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A Cathinone to Know and Love
Citation:   Anonymous. "A Cathinone to Know and Love: An Experience with bk-MBDB (exp87027)". Nov 1, 2016.

  repeated insufflated bk-MBDB (powder / crystals)
    repeated oral bk-MBDB (powder / crystals)
During my research, I've written about my experiences, but I believe this is the first drug worthy of submitting several paragraphs about and isn't so heavily reported on (as the case is with superstar cathinone-derivative, mephedrone).

One thing I really love is that wonderful family of cathinones. I'm making my merry way down the list to try as many as I can. Today's venture was butylone. I have 1g and I'd consider it safe to assume it's reasonably pure.

By chance, it tastes like a mix of some artificial fruit flavoured candy (that might be a bit of a stretch, though) and terrible chemical taste, making it the most interesting and weird chemical I've ever tasted. While ethcathinone and flephedrone were only distantly similar in effects to methylone and mephedrone (of which I have lots of experience and love for), bk-MDMB (sic) is pretty much exactly what I expected it would be-- a weak version of its sister, bk-MDMA (methylone), and really shares more in common than it differs. I'll be using methylone as a comparison.

Dosage of butylone seems much higher than methylone. While I have no scale, I've been scooping out piles of it with a drinking straw cut down as to be used for snorting, and either snorting out the pile or dropping it on my tongue and swallowing, the latter being what I've done more of. Snorting it isn't painful, but it can leave a sort of stinging feeling and tastes terrible.

I feel very much like I would on methylone, with weird jaw clenching (that cathinone brand of jaw clenching where I'm sticking out my bottom jaw and looking like an idiot). I'm stimulated-- sort of shaky and excited-- and my sense of weight and balance is thrown off exactly how it feels with methylone and mephedrone. I'm not as much 'fucked up' feeling, or in that world of insane ecstasy empathy-euphoria meph/methylone seem to toss me into. I was able to and willing to hold a conversation with my parents (loser college student who lives with parents; parents I do in fact have to be careful being on drugs around), the best part being that I still felt drug-influenced awesome without it getting in the way of normal stimulant-style chitchat and self-esteem boost.

As of right now, there's no compulsive redosing or uncontrollable horniness, both of which have been a quality both ranging from barely noticeable to hard to ignore, but that can change drastically, as could the generally pleasant experience I'm having, I say from past experiences. Overall, my verdict as of now is that it is a weak, not-totally-consuming drug with much in common with methylone. It's enjoyable-- my favourite of the bit-more-exotic cathinones I've tried (so far, only ethcathinone, flephedrone) by a long shot, but the drugs I keep referring to, mephedrone and methylone, are better in my personal opinion. This just 'isn't as good', but it isn't completely fair to compare them when they are a bit different.

It boils down to: I would favour butylone if I wanted to feel cool but still feel like I can behave normal, while I would favour methylone if I were to want to do nothing but lay in bed with my girlfriend, feeling magically euphoric and empathetic.

No complaints at all with butylone. Great drug, everything just fine. Does seem to take a bit to start feeling it this strong, but no complaints.

Just for a moment I'd like to ponder introspectively toward one thing: I could venture to say that with too much euphoria, I can't fully enjoy the drug, as on mephedrone I've wished I could fully utilize the amazing experience, wondering what the softest thing in my house is so I could rub my body against it, and it ends up that I just sit staring off and smiling, feeling intensely great. With this, there isn't an excess of euphoria and I don't feel like I have to make the best use of my time feeling this way
there isn't an excess of euphoria and I don't feel like I have to make the best use of my time feeling this way
, so I could just do what I would normally and not feel like I wasted feeling fantastic on doing something boring. It would seem either has its pros and cons...


I wrote this earlier, and since then, nothing much about the experience has changed. When I take some, I feel how I described. Still no compulsive redosing, and no crash I can perceive, though I have had more available to me whenever I want. I still haven't been taking it often, sometimes meaning to but not getting around to it for a while. That is different than any cathinone experience I've had. I would assume that the fiendishness would surface at much higher dosages, possibly higher dosages than someone would take at once, but still a quality of butylone, knowing its sisters, but that's just a guess.

I expect to use the rest of the gram tonight, which I consider to be due to the high dosages required for full effects.

Cool. Different. 'watered-down methylone' if you want to look at it like that. Enjoyably stimulating. I like this drug quite strongly. I might buy it again, I might not. That's all.

[I guess I'm just getting old, seeing the new wave of 'legal high' entactenogen stimulant 'plant food' chemicals, but I'm faithful to my substituted cathinones and so forth. I'll always think fondly of the good ole days, 2009, where the 'Cathinones I So Know And Love'-- love despite their imperfections-- were royalty among RC websites. They're already leaving us, ready to be deep in the pages of drug history, ready to rest again after their brief bit of fame that brought them out into Chinese factories, to the Guardian news in UK, to legal highs/bath salts/plant feeds, through the mail to interested amateur researchers like myself here in the USA and everywhere else, now to being criminalisation worldwide, either to try their luck with sale on the street or to go back to being 'an obscure product of academia' indefinitely. Until I cannot be supplied cathinones, I will be trying the few more-common ones I have left. Buphedrone, 3-FMC, Ethylone, and even extended family of MDPV and sleazy uncle Naphyrone, just because I'm meeting the whole family and they're good people, so to speak.]

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 87027
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 1, 2016Views: 3,090
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bk-MBDB (348) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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