40oz of high gravity Old English just to get the day started, so being drunk and high is nothing new to me at all. So anyways... to sum up until the interesting part...

T0:00 Ingested the smoke mentioned above.

T0:01 Popped a beer and drank it.

T0:05 Coming up, and fast.

T0:10 Oh shit... what did I do to myself? I'm high, but too high, with none of the euphoric joy that comes with being too high on weed. Is this poison?

T0:15 Ok now I'm convinced I've just poisoned myself... holy shit I can't believe how fast my heart is beating.

T0:20 I decide to take my dog on a walk. Huge mistake.

T0:25 I'm on the other side of the block from my house when I notice that I'm not controlling my leg movements anymore and that the way I am walking is completely odd looking, but I can't control it... I'm not in control anymore, instinct is.

T0:35 I am stuck on the curb. Everything is so out of balance I can't stand. All the houses feel oddly close together. I can't explain it but it REALLY bothered me to look at the houses around me... they were like getting closer and closer together and shrinking in around me, yet not moving at all... complete psychological paradox, but I'm too high and sick to comprehend or enjoy it.

T0:40 I stumble home with my dog in my arms... I have no idea why I'm carrying her but it felt very important to do so. I am no long in control of the reasoning department of my brain. It has compeletly short-circuited.

T0:45 I make it into my bedroom and lock the door behind me just in time to get a huge wave of nauseousness hit me. I puke everything in my stomach out on to my carpet. I am too sick to care. I puke 8 more times without moving, I pull every muscle in my body puking and holding onto to whatever I can to keep from collapsing.

T1:00 After puking, I sit on my bed to combat the spins I got from puking. The smell makes the spins go even harder and harder. I closed my eyes and that's when the visual and mental hallucinations really started.

T1:15 I am flat on my back, with my arm over my eyes to black out all possible light from hitting my eyes, because the light was making me delerious. If I could just stay awake in my black little mind-cave I can hide from the demons working their magic on my brain and my stomach. I start hearing my own voice yell at me that I am fucking stupid for taking some random white drug off the internet. I hear the same stupid insulting mocking tone in my voice over and over and over again for what felt like eternity.

T1:30 I am seeing distinct CEV now... fractal-like in nature, but with shape and definition and not quite as psychedelic. It had a distinct neon-werewolf look to it... and it was circling around my head, inside my head but outside my vision, mocking me and telling me I was close to death. I notice that I feel like I am losing all my hair and teeth. Every hair follicle on my head hurt, and the nerves in my teeth felt like their were expanding like balloons against the inside of my teeth.

T2:00 I am semi-awake, semi-dreaming at this point, slipping into and out of consciousness. I really wish I had some novacaine to numb my mouth, my teeth hurt sooo bad for some reason. I start to hear my parents saying something distant, then I get closer and closer and I see them standing over my grave stone with me in it, bald and with no teeth in a pinewood box, saying over and over and over again 'Thats what you get you stupid bastard for doing weird drugs... Just look at you... Thats what you get you stupid bastard for doing weird drugs... Just look at you...'. They didn't sound sad or even surprised at my death... just disappointed and almost mocking me for dying in such a stupid way.

T3:00 The hallucinations won't stop, they don't subside, they just keep layering. I am seeing the neon-werewolf fractal pattern circling my head, my parents over my grave, and my own voice screaming at me in my head.

T20:00 So I just slept for 17 hours... I have a killer headache and everything feels OK I guess. I feel like somethings is wrong with my brain... hopefully it wears off.

I am almost certain that what I had in hind-sight was a cannabinoid-induced schizophrenic reaction to the drug mixed with the alcohol. I am not a schizophrenic, I have never been diagnosed with it, but the vividness and nature of the hallucinations, and how real it all felt to me at the time it all matches up with paranoid schizophrenic behavior. Even with the bad experience above, once I learned to not mix it with alcohol and I found the right dosage I was good and I could actually somewhat enjoy the high, but I think I'll stick with weed when I can get it!

JWH-018 is a full-agonist of the cannabinoid receptors, whereas the cannabinoids in good old fashioned weed are partial-agonists. This could explain the reason why it is a more paranoid and less euphoric feel than weed itself as well.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86848
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Oct 2, 2010Views: 22,402
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JWH-018 (483), Alcohol - Beer/Wine (199) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3)

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