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Falling From Heaven Into the Depths of Hell
PMA & Hydrocodone
by Ajax
Citation:   Ajax. "Falling From Heaven Into the Depths of Hell: An Experience with PMA & Hydrocodone (exp86849)". Dec 30, 2013.

1 tablet oral PMA (pill / tablet)
  30 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

About one year ago, me and one of my best friends had our first terrible and dangerous run in with the risk that comes with ingesting street ecstasy: getting a nasty surprise in the form of unknown, dangerous chemicals that we ignorantly assumed would be MDMA. Looking at the outcome, things could have turned out a lot worse than what actually happened.

Me and buddy, who we'll call 'R' had planned a massive one week vacation to Las Vegas. This was an 18-year old's (I'm 19 now) paradise: no parents, no authority, just us set loose in good ol' Sin City for one week. We had already made our vacation intentions clear before we even got there: get royally fucked up on whatever drug possible, gamble and try to bring ladies to our hotel room every night. Basically, we wanted to achieve as much chemical and physical pleasure possible, which was the underline goal set for our week in Vegas.

We had brought a couple drugs with us on our excursion; R had brought around 10 handles and some beer of various hard alcohol ranging from Jagermeister to Tequila. We both also pitched in to bring an 1/8th of some primo bud we had gotten from San Francisco and finally we brought 2 legitimate tabs of Ecstasy (pink gucci) that I had taken before and knew they were certainly hitters.

So about 3 days into the trip, we drop the (good) thizz pills we brought with us and had a ball. Since we were 18, we couldn't go clubbing or experience the majority of the nightlife someone at the age of 21 could experience but that didn't stop us from hitting the strip and having a good time.

Here we were walking up and down the strip rolling balls and feeling great. We both were striking up conversations with just about anyone who wanted to talk and got many hugs from complete random strangers we had met on the street. It was great, it seemed as if everyone we bumped into told us they were rolling as well. As we began to come down from our roll, R suggested that we look for some more E. After all, it's Las Vegas, how hard could it be to get drugs, right? Pretty damn easy. After conversing with a couple street people, we had procured 5 more Ecstasy pills that were shaped like the head of Bart Simpson and orange (hence orange bart simpson) as well as an 8-Ball of cocaine, and oddly enough 20 10 mg Hydrocodone pills. So R and I get the pills and decide to return to the hotel we were staying at promptly after, as we were both coming down rather hard and just decided to call it a night, after vowing that we would drop these new pills tomorrow and have another ecstatic experience.

But things never don't always turn out the way you plan, do they? In this case, everything went horribly wrong. On Thursday around 7 PM, we dropped these alleged 'Bart Simpson' pills and went our way trying establish the plans for the night. After cruising around for an hour in and out of casinos, chatting with strangers, I began to notice the effects of the substance kicking in. I noticed something was not right immediately; I didn't have the initial happiness or suspense that occurs right before MDMA smacks you in the face. Instead, I felt rather hazy. Kind of strung out but oddly tired at the same time. I also noticed a rather severe nausea at this point, that would only increase from this point on. This was a red-flag and I could tell that we did not ingest MDMA.

R, who had also taken these pills, started to become increasingly paranoid and began acting strung out, looking everywhere and worrying that we were being followed or stalked by some sort of criminals or Drug Task Force Agents. He was really bugging out, and I was beginning to get worried. I could see that he looked very sick, and was not handling these pills well. While we conversing with an African-American fellow outside The Paris Casino, I noticed R was looking worse by the moment. He turned around and began projectile vomiting in the middle of the strip (mind you attracting quite a lot of people's attention) and collapsed. At this point, I knew that these pills would be the last thing on my mind tonight.

At this time I was feeling out of place myself. My vision was becoming fucked up, my body temperature felt elevated and out of whack, only as I can describe as feverish and nearly delerius. However R became my main concern and I had to jump to his safety. I pulled him up off of the ground and had him put his arm around me and led him into the casino because it was cooler in there than outside. Las Vegas gets very hot during the summer, even at night. I immediately buy him a bottle of water, and make him drink it. After drinking the water, R ran to the bathroom to vomit another couple times.

While standing in the bathroom, the substance really hit me really hard. Everything became too intense; I felt like I was out of my body, my vision was horribly blurred to the point where I couldn't even read the letters on the bathroom sign and began to shake horribly. I was too fucked up. Everything was just too fast and it felt like my brain had been sped up to the point of bursting it's blood cells. If it weren't for my concern of R's safety, I could have very well ended up going to the ER that night. I ended up taking 30 mg of hydrocodone that managed to calm me down enough to take control of the situation.

We contemplated even going to ER but ruled it out because we somehow knew that we would get through this experience. R was getting worse and worse; he was hallucinating at this point telling me was burning up and began talking to people that weren't even there. We finally decided to get a taxi back to our hotel and ride out the trip there.

We arrived back safely and went up to our room immediately. Neither one of us slept the entire night. I was actually hallucinating while trying to sleep, tossing and turning still feeling feverish and terribly uncomfortable. After a rather unsuccessful night of sleep, R and I stayed on our beds pretty much the entire next day. I felt like I had mashed my brain into mush, and caused some pretty serious damage. I had a couple beers sitting on my bed throughout the day, basically trying to get whatever we took out of my system. R had similar after-effects that I did: feeling brain-dead, an elevated body temperature, feeling shaky and just sense of feeling very ill. I felt horrible the entire day, but was just fine the day after. However that night, R began the drive back home to San Francisco while I was to fly out in the morning.

After some research, I concluded that we ingested PMA; what we felt was very similar to the description of the effects.

The moral of the story? Test your pills! MDMA is a marvelous substance that has helped me overcome depression and has given me courage about my own future endeavours. However, since it is an illegal substance, criminal organizations get involved and process these pills cut with God knows what marketed as 'Ecstasy'. You really never know what your getting in any pill. That's why it's important to invest in a testing kit if you're an MDMA user.

Things could have turned out a lot worse for us and we got off lucky. Although I have ingested MDMA since, I have never been as careless as I was buying random pills off a stranger in the street and even bought a testing kit. Like I said, you never really know what's in any 'Ecstasy' pill.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 86849
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 30, 2013Views: 9,771
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